Top 21 Nike Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Originally founded as “Blue Ribbon Sports” in the year 1964, Nike has come a long way since its inception. It is one of the world’s most profitable companies and is a renowned brand world over. The company maintains its headquarters in Oregon, U. S. A, and conducts business in more than 45 countries with the help of a strong workforce of 76,700 employees. It is a dream company, and no wonder it receives applications from several thousands of candidates every year. Even a small number of job openings evince huge interest, making the interview process, strict and highly competitive. Thus, it is necessary to prepare hard for the interview session by reading lots of frequently asked interview questions.

Nike Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. What Is Your Understanding Of The Term Corporate Governance?

This question checks your knowledge and understanding in regards to the various compliance procedures.

Sample Answer

Sir, every business organization has a responsibility towards its society. It has to contribute effectively towards the development of the social environment in which it is working, by contributing towards the upliftment of the poor, making shelter homes, or simply donating the committed money to any national fund. It is a mandatory requirement nowadays and is stipulated by the law.

2. Share Some Strategies As To How Nike Can Grab A Lion Piece Of Market Share.

This is an opinion-based interview question, in which you are required to share your opinion as to what can be changed in the current policy, working, or procedures of the company. Nike does not expect you to give a perfect suggestion, they do have paid people for this task, but they surely want to evaluate your thinking abilities and intelligence level.

Sample Answer

Sir, Nike faces stiff competition from two of its primary rival organizations, that is Puma and Reebok. These companies are just too big to be swallowed and thus, fighting with them is the only option left for Nike. In my opinion, the company must heavily invest in the Research and Development activities and try to innovate its products, so that they are able to provide maximum comfort, besides being affordable and able to provide maximum comfort.

3. Have You Seen The Logo Of Nike. If Yes, Please Explain It.

Nike possesses a logo, which is quite famous and more or less a mark of quality. Appearing for an interview with an organization, you ought to have a knowledge of its logo.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, who hasn’t seen the company’s logo. The logo is a vibrant tick, which as per Greek mythology represents the Goddess of Victory, who had wings attached to her.

4. While Working At Nike, You Will Have To Be At Your Toes. How Do You Handle Work Related Stress?

Stress management is a common requirement of business organizations from its employees. As an ideal response to this question, just share an original strategy.

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely agree with the relevance of this question. I understand that I will be required to work hard at my workplace, and I am simply ready for that. This might lead to work-related stress which might occur due to the repetition of tasks or consistent monotony. However, I am completely ready for this challenge and always engage myself in deep breathing exercises, positive prep talk, and meditation to reduce my stress levels.

5. We Produce Several Shoes. Have You Ever Tried One? If Yes, Which One Is Your Favorite?

This question simply checks your level of interest and attachment with the company and its merchandise. Moreover, this question is based on the belief, the higher your level of inclination towards the company, the more will be your dedication while working for that company.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, I am a big fan of the company’s products, especially shoes. The original basketball sneakers, Nike Airforce One remains my favorite to date and I always use them.

6. Endorsements Lead To Financial Burden and Must Be Avoided. Comment On This Statement.

This question criticizes advertising as a means of promotion. Nike does a lot of endorsements and hires brand ambassadors at hefty annual fees. Just share your opinion in this regard.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, this statement is absolutely false. Endorsements, advertisements, and promotions are extremely important so as to promote and popularize the products of the company as well as the overall brand name. The logo of Nike is synonymous with that of quality, and this is majorly possible because of effective endorsements and advertising.

7. How Do You Handle Disgruntled or Complaining Customers?

This question requires you to state a strategy using which you can satisfy discontent customers of the company.

Sample Answer

Sir, every customer of the company must be treated following the best business practices and ethics. Whenever I will be required to handle any disgruntled customers of the company, I would, first of all, listen to all their issues and problems using my active-listening skills. Post this, I would analyze using my critical thinking abilities and would devise a suitable solution to them.

8. When Was Nike Founded and Where Are Its Headquarters?

This is a fact-based interview question and checks your level of familiarity with Nike and its background.

Sample Answer

Nike was founded in the year 1964. The initial name of the company was Blue Ribbon Sports, which was changed to Nike in the year 1971. The headquarters of the company is situated in Oregon.

9. Who Is The Current CEO Of The Company?

This is a fact-based interview question and checks your level of familiarity with Nike and its background.

Sample Answer

Sir, the current CEO of the company is Mr. John Donahoe (at the time of writing this article)

10. What Is The Importance Of Customers For A Company Like Nike?

This question seeks your viewpoints in regard to the importance of customers of a company.

Sample Answer

Customers are the kings of every business organization and serve as the very basic reason for their existence. Without customers, business organizations will be like zombies having no life in them. Nike is a big brand, but who made it that big. The real answer is the customers of the company, who used, loved, and enjoyed the company’s products. Hence, in my opinion, customers are the real heroes of the movie called Nike.

11. How Do You Prefer To Work – Team or Individually?

Every business organization in this world, including Nike, prefers to work in a team environment. In this setup, different teams of employees are divided and segregated on the basis of their educational qualifications, designation, and nature of the tasks to be performed. Ideally, you should choose “team”, but since the question gives you a choice, you can choose “individually” also. However, you will be required to give suitable justifications in either of the cases.

12. Describe Yourself In A Single Word.

This is a personality evaluating question in which you are required to summarize your entire personality into a single word. Always prefer to choose corporate-friendly words, such as dedicated, detail-oriented, hardworking, etc. Further, your answer must be logical and must stick to the requirements of the question.

13. What Does Your Best Boss Says About Your Attitude, Personality and Approach?

We all work at different business organizations and meet several different bosses. Some of them do remain in our good books for a variety of reasons. An interviewer through this question wants to know, the opinion of your good bosses in regards to your personality. The answer to this question is influenced by the job description issued by your employer and you are requested to move around the requirements of the job.

14. What Are Your Major Strengths?

An interview session is almost incomplete without a strength-weakness-related interview question. This question is being asked in almost all the interview sessions held across the world. Through this question, an interviewer is able to evaluate as well as examine your personality. The best way to answer this question is by “being you” and giving an honest reply.

15. We Believe In “Quality”. What Is Your Interpretation Of This Term?

This is a word-based interview question and requires you to share your own interpretation of the term “quality”. Be genuine, and avoid all the generic answers. Further, always remember to give an answer that strictly revolves in and around the corporate world.

16. When Can You Start Working With Us?

There is nothing technical in this interview question and an interviewer always asks this question so as to know your exact date of availability. This question is not a guarantee of your selection and only requires you to share a genuine date, on or after which you can start working with the company. Give a real response and a date that is highly accurate.

17. What Motivates You To Work?

Every individual in this world is motivated by a few factors that prompt him or her to perform tasks with a high level of accuracy and diligence. These factors may be personal to you and depend upon your financial conditions, circumstances, and living situations. An interviewer is always interested in knowing these factors, so as to conduct deep scrutiny of your personality.

18. Nike Is A Busy Company and Here You Will Be Required To Work On Several Tasks. How Do You Prioritize?

Business organizations, let alone Nike, assigns several tasks to the employees that need to be performed on a single business day. The best way to accomplish all these tasks in a time-bound manner is by adopting any prioritization technique. You might rank your tasks on the basis of difficulty levels, with the toughest tasks being ranked first, only to be followed by the tasks that are easier in nature or you might arrange your tasks on the basis of time consumption. Whatever it is, just share it with your interviewer.

19. Failures Are Common At The Workplace. How Do You Handle Them?

You will rarely find an individual in this world who always succeeds and never fails. Success is not a guarantee, and hence one must never stop, and keep working hard until he or she achieves the goals. Undoubtedly, failures leave a devastating impact upon the human mind that might affect the performance of an individual adversely. It is a common expectation of business organizations that an employee must have a developed strategy to manage his or her stress levels. Just share this strategy with your interviewer.

20. There Are Several Sports Companies Out There. Why You Chose To Work With Us?

An interviewer asks this question so as to check your level of commitment as well as seriousness towards the business organization. The best way to prepare for this interview question is by browsing the official website of the business organization and noting down all the relevant facts and historical information pertaining to the company. This noting must be coupled with your personal interests in the company and a structured answer must be prepared.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is common for the interviewers to conclude an interview session with this question. Through this question, an interviewer gives an opportunity to a candidate to ask a few relevant questions from the interviewer in regards to the organization, its working culture, ethics, rules to be followed, etc. Skipping this question might prove fatal to your selection chances. Hence, you are advised to always ask a few relevant questions based on the model questions mentioned below:

Model Questions

  • Please share a list of all the allowances and benefits that are available to the regular employees of the company.
  • What are the various work timings in different shifts run by the company?
  • Is it the policy of the company to extend maternity/paternity leaves to the company?
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