Top 21 Boeing Interview Questions in 2024

The Aerospace industry is one of the most impressive sectors. It is getting advanced day by day around the globe. Aerospace is nothing but an industry which deals with manufacturing machines that can collectively work into the atmosphere of the earth and beyond it. Aerospace activity is very much diverse, with a multitude of commercial, industrial, and military applications.

Boeing is the United States of America’s multinational Aerospace company. Boeing is one of the top 5 players in the field, programmers, advertises many vacancies for engineers, analysts, and managers all year round. Boeing deals in the manufacturing and sales of aircraft, rockets, rotorcraft, satellites, etc.

Boeing is also a stock-listed company that is traded on NYSE. It also has many subsidiaries like Boeing India, Boeing Australia, Boeing Defense Uk, Boeing Capital Corporation, Continental data graphics, etc. Boeing manufacturers a minimum of 380 commercial aircraft, 229 military aircraft, and 2 satellites, as per reports of 2019.

Boeing is among the largest global aerospace manufacturers; it is the second-largest defense contractor in the world based on 2018 revenue,

Boeing is among the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers. It also stands for the second-largest defense contractor as per 2018 revenue in the world. As per reports the annual result of revenue of the year 2020 of Boeing is 58,158 million in US dollars.

Finally, after reading such captivating details about the world’s most celebrated aerospace company. I am sure that you might also dream to be a part of the company and contribute your skills and make a career, isn’t it?

So, if you are also looking forward to working in an aerospace-based company and need some interview guidance then you are in the right place. We have come up with 21 interview questions that can help you to clear your interview rounds.

Boeing Interview Questions

Top 21 Interview Answers

1) Tell me about yourself

This one is the first question which is asked to most of the candidates and also the question which depicts the impression is too important. Many people end up faltering or stumbling.

While answering this question keep in mind don’t give your basic information as it is already mentioned in your C.V, what the interviewer expects is something about yourself that isn’t yet known and which must be interesting to share.

All you can do is share something interesting about yourself such as your hobbies, what else you do apart from the job, your ambitions, etc. So, make sure you answer this question in a very interesting manner.

2) Why do you want to work with Boeing?

Before you apply for an interview you must research that particular company. Research everything about what that company is all about? What are their terms? And many more, attending an interview without the knowledge of the company can be harmful.

So, research about the company thoroughly and ask yourself first, why you would choose this company over others and the answer you get will be the one which you can revert to your interviewer.

3) Tell us about your previous experience? 

Apart from any other work profile and a company, working in an aerospace sector and that too in Boeing, can be a little difficult if you are completely fresher. We recommend you to have experience or at least some internships if you are hiring for a junior level.

Sample answer

I was an engineering department head at my previous job. I’ve led a team of aerospace engineers and software engineers. I and my team also led many projects and testimonials too which helped the firm to upgrade their mechanism according to the client’s needs which resulted in increasing their sales.

4) What is your experience with XYZ software? 

Sometimes, more or company’s ask something very particular which they expect you to have some light on and if it is something like the software then there is the most probability of the company using the exact software in their operations.

So if you are aware of that particular software then it’s quite convincing for you to explain more about it and if you aren’t used to that software then you are left with two options.

● Tell the interviewer which alternative software you are very well experienced in and also tell them how you used it in your previous operations
● Tell and convince them that your grasping power towards learning computer, hardware, and software is quite impressive

5) Have you ever faced adversity? If yes then how did you tackle it?

Almost every one of us faces failure or such situations as adversity, it is a part of the process. However the situation is either professional or personal but when you tackle it, it counts as an achievement.

So pick some actual difficulty or a situation of adversity you faced in your life and it ended up being pleasant and had a happy ending.

6) Why did you choose the Aerospace sector to work and make your career in?

Many people choose their career in a field in which they don’t know anything. They just take up any field to survive but this is something that cannot be tolerated in an aerospace field. So you have to make clear why you choose this field for your interviewer.

Working in the aerospace industry and that too as an engineer is not a cream, indeed. One must have sheer interest in it as particular and a decent knowledge backed up with some amount of experience too.

7) What qualities do you think are needed to excel in an industry like aerospace?

Sample answer

Working in the aerospace industry is too fascinating for me and also filled with too many responsibilities and as being an engineer the work asks for certain qualities such as

● strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
● creativity and the ability to see alternative ways of things.
● communication skills.
● speed and accuracy.
● strong mathematics and mechanics.
● technical expertise.

I don’t claim to have expertise in all the above qualities mentioned but yes one thing for sure is that slowly and gradually I will excel at it.

8) kindly tell us about when you worked upon an innovative project?

As we discussed earlier what skills are essential to be an aerospace engineer, even being innovative and constantly innovating is one of the major skill sets required. You had worked upon a project which would have been innovative.

Remember such a project and try to deliver all the required details which depict the intensity of the project and how you contributed to that innovation.

9) What challenges did you have to face while developing the brand image?

As an aerospace engineer, you might have gone through many challenges before. While answering this question try to share most of the challenges you had faced previously. It’s not so appropriate to hide our flaws and mistakes we committed previously, everyone commits mistakes and learns from them.

So if there are any challenges you faced before then simply present them and also tell them how you solved them.

10) How do you read the company’s and your client’s preferences?

Every person is different, every project is different, their target and aims concerning their perspectives are different, so indeed you should be able to understand your respective work.

Sample answer

I never just accept any company’s idea or project or anyone’s emotion or just a raw idea. I always have a decent conversation with them first to understand what the company’s expectations are, what they need, what they need, and what they want. Then after analyzing all the aspects I read them and try to execute them properly.

11) Why did you choose this firm? What interests you?

This question is a bit important as the interviewer wants to check what your views are towards his company. They are also willing to know how serious you are with the applied venture or you just want a job.

Sample answer

I’ve applied for many other corporate firms and institutions but always wished to work with you because of the market goodwill this company holds and the working culture in this company is outstanding and captivating. I believe that there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow from this company.

12) In a situation if you are not able to make your team leader satisfied, what will be your response?

It is essential to make people and upper authority happy but that’s not the case every timesometimes things may go averse. Recruiter wants to know how you deal with the negative situations which were not expected.

13) What are your weaknesses? 

Every interviewer looks for excellence and a perfect and suitable candidate but we all know no one on this planet is perfect. We all do possess some strengths and weaknesses. It’s similarly important to express and share our weaknesses as we do our strengths. Nothing to worry about more confidently we speak about our weakness and how it can be overcome more chances of getting selected increase.

14) What kind of work environment do you prefer?

The working environment varies from person to person, so this question depends upon what kind of work experience you prefer to work in. Answer this question as per your taste. Usually, this question is answered as per the job description the candidate holds if you are an engineer and to work in a mechanism the work environment you would prefer is very enthusiastic and cheerful.

15) Can you handle stress well?

As an aerospace engineer one has to undergo stressful situations often. The situation and the result of the hard work are never all-time in anyone’s favor, it is always unpredictable and volatile. Aerospace engineer needs to handle stress in such a situation when odds are not in favor.

16) Why are you looking for this job?

The interviewer wants to know what’s the motive behind your search for this job, make sure you don’t answer anything that depicts the urgency or any kind of need. Let him know how curious you are to explore this field which you have learned.

Sample answer

I am very passionate about rockets, airplanes, space, and galaxy and its mechanism and so on, that’s why I learned and qualified for this field, now it’s time to implement my skills in this field and show my best, that’s the reason I want to grab this opportunity

17) Are You a Team Player?

Sample Answer

I’ve been a part of both as a team player and a team leader too. I am happy that I perform both these roles very successfully. I grab almost every opportunity which comes across. I put all my energy and skills which I possess, communication skills, leadership skills, positive outlook, being optimistic, etc, and the work has to be done more effectively as it is expected. Everyone contributes something from their end but when someone contributes by giving their heart and soul then that’s the work which is needed and that’s what I do and be a part of key contributors.

18) What will be the suitable work timing for you? If you had to do a night shift are you comfortable?

Answers to this question can differ from person to person, it’s completely rational so you can answer according to your considerations. So if the job destination is not so far and easy for mobility then you might feel comfortable working late-night shift at least in some exception cases

19) What books are you reading currently?

“I recently completed ‘The one minute manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Though it was a short book, still each page of this book had too much meaning. The next book I am thinking of reading is ‘Ego-free leadership’ by Brandon Black. I’ve heard a lot about it. I am curious now.”

20) How much salary do you expect?

Here comes the sweetest tricky question. If you answer first, you lose. So don’t answer this question first, instead, ask the interviewer about the range for the position. Off guard, the interviewer has to reveal the pay now, and if still he doesn’t, then tell him that it depends upon the details of the job and then discuss the CTC.

21) Any questions or queries you want to ask?

The answer to this question should never be ‘No’, always have some set of questions ready. 

Asking questions shows how curious you are in this job

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for Boeing interviews):

Boeing Interview Questions


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