Top 21 Case Manager Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

A case manager is a post in which someone analyses and cares about a patient or maybe a victim of any disease or disorder. A case manager looks into the report of a patient made by the doctor, examines the patient after the doctor in some cases, assesses the treatment of the patient, and plays an important role in the overall treatment of a patient. Case managers join doctors’ clinics, hospitals, government organizations, etc. 

The job of a case manager requires some basic fulfillments like a mandatory graduation degree in some related branch, better skills to communicate and listen to the clients, a license, approval of a doctor so that the case manager can make patient’s treatment plans and analyze the situation. The job of a case manager is filled with responsibilities and several hectic backlogs as well.

Case Manager Interview Questions

The Top 21 Interview Questions To Prepare Well

1. What does a case manager do?

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A case manager analyzes the situation of a patient and lets the patient know about the disorder that has been visited by a doctor or is about to visit the doctor. This involves immense efforts and dedication because the risk of assessing the patient’s condition is the same as a doctor. 

2. What are the stepping stones in the career of a case manager that are to be dealt with thoroughly?

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There are five steps one should be clear about in case management. The job itself means the art of managing the case of a patient. These five steps involve analyzing in which the patient’s main problem is detected, planning treatment for the detected problem or disorder by letting the patient know, associating the basic amenities to start the treatment, assisting the patient in every step to take for the treatment and finally monitoring the patient’s actions. 

3. How will you diagnose the patient as a case manager?

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There are several ways for examining and diagnosing the patient who visits a case manager. However, these ways differ from person to person, but the main idea is to listen to the patient in every aspect of the disorder and then take the right step to diagnose the disorder as said by the patient. 

4. Can you say that a case manager is an assistant to a doctor?

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The job of a doctor is to treat the patient who visits the doctor whereas a case manager is the one who gives the patient the right decision to make for the treatment. The case manager informs the patient whether the patient has to go to a physicist, therapist, a homeopathic, or other medical line professors. So, we can say that a case manager is an assistant to a doctor.

5. What are your skills so that you can rely upon being a case manager?

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There are numerous skills that one must be enriched with to become a case manager. It starts from the basic skills like communication skills so that the problem can be heard out properly, efficient decision-making skills, and most importantly, what the books taught the case manager. All these skills work together while assessing a patient’s condition. 

6. Share an experience you had from your portfolio.

Sample Answer

I have worked as a case manager for labor and child delivery. It was at this time that I realized being a case manager is a very tough job and a lot of knowledge and practice is required. My work as a case manager in delivery was filled with hassles but I coped and cleared the case fluently.

7. How did you build interest in this career?

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I always wanted to choose a career in which I can help people. Also, being a case manager is up to my interest, and through this, I can also help people live a healthy and good life. So, I decided being a case manager would be very apt to my profession.

8. Will you enjoy being a case manager and how?

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As I already said, being a case manager is the profession I would like to choose because I feel immense happiness while helping someone with their health concerns. The task of being a case manager is also filled with gathering people’s blessings after they find themselves happy and satisfied.

9. How does a case manager monitor the patient’s health?

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Monitoring is the last step to make after treatment of the patient. While monitoring, the case manager looks into the reports that the patient had after the treatment and looks for the side effects, if any, caused by the medicines and drugs. The patient gives a complete report of the actions happening in the case to the case manager and it is up to the case manager then to take further decisions.

10. Do you look at case management as a job or a career?

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I will always look at case management as a career because I have devoted myself to it. Besides looking at it as a career option, I can also make myself safe by making money through it. This means turning your passion into your profession. 

11. How do you look at hard work in this profession?

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Case management requires both hard work as well as smart work. However, it depends upon the case you are dealing with. All the cases you deal with test your hard work skills along with smart work.

12. How does consistency work in the job of a case manager?

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It is very important to be consistent in every job that you do. Case management also requires consistency. There are several aspects to be consistent like monitoring the patient, timely analysis of reports, etc. 

13. How will you keep a balance between your profession and personal life as a case manager?

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Case management is a hectic job, but time management for personal life and job is also required. Many people cannot devote themselves completely to their job. They have to take some time for their personal lives as well and this can be achieved so easily by time blocking. 

14. Tell about your weaknesses that degrade your productivity.

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Everyone has their weaknesses and strengths and sharing their weaknesses and working over the weaknesses is the main thing needed. I get indulged in little details that I cannot think about sometimes and I postpone the main action but I will work over these weaknesses and will celebrate my strengths. 

15. Share your strengths so that you can do good in your job.

Sample Answer

I can work consistently and hard for a long period. In the case of management, as a case manager, I am good at suggesting treatment plans of the patient and monitoring them for their good. I would serve people for their good and this is what I consider as my real strength. 

16. Will you suggest to someone that case management is a nice job to get into?

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If I know that someone likes serving people, and is interested in treatment procedures, patient monitoring, or even has an interest in biology, I would suggest case management to them as they will find it good and well as a profession or a job to carry on. 

17. What would you do if you ever find yourself indulged in a hectic case that you have never thought of?

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Whenever I feel like I am stuck somewhere, I would advise my patient to meet some other case manager or to go to the doctor directly. I will never make false remarks and I will always be truthful in my work. However, I will make these situations less stressful in my career.

18. How decently did you perform in your graduation report cards?

Sample Answer

I was quite good at my studies but case management is a profession that requires more practical knowledge rather than just report cards and marks. Regarding academics, I never failed in any subject and scored first class in every subject. 

19. Will you work after hours in a day?

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If a new client arrives after the end of my term for the day and if it is something urgent, I will listen to the patient and will try to serve them. Our moral character should also get involved in the jobs we do. However, it is up to us if we recognize that the client is purposely coming late.

20. How will you take leave from the job?

Sample Answer

I will never take unnecessary leave from my job of being a case manager unless it is important. One cannot assure about taking any leaves from the job. However, we can limit taking leaves unless something important comes up.

21. What do you know more about the job of a case manager?

Sample Answer

Not just for the medical field, case managers also belong to other fields that make a client’s social life better. The job of a case manager is for the well-being and healthy living of a client on a long-term basis. Case managers are also needed in government bodies, several non-profit organizations, and centers for the well-being of clients. 

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