Describe A Situation In Which You Used Persuasion To Convince Someone? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Persuasion is an art which requires the gift of the gab and if used effectively can do wonders. The ability to convince people requires superior communication skills and quick-witted responses. A person who is able to persuade well is perceived to be smart and intelligent. Hence, companies are always on the lookout for employees having similar caliber and skill.

Describe A Situation In Which You Used Persuasion To Convince Someone

Why Does An Interviewer Ask This?

Experts say, there would be numerous instances in one’s career when one would be required to persuade people/managers/co-workers or may be any one in life, in order to give effect to things, the way one wants. If one is successful, than one has the abilities to be a masterful leader.

We all get promotions to a senior level and have to manage people at some walk of our professional career. Keeping thus in mind they ask such questions in order to evaluate your ability to generate an impact speech and persuasive skills.

Three Best Ways To Answer This Effectively

1) Quote Your Previous Experiences

The best way to answer this question is to quote the real-life experiences that you experienced during your academic days or your professional life. But, it is highly advisable that be honest and just don’t concoct a loosely planned story, as if caught, it would seem that you are trying to be over smart and lack effective persuasive skills thereby hurting your selection chances adversely.

2) Don’t Get Carried Away

Be short, crisp, and to the point. We know that it is important to communicate the entire story in order to ensure a better understanding of the situation, but try to keep it simple and as abridged as possible. As no interviewer is interested in long answers and by this he or she tends to loose interest.

3) Never Show That You Are High Handed

Persuasion does not mean that you have to be an arrogant or high-handed person who wants everything to move like his way no matter it is wise or not. Make sure, that you pick a situation that shows your persuasion skills instead of depicting that you are a stubborn and mulish person.

List Of Ten Best Responses

Model Situation One

I remember, when I was working as Supervisor for ABC Manufacturing Ltd. there was a situation when we received a notice of an unprecedented audit by a team of government officials the very next day. This meant we had to overtime in order to make everything spic and span. I was delegated the duty to persuade each and every worker to stay back and work. I used my persuasive skills that day and was able to stop almost 90% of the employees.

Model Situation Two

During my last stint as an auditor with ABC Consulting group, I persuaded my senior accounts manager to change the whole setup as well as the accounting software used by the organization currently as it was more beneficial and user-friendly with an ability to generate more reports. Initially, he was really susceptible, but I gave him live demonstrations and quick responses, to persuade him. Finally, he agreed to my suggestion.

Model Situation Three (For Freshers)

Since I am a fresh college graduate, I haven’t worked with any organization till now. Moreover, this is my first job application, But, I remember an instance when in school, I persuaded my parents to choose science as a major instead of commerce even though I had scored superior in commerce subjects. I was able to showcase all my interests and skills in a fluent speech. This way, I was able to convince them of my decision.

Model Situation Four

I worked as a sales executive for ABC sales corporation. There was a point in time when we got the opportunity to acquire a big customer for buying our products. I was given the responsibility by my senior to bring him on board. I accepted the challenge and prepared several effective pointers. The next day, I had a meeting with him, and as prepared just gave a wonderful presentation along with clearing all his doubts confidently. This way, I successfully persuaded him and even got a promotion.

Model Situation Five

My last stint was as an investment manager with ABC Investment bankers. I remember when a cynical senior citizen came to my cabin in order to invest his retirement benefits. I gave him so many options but he neglected them all. Then, I felt the need to up my persuasive skills and come up with new and effective plans. I listened to him, carefully, understood his requirement, and came up with a guaranteed return plan. This time, I gave answers to all his doubts effectively and was finally able to persuade him.

Model Situation Six

I used to go daily to my yoga classes. Once a friend of mine came for a suggestion to relieve his stress and anxiety. I suggested yoga and told him all the benefits that one can achieve. Further, I shared with him, my genuine positive changes. He got convinced and today, we go to yoga classes daily, together.

Model Situation Seven

I was a real estate agent working at ABC Estates INC. My entire work revolved around my effective communication skills, fluency in speech, and persuasion. Almost every day, I used to handle at least 5-6 clients and sell them their dream homes. I was the most successful employee and even got those big trophies and incentives. Hence, I can proudly say that I have superior skills to persuade people into doing something.

Model Situation Eight (For Fresher)

I have been persuading since my childhood. Persuasion has always been my biggest challenge and I have been persuading myself to believe in my abilities and strengths. I was very shy and introverted but loved the sales profile which is quite opposite. Hence, in order to achieve my dream, I used to positive self-talk and feed in me that I am a very brave person, who loves to communicate and express myself. This way I successfully persuaded myself into a better person.

Model Situation Nine

During my previous stint, I was a middle school teacher. There was one kid in my class of 15 students, who was really obscure and opposed to learning new things. I decided that I would try my level best to change his attitude. I used to craft my lectures in a way he is able to understand everything along with others. I even conducted his special doubt sessions and communicated with him effectively. Now, he is a successful engineer.

Model Situation Ten

I remember when the best colleague of mine wanted me to move to the accounts payable section along with him, whereas I was pretty happy with my current profile. It took me several days to persuade him and I expressed in front of him my desire to work with my current profile. I said to him, that I was really happy with my current tasks and don’t want to change. This way I persuaded him and he went alone to the new section.


People say that a person who has the ability to convince and persuade can’t be deceived easily. Rather, through his or her quick-witted responses he or she will be able to generate results as per their own expectations. When appearing for an interview, especially for a sales profile, the preparation for this question becomes a must and inescapable. Hence, one must prepare for it thoroughly and seriously. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know, through the comments section below, how helpful pour articles are for you.


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