Top 21 Help Desk Executive Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

It is an established fact that the customers are the backbone of every industry. An organization that is able to satisfy its customers by addressing their grievances, problems, and other issues is considered to be more successful and has a larger customer base.

Thus, most companies prefer to hire help desk specialists that offer instant solutions to all the customer grievances and issues. A help desk specialist works in several sectors.

When working in the software industry it caters to all the technical issues, software-related issues, and other hardware problems that the customers might be having. While, when working in the F. M. C. G (Fast-moving consumer goods) sector a help desk executive addresses all the delivery-related issues, quality problems, refunds, cashback-related complaints, etc. This article covers all the important interview questions, which are categorized into the five most prominent recruiters of help desk executives.

Help Desk Executive Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

Help Desk Executives Employed In The Software Industry

1. What Are The Various Elements Of A Typical Software User Manual?

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

Name of the various contentsExplanation
The initial pagesPage 1: Cover page
Page 3: Title page
Page 4: Preface
Page 5: Index
Purpose sectionA summary, extract, or an overview as to what all is covered in this software manual
Troubleshooting sectionA list of all the problems that might occur while using the software, along with all the possible solutions, using which those errors can be fixed
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)A list of all the common questions that a software user might be having

2. What Is Your Understanding Of Hardware Accelerated G. P. U Scheduling?

Sample Answer

Sir, it helps a computer system to reduce latency and makes it faster, and maximizes its potential. In this, the scheduling processor of GPU and the VRAM performs the work in batches and renders them in different frames.

3. We Are An Established Business Organization and Usually Assign Several Tasks To Our Employees. All These Tasks Have A Fixed Deadline That Need To Be Achieved. How Will You Ensure A Timely Delivery?

Sample Answer

Sir, I understand that due to immense work pressure, businesses assign several tasks to their employees. I have a developed prioritization technique and I rank the tasks on the basis of their difficulty level. The tasks that are toughest to complete and require a greater application of mind, I perform them at the beginning of my shift. Next, the easier tasks follow.

4. What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses As A Technical Help Desk Support Executive?

Sample Answer

Sir, my biggest strength is my ability to understand all the bits and pieces of the software that we have developed, owing to my academic background and technical expertise. I can really extend quality resolutions to the customers of the company after understanding their grievances completely.

However, not everyone is perfect and I am not an exception. I panic and get frustrated quite too easily that sometimes impact my work performance. But, I am on the path to removing this weakness of mine by constantly engaging in online counseling sessions.

Help Desk Executives Employed In The Health Industry

1. What Is Your Understanding Of The Basic Biology? Explain Some Common Eye Ailments.

Sample Answer

Sir, being a person from a pharma background, I have a good knowledge of basic biology. Some common eye ailments are Hypermetropia, Myopia, Presbyopia, and Astigmatism.

2. Assume That A Patient Is Requesting For A Cashless Facility Whereas His Claim Policy Specifically Mentions That He Is Only Eligible For A 90% Reimbursement and 10% Co-pay. How Would You Handle This Situation?

Sample Answer

Sir, such situations are common in hospitals and medical centers, when the patients are confused as to their health insurance policies. In such a situation, I would, first of all, request the patient (or the attendant) to get his policy document. I would read out the policy by myself and would show them the paragraph which tells about the reimbursement procedure.

Further, I would also tell them about the process of reimbursement along with telling them all the documents required to claim the money back.

3. We All Are Motivated By Several Factors That Prompt Us To Work Hard At Our Workplace. What Are Your Motivational Factors?

Sample Answer

Sir, motivation at the workplace is indeed necessary to break the shackles of monotony and deliver optimal performance. Routine tasks crush employees and they feel lethargic as well as become loathe. In my case, it is my sheer urge to gain recognition and climb up the corporate ladder that prompts me to work hard and achieve all my goals in a time-bound manner.

4. Extending Resolutions, Handling Discontented Customers and Maintaining High Levels Of Patience Are Some Tough Tasks To Be Performed By A Help Desk Specialist. When Done For A Longer Period Of Time, It Can Lead To Workplace Stress. How Do You Manage This Situation?

Sample Answer

Sir, it is true that these activities can lead to stress, especially when performed for a longer period of time. But, in my opinion, these are nothing but a part and parcel of the job. I am well equipped to handle all such issues, due to my several stress-busting techniques. Whenever I feel that I am stressed out, I perform deep breathing exercises and begin motivating myself using positive pep talk.

Help Desk Executives Employed In The Aviation Industry

1. Share The Most Commonly Used Software In The Customer Management Process In The Aviation Sector.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Ramco Systems
  • BytzSoft
  • Rusada

2. Assume A Situation In Which A Customer Is Demanding For A 100% Refund Against His Cancelled Ticket, When The Cancellation Rules Of The Company Provide For A 70% Refund. He Is Very Dissatisfied and Aggressive. How Will You Handle Him?

Sample Answer

Sir, cancellation issues are most common, and either the customers do not get a refund or they demand a complete refund, which is not possible. In the given situation, the customer must be:

  • Calmed down by making him believe that we are here to help and will resolve the queries
  • Sent a link to the webpage containing all the terms and conditions of the ticket cancellation
  • Narrated all the cancellation rules, along with specifically pinpointing about the cancellation percentage available

In case a customer is still dissatisfied, I will tell him to read the cancellation policy again and would tell him to please abide by the rules.

3. We Know Employees Charge For Their Services. Can You Tell About Your Salary Expectations?

Sample Answer

Sir, being in the industry for the past several years, I have worked with several brands and prominent names in the industry. This has made me an expert in my field and has given me a lot of work experience.

I have also researched and calculated the average salary offered to the help desk executives working in the aviation industry. In my opinion, anything between $50,000 to $65,000 per annum is an optimal compensation. Further, I am really committed to working for this company, and hence, I am open to negotiation.

4. The Role Of A Help Desk Executive Is Quite Challenging. You Will Certainly Be Working In Real Time and Giving Instant Solutions. This Sometimes Lead To Extension Of Incorrect or Inappropriate Resolutions. How Do You Handle Your Workplace Failure?

Sample Answer

Sir, given the tricky nature of this job, a help desk executive always needs to be on his or her toes. In real-time, there are possibilities that a resolution might not go well with the customers of the company. It irks them and makes them more dissatisfied.

However, I try my best that nothing like this ever happens. But still, when it happens, instead of moving into my shell, I always analyze my work performance and find out all the problems and issues. I strive to improve them and not repeat the same mistakes.

Help Desk Executives Employed In The Outsourcing Companies (B. P. Os, K. P. Os, etc.)

1. What Is Your Understanding Of The Term “Escalation” In Customer Service?

Sample Answer

Sir, escalation is the process of forwarding a customer grievance to a senior, supervisor, or any help desk executive who is more skillful and experienced. This happens when the customer is not getting satisfied with the lower-level help desk executives. In this case, the issue is escalated and a higher level officer handles the issue.

2. It Is Common For Humans To Dream and Envision Their Future. What Is Your Dream Job?

Sample Answer

Sir, every employee has some expectations from his or her employer. I also have a few dreams for my business organization. I really want my company to give me a separate cabin, wherein I can work and perform my tasks and execute my duties. Regarding the dream job, working with such an established organization like yours, which is in existence for the past several decades, is like a dream come true.

3. What Do You Mean By Outsourcing? What Benefits Do The Companies Get By Doing So?

Sample Answer

Sir, there are always some critical functions as well as some clerical functions in a business organization. When a company is centralized, all these functions are performed by the organization itself, which in itself is a challenge. Hence, to better focus on the critical functions, the repetitive or not that consequential functions, are outsourced to any third party on a fee basis.

This allows the management to enhance their productivity and even diversify or expand their operations as they can now focus on the critical and growth-oriented functions.

4. Team Work Gives Us Several Benefits and Even Enhances Productivity. What Is Your Ethical Team Culture?

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, a team must be made up of members who are:

  • Supportive, and help their fellow team members at all the instances
  • Encouraging, and always motivating their fellow mates whenever they are depressed or burned out
  • Hardworking, and always try to achieve the team goals by giving their best

Help Desk Executives Employed In Professional Firms (Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, etc.)

1. What Are The Different Accounting Concepts On The Basis Of Which Financial Statements Are Prepared? State Any Three.

Sample Answer

Sir, accounting concepts are like guiding forces for every set of financial statements and make them compliant. The various accounting concepts are:

  • Going Concern Concept: A business is expected to go on and conduct business operations for an indefinite period of time. There is no shutting down in contemplation in the near future owing to which assets are depreciated and not written off in one go.
  • Money Measurement Concept: As per this concept, a business transaction that has the capacity to be measured in monetary terms will only be recognized in the financial statements. All the business affairs that cannot be measured in the terms of money, (such as hard work put in by the employees, new business deals acquired, etc.) are not recorded in the books. Further, all the transactions must be recorded in the domestic currency.
  • Accrual concept: As per this concept, a transaction will be recorded in the books of accounts when it is accrued. This means any transaction that has a high chance of occurrence must be recorded. For example, the sale of goods on a credit basis must be recorded as there are high chances of getting money from debtors.

2. Assume A Situation In Which A Client Of Ours Is Dissatisfied With Our Services and Is Clamouring Over The Telephone. How Would You Handle This Situation?

Sample Answer

Sir, the role of a help desk executive is to keep patience and stay calm in all instances. In this particular situation, I would first of all try to understand the root cause of the problem faced by the customer using my active listening skills. I would clarify all the doubts that I might be having in regards to the problem faced by the customer and then will extend an acceptable resolution using my critical thinking ability.

There are high chances that the customer would be satisfied with my resolution, however, if that is not the case, I would escalate the issue.

3. What Is The Accounting Principle Of Materiality? Does It Defeat The Purpose Of True and Fair Presentation Of Accounts?

Sample Answer

Sir, materiality is an accounting principle, which requires business owners to prepare the books of accounts in such a way that they disclose all the information, which is relevant to the users of financial statements, investors, and stakeholders. Any information that is inconsequential or immaterial can be put under a common heading of miscellaneous expenses.

For example, a business organization that has a turnover of $500 million, will not charge depreciation on a calculator worth $10.

4. What Is An Other Comprehnsive Income Account? Where Is It Disclosed In The Books Of Accounts?

Sample Answer

Sir, an “other comprehensive income account” is an account that records incomes, expenses, gains, and losses that are unrealized and exist only on a piece of paper. These items are not included while preparing the net income of the company and are specifically excluded.

This account is disclosed in the balance sheet under the heading of “Equity”. Unrealized gains are added to the opening balance of the other comprehensive income account, while unrealized expenses are deducted from it.

5. We Are In Operation For Past Three Decades and Have Endured Almost Every Recession and Crisis. This Largely Happended Due To Our Talented and Hardworking Employees, Who Always Supported Us. What Makes You Special To Work With Us?

Sample Answer

Sir, employees are the assets for every business organization, and the most committed or loyal employees, always support their companies. If you ask about my specialty, I believe, I am a person with a good ability to make excellent decisions in times of panic.

As a help desk support executive, you always find yourself in tough times as you have to satisfy the grieving customers. I believe this ability of mine would help me to gain over my peers and deliver exceptional performance.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (For Help Desk Executive interview):

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