Does Your Academic Record Accurately Reflect Your Capabilities? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Excellent academic records with a higher GPA would instantly put you in the category of bright kids who are bound to succeed and shine. But, as we all know success can not be measured solely on the basis of marks/percentages or GPA scored in your semester exams. Rather, it is your dedication, self-belief, and motivation that act as a driving force and inspires you to pave your road to success. Interviewers are aware of the same, and thus, they devised this wonderful interview question.

Does Your Academic Record Accurately Reflect Your Capabilities

Three Tips To Excel

1) Don’t Be Discouraged If You Have Bad Records

There are lots of people who are doing really well in their professional life, though they had a poor academic life. It is your passion and grit, that will move you forward in a professional world. Interviewers are aware of the same, and they expect you to hold your nerves and don’t be discouraged from this question. Rather, use your persuasion skills, as to how you can be an asset to the organization.

2) Share Your Genuine Reason

There are several reasons for a poor or sub-standard academic performance. Through this question you are expected to share that genuine issue with your employer in a convincing way. Your reason must be genuine, otherwise it would seem as just another excuse from an inconsequential student.

3) Be Logical

Simply responding in negative, for example, No they don’t, will not help your cause in either way. You are expected to provide a logical and well-structured answer. Otherwise, it would simply show that you are a non-serious candidate who is grossly under-prepared for this interview session. This would severely hurt your selection chances.

Ten Best Answers To Read

Sample Answer One

As it is quite evident from my resume and mark sheets, I don’t have a stellar academic career. I have always been an average student throughout my academic life. But this in no way defines me or limits my capabilities. There are several genuine reasons, not excuses, for my average academic performance. I am a committed and loyal person, who is always well absorbed in a team setting. If selected for the position, I can work hard and contribute.

Sample Answer Two

A low score on my report card does not present or display my ability and intelligence. Our college has a reputation for designing some very hard question sets, that are too technical and demands higher knowledge. This coupled with tough passing criteria is the sole reason for a low GPA score. Further, I believe it is a person’s abilities and confidence that are more important in a professional setting, than higher GPAs.

Sample Answer Three

I believe, that the grades in my initial semesters are pretty awful and bad. But as you can see, in the latest semesters I have scored nicely, and have even topped my college in the second last semester. The primary reason for this is the dilemma that was persisting in my mind as to whether I should pursue the particular course or not. Once it got resolved, I was back in form and scored heavily. Be assured, that those initial semesters have no bearing on my performance and capabilities.

Sample Answer Four

The primary reason for low scores on my report card is the availability of novice teachers who themselves were still learning and getting a hold of things. This in no way is an excuse rather a genuine reason. The low scores do not reflect my capabilities and talents in any way.

Sample Answer Five

Our college laid more stress on rote learning rather than teaching us practically. There were fellow classmates of mine who scored heavily by just memorizing the book language and vomiting the same in the exams. I was not a preacher of this practice and wrote everything in my own words. This led to a low string of scores. Hence, my academic records do not reflect my capabilities and beliefs in any manner.

Sample Answer Six

Absolutely not. These records are in no way a reflection of my true capabilities and abilities. There have been so many famous and successful people who were naive in their studies and excelled in real life. The primary reason for low scores in my academic life, was lack of money, in order to get proper coaching facilities. All my mates used to take private tuitions and training from tutors, which excelled and enhanced their academic records.

Sample Answer Seven

I completely understand that my GPAs are low. But this, in no way defines my personality or confidence level. The primary reason for a low GPA was the availability of limited specialized staff in our college. We used to see novice accountants taking higher-level classes. This was we were not prepared for tough examination questions and ended up scoring awfully.

Sample Answer Eight

In my humble opinion, the way you have performed in school or college does not mean that you would perform in the same way in your professional life. I know that I have low scores, but that does not reflect my passion, my attitude, and my skill set completely. I have always been a team person, who loves to perform in a corporate setting. Maybe I was weak in my studies, but I am very strong in completing tasks within deadlines.

Sample Answer Nine

They just don’t. I have a string of low scores which is quite evident from the information presented on my resume. But that in no way means that I was a careless, non-hard working, and casual student. I did try hard, rather tried very hard, but my college used to put a lot of questions from outside of the syllabus. Not only me, but all my classmates also have scores on similar lines.

Sample Answer Ten

There is a big limitation with the performance or report cards. They just don’t reflect a person’s special abilities, talents, and skills. I am a detail-oriented and disciplined person in possession of some excellent communication skills. I have a strong mind, with the ability to perform in most stressful conditions. Hence, my academic records, just do not reflect my true personality, in any manner whatsoever.


Superior academic records, higher GPAs, or marks do play an important role in getting admissions into prominent colleges and educational institutions. But, post that it is your personality and behavioral aspects that will steer you forward. This is a common interview question and is asked in several types of interviews. Hence, thorough preparation is a must. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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