Top 21 College Interview Questions In 2021 [With Answers]

Since you are reading this article, we assume that you have finished or about to finish your college life. Completing your college education and getting enrolled in a professional job is thrilling as well as daunting. There are tens of thousands of students just like you, that are hoping to get their dream job in a popular corporation. This makes the interview process for almost all the positions tough, tricky and arduous, thereby raising the bar of preparation and hard work. To beat the competition and come out flying colors, you are required to make some phenomenal backbreaking efforts. A sincere and wholehearted preparation is inevitable, which is possible only if you follow the frequently asked sample questions and their answers.

Best 21 College Interview Questions To Study

1) Explain Your Identity and Existence.

This is a common interview question that requires you to explain yourself. Initially, you and your interviewer share an estranged relationship, hence this question enables an interviewer to understand your identity and personality along with analyzing your presentation skills.

Sample Answer

Sure sir. I am ABC from XYZ City and have completed my schooling at TTY Modern School. Owing to my exemplary performance, I was able to secure admission into the desirable UUY College of Education for a full-time course. Post this, I completed my master’s degree from UIO College along with a practical internship of 6 months. I am a vivid reader and always loves to explore street food during my weekend. Along with this, I have also played and represented my college in Senior tennis tournaments.

2) Name Three Longest Rivers In The World.

You can always expect a few questions from basic geography, in an interview session. It is common for interviewers to ask a few surprising questions, which are usually asked from geography, elementary science, and terrains.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Nile
  • Amazon and
  • Yangtze

3) How Effective Are You In Taking Orders From Your Boss?

Since you are a fresh college graduate, there are higher chances that you will be taking orders from your seniors and bosses. Hence, always positively answer this question, displaying your willingness to follow the rules and guidelines.

Sample Answer

Sir, being a fresher, I totally understand that I would be placed under a senior manager. I am comfortable and agreeable in taking orders instructions, guidance from my senior. I am a dedicated and committed employee and do not believe in showing tantrums. Be assured, I will always follow all the orders in an orderly fashion, with my entire focus lying on achieving the deadlines.

4) How Do You Percieve Attitude?

This is a personality evaluating question through which an interviewer wants to judge your basic interpretation skills and mindset.

Sample Answer

Sir, attitude for me is self-confidence. When a person has faith in his or her own skills and abilities then he or she is always high on self-confidence or we can say possess a positive attitude. In a general sense, attitude is related to swag, arrogance, and haughtiness. I strictly, do not agree with this interpretation.

5) How Will You Handle A Disgruntled Customer?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to know, the procedure and technique that you would follow to satisfy, discontent customers of the company.

Sample Answer

I totally understand the relevance of this question. Customers are the very basic existence of almost all the business organizations operating across the world. If I ever encounter such a situation during my tenure, first of all, I would listen to the complaint of the customer, in a calm and composed manner. My active listening skills are pretty strong and I am sure that I would be able to understand the issue completely. Post complete understanding, I would offer the best possible resolution.

6) Can You Tell Me The Weight Of The Statue Of Liberty?

This is a tricky question, that is basically framed to judge your thought process and ability to frame spontaneous logical answers. We all know, that the statue of liberty has never been weighed by you, but you can always make the closest guess. Your knowledge of height and width would come into use in such circumstances, using which you can respond, in an efficient manner.

Sample Answer

Sure sir, why not. Since it is an object consuming mass, it surely does have weight. If I imagine the statue of liberty, I can easily say that the colossal statue is roughly 90 meters tall. Further, I am aware of the fact that its sculptor Bartholdi and his team, hammered and used around 30 tons of copper and steel in its manufacturing. Hence, considering all the facts, I could safely assume that its weight is around 200 tons.

7) What Can We Do To Make Blue Whales Fly Like An Aeroplane?

This question finds its mention in the category of absurdity, stupidity, or farce. But, these types of questions have an ability to evaluate your body language as well as critical thinking ability to a very great extent. Whenever you face such questions, never get angry or irritated and never become too optimistic. Further skipping such questions, is not all recommended as such an act would severely hurt your chances of selection.

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Sample Answer

Sir, Blue whales are the heaviest on the planet earth. I wonder, how would you see a blue creature flying in the blue sky. Hence, in my humble opinion, even if we attach wings to a blue whale and let it fly, we will not be able to see it enjoy the maiden flight. So let us not make such efforts, and rather let’s try that with a car made for humans.

8) Why Should We Hire You?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to understand your level of self-awareness and become acquainted with some of the special qualities and attributes that you possess.

Sample Answer

Being a self-motivated and quick learner person I have the ability to work for long hours with high concentration and focus. This not only gives me an edge over other candidates but also enables me to make informed business decisions even in times of distress and inconducive working conditions. Further, I am very loyal and do not believe in frequent migrations in search of small hikes.

9) Can You Clean All The Manholes Of The New York City? If Yes, Tell Us How Much Would You Charge?

This question might dumbfound and amaze an unprepared candidate. But this is what interviewers are capable of doing. You might be tempted to respond in the way that, “Sorry sir, I do not do such menial tasks.” But beware, responding in such a manner would deplete your selection chances to the bare minimum as that would give an impression that you are haughty and categorizes tasks in the category of superior and inferior.

Sample Answer

Surely sir, why not. After all, cleanliness is next to homeliness. I am pretty much interested in such a task and regarding the part of the payments, since I am overqualified for this job, I would be more than happy if you pay me at least $500 for cleaning a single manhole.

10) What Is The Most Common Feedback That You Recieve?

This question is similar to the question that demands your strengths and weaknesses. However, this does not specifically mention what you should reply with. Replying with weakness is more of a safe option, as this will give the impression that you are a person who accepts and recognizes his or her shortcomings.

Sample Answer

Sir, the feedbacks that I get are both positive as well as negative. I would love to share negative feedback with you, as I am a person who believes in the consistent and continuous development of one’s skills and interests. I often hear from my teachers and close friends, that I am not able to hold my nerves whenever I face any tough situation, which pushes me out of my comfort zone. I totally recognize this inability of mine and I am trying to overcome it, by attending regular online classes of a celebrated motivational speaker.

11) Why Do You Want To Work With Our Organization?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to evaluate your level of commitment and seriousness towards the organization.

Sample Answer

Being a successful organization with operations spread in more than 36 countries and the presence of more than 50,000 loyal and happy customers, I am looking no further. I really want to join this organization and wish to be a part of the workforce. In addition to this, the salary and incentives offered by the organization, are really lucrative along with an opportunity to take part in training programs organized at the cost of the company. I am really looking forward to this opportunity.

12) Which Is Your Favorite Animal?

Some candidates might think that this is an easy question, and the interviewer is just trying to get hold of some personal stuff. But, this is an absolute blunder of an interpretation. Through this question an interviewer wants to judge, what are the attributes or qualities, that excite you, inspire you and you wish to incorporate into your life. Every animal has some unique characteristics, so always choose an animal wisely, according to the nature of the job.

Sample Answer

Sir, It is an elephant, not because of its size, but because of its friendly nature and an unmatched ability to remember things. I am always fond of developing an exceptional rapport at my workplace with other members of my team along with possessing an exceptional memory and learning power, which would help me to execute my tasks proficiently. In addition to this, elephants are vegan, and since I am an animal lover, I am totally against non-veg food.

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13) Which Book Have You Recently Read?

This question tests your interests and curiosity in the field of literature. Always positively answer this question, by mentioning the name of the book, which influences personality positively and in an adorable manner. Never mention any book, which is related to comedy, love, romance, etc.

Sample Answer

Sir, I would like to state that I am a vivid reader and really love to explore books that enhance a person’s self-confidence and communication skills. Recently, I have read a similar book, that is (___mention the name of your book____). This book has had a positive influence on my attitude and overall critical thinking ability, making me sharp and more analytical.

14) What Will You Do When You See An Old Woman Lying On The Ground In The Morning When You Are Too Late For The Office?

This is a situation-based interview question, the primary motive of which is to evaluate your ability to choose and make informed decisions.

Sample Answer

Sir, I would never encounter such a situation in my whole life, as I am never late for office. I am a committed and loyal person, who likes to make backbreaking efforts with full dedication. Further, life is full of surprises, and if I ever encounter such a situation, wherein I am late and see an old woman lying on the ground, I would help surely help her out in every possible way. I would love to utilize my balance of paid and accumulated leaves for this purpose, by shooting an emergency mail to my boss. I would be approved of my paid leave in all scenarios due to the emergence of a genuine situation.

15) Why Should We Not Term You Lazy and Inept?

This is a tricky personality evaluating question, that evaluates the personality and attitude of a candidate along with judging your communication skills and ability to use persuasion effectively.

Sample Answer

You can not judge me as lazy and inept because you are meeting me for the first time and a person can not evaluate someone in such a short period of time. Further, be assured that I am not all lazy, rather I am a hard-working person always determined to achieve the goals and execute the tasks allocated to me. Regarding ineptness, that is totally wrong on my part, as I am a quick learner and can absorb all the guidelines very quickly. These qualities of mine are visible in my academic as well as extracurricular achievements.

16) Explain The Dependence of The Moon Upon The Sun and Its Relation With The Earth..

You can always expect a few questions from basic geography, in an interview session. It is common for interviewers to ask a few surprising questions, which are usually asked from geography, elementary science, and terrains.

Sample Answer

Sure sir. The moon depends upon the sun, as it does not have any power source of its own. It borrows its light to shine its surface. The light borrowed is ultimately reflected from the inconsistent surface of the moon towards the earth. Further, the moon is the only natural satellite of the earth and revolves around the earth, due to the gravitational pull which attracts it towards the earth. These revolutions lead to high waves and tides in the oceans and other large water bodies.

17) How Much Do You Believe In Luck?

This is a question specifically designed to evaluate your mindset and approach, using which you perceive and interpret different situations in life. The most common and generic answer to this question is complete ignorance of luck and giving entire weightage to hard work. But we all know generic and common answers just do not work.

Sample Answer

In my honest opinion, I am a strong believer in luck and destiny. There are various sects and manuscripts, which clearly state that, if something is going to happen, it will happen, no matter what. Humans have no control over some situations and circumstances. However, I do believe that the role of luck starts, only when you have worked hard in a particular field or area. Relying on luck, to achieve any position or status in life, without working hard towards that goal, is a sheer waste of time and energy. Hence, I totally believe in the power of luck, but I feel its magic would start only when you have worked wholeheartedly and sincerely.

18) Why Some People Are Poor and Some Are Rich?

This is a personality evaluating question, which contemplates your level of understanding of the surroundings and the world.

Sample Answer

The answer to this question depends upon several factors, circumstances, and conditions that are specific and unique to every person. We always see some blokes who have a rich father, easily getting into the family business and extending their rich legacy. At the same time, there are middle and lower-class students, working hard in whatever they are good at and trying to do and achieve something big in life. In the same class belongs students, that are more of a fun-loving kind and not at all serious about their careers. These three types mentioned, are the primary reasons why some are poor and some are rich.

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19) When Can You Start?

It is common for interviewers to get a quote of your availability during the interview session itself. Although immediate starters are always preferred, you are advised to share your true status of availability to prevent any chaos or conflict in the future.

Sample Answer

I am a fresh college graduate sir and have absolutely no responsibilities or obligations to fulfill, which makes me able and eligible to join your prestigious organization on an immediate basis. I would love to kick-start as soon as possible.

20) What Motivates You To Work?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to know what motivates you to work hard and execute repetitive tasks with all your passion and zeal.

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe that this is a highly subjective question, that entirely depends upon the living conditions and state of affairs that an individual faces in his or her life. Being a person from not so affluent financial background, and a sole earner in a family of six, earning money is my primary motivation. If I will work hard and execute all the tasks promptly then I would get promotions and in turn, I will be able to get higher compensation. Further, I request you to not consider me, a greedy or mercenary person.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it a job relating to any senior position or be it a job relating to any lower or middle-level position, it is common for interviewers to ask this question at the fag end of an interview session. Through this question, an interviewer wants to clarify your doubts and apprehensions relating to the organization, the job profile, job description, etc. Skipping this answer could severely hurt your chances of selection as an interviewer would deem that either you are an underprepared candidate or are not serious for the organization.

Sample Questions

  1. What are the various educational and training policies implemented by the organization so as to groom its fresher employees?
  2. What are the various incentives and health benefits extended by the organization to its employees?
  3. Please explain the calculation and number of paid leaves offered by the orgamnization.
  4. What is the pay hike that an organization offers to its employees?
  5. What are the various allowances extended by the company to its regular employees?



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