Top 21 Compliance Officer Interview Questions in 2023 [with Answers]

In a company or organization, people would see compliance issues very often. To deal with and manage the compliance issues the company needs a knowledge compliance officer. The compliance officers must have vast knowledge about the working structure of organizations, and general industry knowledge.

The main intentions of the interviewers are to recognize your ability and capabilities to deal with compliance issues. The interviewers would see how capable you are of supporting the growth of the organization with very less compliance issues.

The question asked in a compliance officer interview would vary depending on the interest of the interviewer and the performance of the person in the interview. The general questions asked by the interviewers in a compliance officer interview would be on the strength and weaknesses of the candidate.

The interviewer would identify how talented and suitable the candidate is for the compliance officer position.

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Top 21 Interview Questions To Prepare Well

1. Have you ever dealt with any type of compliance issues in the past? If yes, then kindly site one single technique which helps in solving the issues?

Sample Answer                                                         

In past years, I had a chance to work with an organization. In the organization, the rules for the violation of compliance policies were very strict.  Once, I found an employee not following rules set for the compliance area two times in a row and this leads to the termination of the employment contract of the employee.

The basic way to deal with the compliance issue is to give admonition to the employee for violating the compliance policy for a single time. If a similar violation happens similarly or differently by the same employee, then termination of the employment contract is vital.

The steps taken for the violation of compliance policy should be done to encourage ethics, rules, and legal safety of the organization.

2. Give me one reason why should we choose you over others?

Sample Answer

I can see any reason that you should not choose me over others. As I find myself educated enough to give the best performance as a compliance officer. According to me, education means the wisdom to know and handle things considering all the legal policies in mind.

3. Specify any certificates you have gained in merit in the compliance?

Sample Answer

I have earned the CCEP (Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional) in 2019 for my performance in the compliance field. This experience has brought a good knowledge within me about all the rules and regulations that the organizations or companies may have for avoiding compliance issues.

There are some requirements of the companies or organizations for allowing the compliance area to run smoothly without any corruption or other compliance issues.

4. Why do you think time is a pivotal factor for the Compliance officers?

Sample Answer

Everyone, no matter in which field they are working or dealing with needs to be careful about the usage of time. Sometimes, a single action at the wrong time would lead to a huge mistake.

For example, if I see someone not doing activities for the smooth working of the organization, then I must take the right decisions at the correct time. Time plays a vital role in everyone’s life.

Daily, there are huge numbers of actions taking place in every company or organization. All these acts or actions should happen at the right time for the growth and development of the company.

Identifying the right time for taking correct decisions would prevent the issues of compliance in every originations.

5. According to you, which compliance issue is the most dangerous one for the organization?

Sample Answer

According to me, the most dangerous and treacherous compliance issue is data management and corruption. These issues are something that would affect not only the company but many other people related to the company.

The privacy of the company is something that every employee should take care of.

6. If you are assigned a compliance project or assignment, then what would be your steps to make it a successful project?

Sample Answer

I would start with learning and reviewing all the rules and regulations, the company or organization has for the compliance area. I would try to find if there are any new guidelines or laws related to compliance that are added to our company policies.

I would try to keep backup plans if anything happens that may affect the compliance of the company.

7. Tell us something about your interests and skills that would help you in this field.

Sample Answer

I am a person with good management and understanding skills.  I have the capability of solving problems by comprehending the legal policies and guidelines of companies.

Being a good listener, I would be able to create good communication between all my colleagues to avoid professional chaos. My educational background would add extra support to my skills in this field.

8. What would be your additional income source, if you would not be satisfied with the salary provided to a compliance officer?

Sample Answer

 In today’s world, the best occupation that anybody would love to do is teaching. I think I can live a comfortable life with the salary that would come from this position.

If I would ever feel that something more is required in my life, then I would like to contribute something to society by teaching young generations.

9. What technique would you use for dealing with your work daily?

Sample Answer

Firstly, I would try to maintain my schedule for handling my work without issues. Secondly, I would make sure I am up to date with all the policies set by the organization. So, it would not be a problem for me to do my work daily.

10. How were your past experts and employee in any company organization?

Sample Answer

I was an obedient and punctual employee dealing with the compliance of the company. I tried to keep my work life as transparent as I can to avoid complications in my professional life.

11. If you are given an option for choosing between your job and extra funds for doing corruption. What would you choose?

Sample Answer

I would go for knowledge, education, and wisdom. If it is not present in any other job even if the job or acts offer more money, I would never get myself involved in it.

12. The role of a compliance officer is different and difficult. Why?

Sample Answer

The compliance officer has to make sure that the company is working properly following all the legal rules set by it. The work of the compliance officer is different as it handles the whole company’s working mechanism.

The compliance officer’s work is difficult as the officer is supposed to deal with the actions of every employee present in the company. I believe all organizations and companies should be very strict about their rules and regulations.

The role of a compliance officer is to ensure the smooth working of the company by reducing and stopping unlawful activities happening in the company.

13. How would you spread awareness among your employees?

Sample Answer

I would educate the employees about the requirements of the companies. I would let the employees know about the policies and guidelines the company has for its working structure.

14. If you ever see an employee getting involved in unlawful activities, would you become a whistle-blower for the company?

Sample Answer

Yes, I would inform the company about the person who is backstabbing the company.

15. How would you deal with false allegations put by your rivalries for putting your image down?

Sample Answer

I have good knowledge of the legal field. I know that keeping proofs are important for surviving your professional life. I would make sure that my name is not mentioned in any illegal activities.

I would concentrate on building trust with the company. So that the company would give me a chance to keep proving my innocence.

16. What would you do to reduce arguments between your team members?

Sample Answer

Communication is the only way to solve any type of issue between people. I would communicate with my team members about my thoughts and would say them the reason for my decisions.

I would try to make them understand that our main goal is the compliance of the company and we all should work for it together.

17. Where do you see yourself after 2  years?

Sample Answer

I see myself as a compliance officer maintaining the purity of the working structure of this company and eradicating unlawful activities if any, happening in the company.

18. Why do you choose this company for entering as a compliance officer?

 Sample Answer

I believe, this company is a good platform for me to join the compliance department. The company has a reputation and would be able to provide me with good experience.

19. Do you think the person involved in illegal activities should be given a second chance?

Sample Answer

I don’t see a person changing after being given a second chance for committing illegal activities. I think! If someone breaches the company one time would not stop there.

The person would keep on committing the crime multiple times and this may bring many risks for the company.

20. Think of yourself in a situation where you find someone guilty of breaking the rules and the person is a very close friend of yours. What would be your step for the person’s actions?

Sample Answer

I see the person as a rule-breaker breaker and not my friend. I believe, the person who can’t be loyal and punctual would not befriend the friend. I would report the person to the company’s CEO for taking a further step.

21. Describe yourself as a person and compliance officer in one word.

Sample Answer

As a person, I am quite humble as I can’t control someone’s life. As a compliance officer, I am polite but very particular about my work ethic.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (For Compliance Officer interview):

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