Top 21 HR Coordinator Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Employees are considered as assets of the organization. It is no wonder that for this reason employees are kept satisfied and content using a variety of policies, incentives, and rewards. The hiring of employees is a tough nut to crack and employing quality talents that are skillful as well as proficient, that have the capability and efficiency to get absorbed in the organization and strictly follow the work ethics, is a lengthy and patient process. Thus, it is for this reason that a specialized professional is hired called an HR Coordinator whose primary responsibility is to manage and assist the entire recruitment process.

HR Coordinator Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1) Share Three Reasons, Why Organizations Hire New Employees?

This is a question that tests your knowledge and understanding of the principles relating to human resources and hirings.

Sample Answer

Sure sir. Every organization hires new employees for a variety of reasons. However, these three reasons are common and basic to almost all business organizations, these are:

  • To enjoy new ideas and fresh energy of the new employees.
  • More employees, means expansion of business, which ultimately leads to higher revenue as well as profits
  • Reduce the burden on over-strected workforce

2) When Should An Organization Decide To Layoff?

This is a basic question that tests fundamental knowledge in relation to hirings and layoffs.

Sample Answer

Layoffs are hard for any business organization, primarily because its employees have put their heart and soul into the business operations so that the organization is able to grow and achieve its goals and objectives. Still, in a recessionary or depressing business phase, organizations are forced to lay off their employees due to dwindling revenue and falling sales. There is no point in going broke, hence better to save costs and reduce the wage bills.

3) Do You Prefer Working In A Team Environment or Alone?

This question might sound simple at the first glance. But a prepared candidate would always say the other way round. If you say that you prefer working in a team environment, then this leads to the creation of an opinion, that you can not work alone. Similarly, if you say that you prefer working alone, then that means that you are a reserved person and are not able to maintain a good rapport with other employees. Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, always go for the mid-way.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am a person that possesses immense faith in my own capabilities as well as skills and knowledge. When working alone, I could ace even the toughest tasks assigned to me and when working in a team I could help the entire team to achieve and execute those tough tasks. Now the ball lies in the court of my senior. I will always respect his decision. However, I would advise him to put me in a team setting, considering the larger interest of the organization.

4) Explain The Relevance Of ATS In Todays’s Scenario?

ATS stands for applicant tracking system and is used widely nowadays to screen out potential candidates from a large pool of applications. It is a product of innovation and technological advancement, which has been adopted by a large number of business organizations. You are expected to use it during your tenure, hence answer it in a positive manner.

Sample Answer

Sir, organizations especially profitable and multi-national, receives a high number of applications from candidates for even a few openings or vacancies. In such a scenario, it is practically impossible to manually scrutinize each and every application. Thus, ATS was invented, which is basically a software that screens out relevant candidates. The screened-out resumes are then evaluated by HR managers and coordinators so as to further check the strength of their candidature.


Sample Answer

6) Do You Feel Professionals Working In The HR Department Would Soon Become Redundant Due To Technological Advancements?

This is a tricky question that is a mixture of both the future assumption and present technology. You are expected to answer this question in a positive manner, ensuring that you are not undermining your present need and requirement.

Sample Answer

I do not feel so. In my opinion, the need for HR professionals is bound to increase with every technological advancement. This is because we all know the glitches that these software experiences on a time to time basis and the high maintenance cost related to them, would discourage business organizations from completely automating their recruitment processes. Further, more software use leads to the creation of a sophisticated working environment, which requires more specialized workers and technological experts. This would increase the wage bill of an organization considerably.

7) Can You Work Under Stressful Working Conditions?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to know your attitude and mindset towards working in hectic working conditions.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, absolutely. I completely understand the relevance of this question. In today’s fast-moving world with growing competition as well as strict economic policies, it is almost necessary for employees to execute a high number of tasks during their workday. I am completely ready and willing to perform in such hectic working conditions. For this, I always perform Yoga, as well as engage myself in meditation, so as to maintain both my physical and mental strength.

8) How Interested Are you In Extending Training Along With Performing Your Regular Duties?

It is common for managers and coordinators to extend training services to their colleagues, freshers as well as juniors. This may be an additional burden, apart from performing your regular duties, but this is expected from you. Hence, always answer this question in a positive manner.

Sample Answer

Sir, there is nothing better than sharing what you have acquired, and if it is knowledge, then it must be shared without even a second thought. Be assured that, I would never refuse to provide any training session to the budding employees or even freshers.

9) Do You Ever Feel To Become An Animal? If Yes, Please Name One.

This is a personality evaluating question that requires you to pick the name of any insect/bird/animal, who has some noteworthy attributes as well as qualities, which if replicated, can help you to attain a higher level of productivity.

Sample Answer

Sir, I would definitely like to become an animal, but not on a permanent basis. However, there is an insect that has truly inspired me and motivated me. If God ever gives me a chance, I would like to become it. Honeybees are the small insects that have shown the highest level of grit, patience as well as determination. It is no wonder that these tiny creatures are the most hardworking among all the living species, and if humans replicate their qualities in their daily life, I can surely say that no one ever would fail and everyone would achieve success in life.

10) Name At Least Two Prominent Human Resource Software.

Through this question, an interviewer wants to understand your level of technological awareness and proficiency.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, I would like to name the two software that I have personally used and admired, these are:

  • Bamboo HR and
  • Sage Business Cloud People

11) How Many Cities Are There In A Heaven?

An interview session is not a set of some straightforward questions, that repeat in every subsequent hiring. Rather, interviewers are becoming more and more innovative and along with testing your grip on your core profile, they want to understand your level of control, over your body, emotions as well as wits. Hence, always prepare for such out-of-the-box questions, and never show any single strand of nervousness over there.

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe there is only one city in heaven, wherein all the good people live together in peace and harmony. This is probably because God is pretty smart and it completely understands the fact that borders create divisions, and divisions lead to quarrels and differences. Hence, it has made a single city over there and has named it Heaven.

12) What Is The First Thing That You Read In A Resume?

This is a question that is specific to this job profile and there are high chances that you would be certainly asked such a question. In order to effectively answer this question, just share a genuine response and avoid all the generic answers.

Sample Answer

The first thing, that I read, is the Goals/Objectives/Visionary section wherein a candidate has mentioned his primary objective. This gives a bright insight into the mind of a candidate, and in my opinion, almost 40% to 50% of his personality could be analyzed only through those three to four lines.

13) Will You Ever Hire A Skillful But Degree-less Employee?

This is a practical question that is both tricky as well as evaluates your mindset and approach while hiring a candidate.

Sample Answer

Sir, this depends largely upon the designation and the position of the job. If the job is a starting level job, and I ever encounter a resume, which lacks the higher educational qualification, but is rich in experience as well as ancillary certifications, I would definitely give that candidate a chance, to come and express through an interview session. However, managerial jobs command a greater theoretical knowledge along with talents and skills, hence, I would never hire a degreeless candidate for any higher position.

14) How Do You Describe Your Communication Skills?

This is a common requirement for this job. Having superior communication skills is almost inevitable, and you are expected to answer this question showcasing these skills.

Sample Answer

Sir, effective communication skills are something that comes naturally to me. Since my childhood days, I have always taken an active part in almost all the debates as well as conversational competitions. I have a natural ability to use my speech effectively and tactically. Hence, be assured that I have the requisite communication skills for this job, which I believe, most probably, I would be able to hone further, through this wonderful opportunity.

15) How Do You Handle A Situation Of Mass Resignations?

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the practical working procedures.

Sample Answer

This is undoubtedly a tricky situation, which needs a lot of patience, understanding as well as wits. It has been observed that mass resignations happen due to two situations, the first one being, demand for a high salary/ incentives and the second one being a demand for lesser working hours. The employees establish themselves into unions and start to put their demands in from of the management. My approach is pretty simple to handle such situations. If the demand is genuine and practically possible, meet them and if the demand is impractical, ignore them.

16) What Is The Primary Consequence Of Working With An Over-stretched Employee?

This is a practical question, that tests your ground knowledge in relation to the management of employees as well as the consequences of their mismanagement.

Sample Answer

Sir, the primary and immediate effect of such a situation, is a reduction in the customer base of the organization. An over-stretched employee is discontent and frustrated. He or she might not be able to deliver performances that are expected of him or her. This for a factory would translate into the production of an inferior product, and for a service-based industry would translate into the execution of faulty processes. Whatever the scenario may be, the ultimate sufferers are the customers of the organization.

17) How Envy Are You Of Your Colleagues?

This is a personality evaluating question which is quite relevant in today’s scenario. There have been a few instances wherein employees of an organization quarrel amongst themselves purely out of envy. This not only hampers their own individual performances but also ultimately affects the reputation as well as the profitability of the organization. It is for this reason that interviewers ask this question.

Sample Answer

Sir, my colleagues are my friends, my seniors, my advisors as well as my confidantes. There is absolutely no question of getting jealous of their achievements and ambitions. A person who works hard at a workplace deserves every respect and recognition. A hard-working and successful colleague of mine would never make me feel jealous or envy, rather will inspire me to work hard and even push my limits.

18) Don’t You Think Creating Departments Increases Headcounts As Well As Salary Bill Of An Organization?

This is a deep question that requires you to answer by analyzing and understanding it properly. This question not only tests your core principles of hiring resources for an organization but also requires you to have some knowledge in regards the departmentalization.

Sample Answer

In my opinion, this statement is partially true. Every business organization has a few primary functions such as Finance, HR, Retail, Sales, etc. which are so critical that they must be established and translated into a separate division or a department, with its own departmental head. Hence, it is necessary for business organizations to create departments, and also hire employees, so as to ensure smooth functioning of respective operations.

If an organization is unable to identify its true critical areas, then it is possible that it may lead to inferior departmentalization and hiring of unnecessary employees that would undoubtedly enhance the wage bill of an organization.

19) What Is Your Major Weakness?

It is typical for interviewers to ask a strength/weakness question in an interview session. The higher the position, the higher would be the chance that you would be asked a weakness-related question, as it is normally tough as well as tricky to answer. It is recommended from our side, that you always prepare sincerely for this question, and if time permits, prepare a written report mentioning all your weaknesses.

Sample Answer

Sir, no one is perfect in this world and this applies to me as well. I too have a few shortcomings in me that I am working upon religiously. If you ask about a major weakness, I would like to share the closest and most relevant one. I am a short-tempered person who gets irritated and frustrated too easily. This hampers my productivity considerably and makes me less adaptive as well as skillful. I am on course to resolve this issue of mine and have even joined online meditation classes as well as personality grooming classes so as to plug this loophole of mine.

20) Why You Chose Us?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to know your level of seriousness and commitment towards the organization you sought to work with.

Sample Answer

Being a three-decade-old business organization having operations spread in almost 16 countries and the presence of more than 2300 branches across the operational areas, I am looking no further, and aspire as well as hope t work at your esteemed institution. Further, I have done extensive research upon the organization and have found that it uses all the latest as well as modern IT infrastructure in order to execute its tasks. I am pretty much interested in working in such a high-tech work environment, as I believe that would hone my skills and add value to my resume.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

This is the last question that is asked towards the fag end of an interview session. Through this question, an interviewer wants to know your level of understanding of the organization, its work culture as well as job profile, as you are expected to ask a few questions from your interviewer in these domains and areas. Hence, it is recommended from our side that, you always attempt these questions and frame a few questions for your interviewer. For reference you can consider the sample questions mentioned below:

Sample Questions

  1. What are the work timings for this job?
  2. Is there an organizational policy in place in relation to payment of bonuses, overtime allowances and emergency credits?
  3. What are the various organizational policies in relation to harassment, bullying and teasing at the workplace?
  4. Please share the procedure for calculation of paid leaves.
  5. Do you provide maternity/paternity reimbursements to your employees?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for HR Coordinator interviews):

HR Coordinator Interview Questions


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