Top 21 Delivery Driver Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Transportation is one of the key success factors for a business organization. It not only helps in the easy movement of an organization’s products but also helps in linking a business organization with its suppliers and customers. In addition to this, effective transportation contributes to the overall functioning of an economy as well, by providing Place Utility, that is the customers of an organization get products at the place of their requirement, and Time Utility, that is the customers get their products at the time when they need it.

Delivery drivers are the heart and soul of a transportation network and work hard to make the entire system productive and efficient. These drivers engage in some back-breaking and demanding work which fetches them a higher salary and lucrative incentives. The need for delivery drivers is huge and they enjoy a high number of job openings. However, considering the competition and the number of applications that even a single job opening receives, it is necessary to prepare sincerely for the interview process.

Delivery Driver Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1) Please Explain The Term Reverse Logistics.

This question tests your understanding and knowledge in relation to the core principles of logistics and deliveries.

Sample Answer

Sir, there are two types of deliveries. The first one is the delivery or transportation of goods from the warehouse or godown of a business organization to its potential customers, such as retailers, wholesalers, distributors, etc. These goods are ultimately purchased from showrooms, e-commerce websites, and retail shops by the end-users of these goods.

There are always issues, problems, and difficulties in these products for which they are returned back to their manufacturers. This leads to the development of the second type of delivery, that is, reverse logistics. It is the movement of goods from the end-users to the warehouse or the repairing center of the manufacturing organization.

2) How Do You Ensure A Timely Delivery Of Goods?

There are a variety of goods that a delivery driver is supposed to deliver. Some are perishable and have a very short life cycle, such as vegetables and fruits, which must be delivered on a timely basis. This is a job-specific question, and an interviewer requires to know the strategies followed by you so as to make timely delivery.

Sample Answer

Sir, timely delivery is necessary and pivotal as far as the freshness and quality of a product are concerned. In case I am supposed to deliver a perishable item, I always estimate the time that I would take to deliver that particular item, by analyzing the fastest routes available. After a careful evaluation, I choose a particular route and start my journey at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start, so that I am able to cover up any unexpected situation. This way, I am able to make timely delivery.

3) What Are The Different Types Of Vehicles That You Can Drive?

A delivery driver is primarily required to drive heavyweight vehicles, such as trucks, tractor-trailers, and transporters. However, you are also expected to drive light vehicles too, such as delivery vans, pick-up cars, or maybe two-wheelers. Hence, always reply genuinely as to which type of vehicles you can drive.

Sample Answer

Sir, I have the ability as well a valid license to drive all the types of vehicles ranging from trucks, tractor-trailers to pick-up vans to scooters. Be assured, I am a skillful driver and am driving for the past 10 years.

4) Explain The Meaning Of Inbound Logistics and Outbound Logistics.

Being a delivery driver, you are expected to have a thorough knowledge of the basic terms used in the logistics department. There will always be questions on these terms and you are required to brush up on your logistics course.

Sample Answer

Sir, Manufacturing organizations need raw materials and other ancillary products, such as machinery, plants, equipment, etc. so as to facilitate and undertake the manufacturing process. The process of bringing and transporting these items to the warehouse of a business organization is known as Inbound logistics. Further, when these raw materials are processed and transformed into finished goods, they are transported to the showrooms and retail shops. This movement of goods is known as Outbound logistics.

5) Can You Work Under Pressure Situations?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to know your attitude as well as approach towards the hectic work schedules and pressure situations. You are expected to maintain your productivity even during high work load and hence required to answer in a positive manner.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, absolutely. I have the ability to work under pressure situations and can handle high work load considerably. I have the ability to work for longer hours of duration without taking considerable breaks. For this, I have maintained my physical as well as mental strength by engaging myself into consistent weight training excersies as well as yoga and meditation.

6) How Do You Prioritize Between the Tasks?

This is a trending interview question which is quite relevant in today’s working scenario. It is common for business organizations to assign you more than one task in a day that must be completed in a time bound manner. Through this question an interviewer wants to understand your technique of prioritising between different tasks.

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely understand the relevance of this question. Prioritization is an effective technique when used widely can help an employee as well an organization to maintain their respective productivity levels. If you ask about my technique, I always try to arrange my tasks on the basis of their difficulty levels. The tasks that are difficult and are tough to complete are placed by me at the very starting of the list only to be followed by the tasks that are simple and does not require a major application of the mind.

7) How Good Is Your Eyesight?

Having excellent eyesight, with or without glasses, is a common requirement for delivery drivers. In case you have any eye-related illness, such as color blindness, nyctalopia, cataract, or any uncorrectable defects in the vision, you simply cannot become a delivery driver, and your selection chances would deplete drastically. Giving dishonest answers will not help your cause too. Hence, genuinely reply and share the problem with complete honesty.

Sample Answer

Sir, I have a perfect eyesight 6/6 in both my eyes after using a pair of spectacles having focal power of -0.25. I have no eye-related illness of any sort or kind and I can perfectly see all the things.

8) Delivery Driver Is A Low Job. Do You Feel So?

This is a tricky question in which your own profession is being criticized and shown in a derogatory position. Hence, you are required to defend your profession and advocate the need for change in mindset and maintenance of equality.

Sample Answer

Absolutely no sir. No job in this world is low and every profession in this world has a vital place in the system, which is inherent and without which this world can not move by even an inch. A delivery driver is the most important job in the entire transportation and logistics network, which helps a business organization to meet with its potential customers. Hence, there’s nothing low in it, and I simply love my job.

9) As Per A Recent Study, Drinking and Driving Is Perfectly Fine and Increases Concentration Level Of The Driver. Comment On This Statement.

This statement is obviously absurd and untrue. You would always encounter a few tricky questions wherein your responses and approach towards an unethical activity would be checked and evaluated. Drinking and driving is a legal offense and equivalent to almost a cardinal sin for a delivery driver. Hence, always answer such questions negatively.

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe such studies must be tossed in the trash. In my humble opinion, there is no such study, and driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol decreases the level of consciousness, alertness, and vigilance to the bare minimum, making it very difficult to keep the vehicle on track and drive safely. Furthermore, committing such an act is illegal and is punishable in a court of law. Hence, I would never indulge myself in any such unethical activity.

10) What Are The Common Mistakes That A Delivery Driver Makes At The Time Of Execution Of Duty?

This is a job specific question, which tests your level of understanding of the profession.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my humble opinion, there are two primary mistakes that most of the delivery drivers make at the of executing their duty. Firstly, the drivers are never plan as what would be their alternate course or route, if they are stuck at a particular route or experience heavy traffic jam somewhere. Secondly, they just never check whether or not they have the adequate or requisite number of tools. In case there vehicle breaks down due to any reason, they do not have a complete set of tools for even undertaking the basic repair and overhauling.

11) Can You Describe A Typical Working Day In The Life Of A Delivery Driver?

Interviewers nowadays are becoming more and more innovative with there questions. This question is primarily designed to analyze and check whether or not you have studied the job description issued to you deeply and carefully.

Sample Answer

Yes sir. A typical working day starts with the first order that a driver gets from the organization he or she is working with. I assume that I am supposed to make a delivery of products manufactured by you at 7AM, from the warehouse to the retailer’s showroom, situated 150 miles apart. I would first of all report at the warehouse of the organization at 5AM along with the truck or the tractor-trailer.

It takes two hours for loading goods into the container and than I would leave the warehouse at 7AM after completing all the formailities and paperwork. Than I would cover the distance within 3hours to 4 hours, and reach at the retailer’s showroom at 10AM or 11AM. It would take another two hours for unloading the goods and I would start my reverse journey back to the warehouse.

12) Have You Applied With Our Rivals?

This is a tricky question which only requires a genuine and honest answer.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, I have applied with two more similar business organizations, only to increase and enhance my selection chances. However, your business organization is my number one priority and I wish to work here for the rest of my career.

13) What Are The Additional Benefits That You Expect From Our Organization Apart From Regular Salary?

It is usual for the business organizations to ask this question from a candidate so as to evaluate his or her mindset and overall personality. It is recommended that you answer this question only after having a careful and deep market research.

Sample Answer

Sir, it is common for business organizations to offer additional incentives and benefits apart from regular salary upon effecting a quick, safe and timely delivery of goods. I believe, your organization would also offer the same. I would not indulge into the number game, as I know the salaries and benefits offered by this esteemed business organization are the best in the industry.

14) Can We Trust You With Your Deliveries?

Safe delivery of goods and that too in a time bound manner is the primary and foremost requirement from a delivery driver. Hence, always persuade and convince your interviewer that you are a skillful driver capable of fulfilling all the expectations of the organization.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, undoubtedly, your organization can place reliance and faith upon me as a delivery driver. I neither drive too fast nor too slow, rather I have the skills to maintain an adequate speed, which is necessary to deliver goods in a time bound manner. Be assured that, I lay high focus on ensuring that the goods are safely delivered and do not sustain any transit damage.

15) What Are The Several Types Of Deliveries That You Are Aware Of?

This is a academic related question that tests your core principles of logistics and various supply systems.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am aware of the three mostly used types of making deliveries, which are:

  • Package delivery, used to deliver packages and parcels.
  • Food delivery, used to deliver cooked food packets.
  • Grocery delivery, used to deliver everyday essentials and other grocery items.

16) Name At Least Three Traits That A Delivery Driver Must Possess?

This is a tricky interview question, though it might look simple and easy prima facie. Through this question an interviewer wants to judge and evaluate your level of understanding of the job profile of the delivery driver and based on your understanding, what are the traits or the qualities, that you expect a delivery driver to possess.

Sample Answer

Sir, In my humble opinion, which is based on thorough and extensive understanding of the primary role and expectations from a delivery driver, I would like to state these three traits:

  • Flexbility
  • Honesty and
  • Time Management

17) When Can You Start?

It is common for interviewers to get a quote of your availability during the interview session itself. There is nothing technical in this interview question and you are required to just genuinely share your exact date of starting. Mentioning an ‘immediate’ start is preferable, but it is recommended that you reply so, only if you can actually start on an immediate basis.

Sample Answer

  • For Employed Individuals: Sir, I am currently working with an organization and hence would not be able to start on an immediate basis. However, I am planning to send a notice to my current employer within the next two days. As per my current organization’s policies, I would be able to receive a relieving letter within a week. Hence, I can assure you that I would be available on or after (_____mention the date of your joining____).
  • For Unemployed/Fresher Individuals: Sir, I express my ability to start on an immediate basis. I do not have any prior obligation or any commitment to fulfill, and hence I would be able to start immediately.

18) What Motivates You To Work?

There are always a few motivational factors that prompt a person towards working hard and pushing their individual limits. An interviewer simply wants to know those factors as that would immensely help him or her in understanding as well as evaluating your personality.

Sample Answer

Sir, this is a highly subjective question and depends largely upon a person’s personal situations, circumstances, desires, and financial conditions. For me, there are two motivational factors that motivate me to work hard at the workplace. First of all, I love to receive widespread recognition from my colleagues as well as my seniors. Secondly, I prefer to receiving timely promotions for my efforts and hard work. Both these desires of mine can be fulfilled only if I work hard and achieve all the tasks and duties allocated to me in a timely manner.

19) What Are Your Major Weaknesses?

It is usual for interviewers to ask a strength or weakness related question during the interview session. This question is a master evaluator that examines almost the entire personality and behavioral aspects of a candidate. Hence, it is necessary for a candidate to prepare sincerely for this question and if possible follow the written procedures.

Sample Answer

Sir, every person in this world possesses a few weaknesses. The only difference which separates them from each other is the ability as well as desire to eliminate those shortcomings. Since you have asked the major ones, I would like to share two weaknesses that are the most dominating in me. First of all, I am a short-tempered person, who gets irritated and frustrated too easily and quickly. Secondly, I have a low level of concentration. Both these weaknesses affect my daily work and productivity. Hence, I am halfway through eliminating these weaknesses in me and have even joined an online course for the same.

20) Why You Chose Us?

This is a common interview question that is asked by an interviewer to understand a few major factors that attracted you to the organization. This question checks your level of seriousness as well as commitment towards the organization.

Sample Answer

Being a highly successful and profitable business organization with its operations spread across the nation, it is no wonder that the organization makes more than 250 deliveries every single day. Considering the scale of operations and the huge scope for delivery drivers in terms of promotions, salaries, and additional benefits, I would really like to be a part of the workforce. In addition to this, I have read the employee-centric policies that are devised by this organization, which really impresses me and further entices me to join this esteemed business organization.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

If you ever encounter this question during your interview session be assured that your interview session is concluded. This is the last question that is asked by an interviewer through which he or she gives an opportunity to a candidate to ask a few questions in relation to the organization, its policies, work timings, the job profile, etc. Skipping or answering this question in a negative manner, might cost you hard enough and deplete your selection chances considerably. Hence, always prepare and ask a few questions from your interviewer based on the following model questions:

Model Questions

  1. What are the various work timings of the business organization in different shifts?
  2. Please share with me the procedure using which you calculate the overtime allowance.
  3. Is it an organization’s policy to extend paid laeaves to its employees? Is yes, please share the exact number of annual paid leaves.
  4. What are the various employee training and developmental activities that are followed by the organization?
  5. Is it an organization’s policy to send its employees on the overseas tours?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for Delivery Driver interviews):

Delivery Driver Interview Questions


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