Top 21 Special Education Teacher Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

It is widely said that God made us all. True or not, he certainly decided to give some people a special ability, in lieu of a disability. These were henceforth known as special people, having a true heart, beating to teach this cruel world, the power of perseverance and absolute resistance. Their honesty inspired a few noblemen to educate them.

The motive was to make them smarter and let them show their gift to this world, which almost discarded them. The interview sessions of special educators are quite deep and tricky, which requires you to prepare hard and study lots of frequently asked interview questions.

Special Education Teacher Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. What Is Your Understanding Of Intervention Based Action Research?

This question tests your core knowledge of pedagogy and the various researches conducted by the teachers to identify and resolve all the classroom problems.

Sample Answer

Sir, intervention-based action research is a four-phased technique, which is used by the teachers to identify all the classroom problems and issues. The four phases of such research are:

Name of the phaseExplanation
PlanAs the name suggests, in this phase all the classroom problems, which are educational in nature are identified and plans are developed so as to remove them.
ActThe plans developed in the “planning” phase are implemented and suitable actions are taken for their effective execution.
ObserveAfter implementation of the plans, it is necessary to apprise them and consistently monitor their progress. Thus, in this phase, the implemented plans are regularly assessed and evaluated so as to identify all the inconsistencies.
ReflectThe loopholes or issues identified in the “observe” phase are acted upon and are removed following appropriate strategies. Further, these discrepancies are also noted, so as to prevent their re-occurence.

2. Pedagogy and Social Interactions Often Go Hand In Hand. Comment On This Statement.

This question tests your core knowledge of pedagogy and child development.

Sample Answer

Sir, this statement is absolutely true. Social interactions play an important role in the development of a child, as it makes them better listeners, which increases their ability to grasp the concepts. Further, it is an established fact that teachers who prefer to avoid maintaining a social relationship with his or her students, are not able to create a conducive learning environment wherein both the students as well as teachers can sustain, evolve and grow.

3. Differentiate Between Academic Ignorance and Inability To Update Research Source.

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the various issues that impact the quality of teaching.

Sample Answer

Sir, both the concepts look alike but are different in nature and meaning. This is because:

  • Academic ignorance refers to the inability or unwillingness of the teachers to refer to or adopt any new and improved teaching methodology.
  • Inability To Update Research Source shows that teachers are not updating their source materials, and referring to the old research papers, which might be outdated and obsolete.

Both these elements act as a barrier to effective teaching and hamper the progress of the students, ultimately impacting their learning ability.

4. The Role Of A Special Educator Revolves Around Disabled Students That Need Special Care and Attention. Why You Chose To Be A Special Educator, Instead Of A Normal One?

Undoubtedly, the role of a special educator is challenging. At times such teachers might have to resort to alternate teaching methodologies, such as Brailles language or sign language, in order to effectively communicate with the students. Thus, an interviewer wants to know, what prompted you to pick up this role.

Sample Answer

Sir, life is unpredictable and as long as you are residing in your ivory tower, you are just not aware of the issues persisting in the outside world. I remember, when as a teenager, I went with my father to a Blind school, wherein students were studying using the Brailles language. That fascinated me and instantly drew my attention. That vigor never waned, instead, it grew every day, as I got older. Just after completing high school, I was well aware of the fact that I wanted to be a special educator, and successfully completed the course from a reputed college.

5. What Are Semantic Noises? Explain From The Context Of Pedagogy and Effective Communication.

This question tests your knowledge and understanding of the various communication barriers that impact the quality of delivery of lectures.

Sample Answer

Sir, semantic noises are a type of communication barrier in which the audience (students in this instant case) is able to interpret a word in a manner, which leads to meaning, other than what was intended. For example, while teaching Geography, teachers use the word “weed”, which resembles both the unwanted plants as well as a drug. These semantic noises severely impact the quality of lectures, as a teacher is not able to deliver the true meaning or interpretation of any concept.

6. Explain Any Key Concept Of Social Constructivism, Which Is A Theory Developed By Lev Vygotsky.

This question tests your core knowledge of pedagogy and various teaching philosophies or theories.

Sample Answer

Sir, the theory of social constructivism is widely used by teachers so as to improve their classroom performances. It has three major concepts, and I would like to explain Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), which states that students can not grasp any concept or technique that is tough, without obtaining external help. These sturdy concepts can be taught by expert teachers and counselors, who are masters of them and possess requisite specializations.

7. How Interested Are You In Adopting The Various Teaching Techniques?

This question tests your comfort level in respect of technological changes happening in the educational institute that will affect your style of teaching.

Sample Answer

Sir, being a teacher, that too special educator, I am committed to the overall development of my students. Change is the law of nature, and I maintain a very positive attitude towards it. With this world moving at a rapid pace, there are several technological changes in the education sector as well, commonly known as ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Better teaching methodologies lead to ideational clarity and I am very much open to accepting them.

8. Name The Three Major Factors That Influence Clasroom Learning.

This question tests your awareness of the various factors that define the efficiency of classroom teaching.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Socio-economic status of the students
  • Motivation level and
  • Emotional well-being of the students

9. Disabled Students Have Limited Employment Opportunities, and Thus There Is No Need For Them To Study. How Much Do You Agree With This Statement?

This question criticizes your own profession as in the absence of students with special needs, there will be no requirement of the special educators as well. Be specific, and share a response that is crisp and relevant.

Sample Answer

Sir, I feel this statement is quite bizarre besides being baseless. The opportunities for employment are limited for normal students as well then they should also stop learning. In my opinion, given the number of such students and the employment opportunities available, the openings or positions earmarked for them are lying vacant and largely unoccupied. Thus, efforts must be laid to educate more and more of them, so that they can also work, marry and lead a normal life.

10. What Is Your Dream Job?

Dreams are an indispensable part of human lives that not only gives us goals and objectives but also prompts us to toil hard so as to achieve them. However, in this setting and case, an interviewer is requesting you to share all your expectations that you might be having from your employer. For example, it might be your dream to work in a company, which offers regular increments to its employees, every 6 months. It is recommended that you share responses keeping professional conduct in mind.

11. Like Our Students, We Also Hire Teachers That Are Unique and Special. What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot?

This is a tricky interview question, which requires you to share your unique propositions and qualities that give you a competitive edge over the other candidates. To prepare a perfect response, engage in a comprehensive reading of the job description issued to you by your employer and note down all the major requirements of the job. Post this, make sure that your answer covers all those requirements.

12. Routine, Consistency and Regularity Is Not For Everyone. How Do You Motivate Yourself?

It is an established fact that daily routines are hard to follow and have the ability to crush a person in its monotony. To rise from such a mess, a person is always in need of some motivational factors that prompt him or her to work hard and achieve the goals and objectives in a time-bound manner. Thus, an interviewer is always interested in knowing these factors for the purposes of personality evaluation.

13. We Have Lots Of Special Students That Will Require You To Perform Several Tasks In A Day. How Will You Ensure A Timely Delivery?

It is true that teachers, especially special educators, have several tasks and obligations that need to be performed in a single working day. For this, it is necessary that the teachers follow an effective prioritization technique, using which they are able to arrange their tasks for the day in a meaningful order. Most teachers prefer to order their tasks on the basis of the time consumption of each task or on the basis of the difficulty level of the task. Feel free to share your own strategy, but never forget to justify your selection using valid reasons.

14. There Are Several Schools Offering Special Education To These Little Gems. But, Why You Chose Us?

Through this question, an interviewer wants to know your level of seriousness and commitment towards the school you have applied to. The best way to prepare an answer for this question is by browsing the official website of the company and noting down all the relevant facts and details, such as historical facts, achievements, and accomplishments of the company. Add your personal interests to your notes and prepare a well-structured answer.

15. What Are Your Weaknesses As A Special Educator?

This is a common interview question and is asked in almost all the interview sessions held across the world. Your reading of the job description, while preparing an answer for Question 11, will be useful for this question as well. It is recommended that you share those weaknesses that do not conflict with the main requirements of the job. Further, it is true that this question is negative in nature, but do not try to avoid it or handle it diplomatically.

16. How Do You Prefer To Operate – Alone or Individually?

This is a trending interview question, wherein your preferred mode of working is being asked for. As a special educator, you will teach alone while delivering those classroom sessions, but in all the other activities, such as grading of assignments, preparing mock tests, student appraisal, etc. you might have to work in a team, comprising experts and other special educators. Hence, it is recommended that you always choose “team” as your preferred mode of working.

17. Handling Special Students Is Hectic and Might Keep You Hooked Alongwith Requiring You To Be Ever Vigilant. This When Continued Over A Period Of Time Can Lead To Stress. How Will You Manage This Situation?

When dealing with children, stress is a common issue and impacts almost everyone working with them. It is an established fact that a stressed teacher delivers sub-standard performances and is not able to meet the assigned targets. Thus, an interviewer is interested in knowing the various strategies and techniques using which you are able to manage your stress levels.

18. Success is Not Pervasive and Is Hard To Comeby. Sometimes, Despite Giving Our Best, We Fail In Our Efforts. How Do You Manage Your Workplace Failures?

If we go on a mission to find people who never failed, we will only find those, who simply never tried anything in their life. Thus, failure is a common phenomenon and strikes every person in this world. Yet, we humans are still not comfortable dealing with it and buckle up under the pressure. Hence, an interviewer, through this question, requests you to share your strategies, using which you are able to manage your workplace failures.

19. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

It is common for the interviewers to ask about your salary expectation during the interview session itself. It is recommended that you always share your expected annual salary in a “bracket”, like $40,000 – $55,000, which is based on deep and diligent market research of the industry to which you belong. Further, you can always calculate a mean salary and base your answer on it.

20. When Can You Start Working For Us?

This is a non-technical interview question, which simply requires you to share your expected date of start. Be genuine and share the date of start after maintaining at least two days of grace/buffer. Further, this question in no way guarantees your selection. Hence, refrain from interpreting it that way.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Every interview session, be it of an elementary teacher or of a special educator, ends and concludes with this interview question, through which an interviewer wants you to share all your doubts and apprehensions that you might be having in regards to the educational institution. It is recommended that you always attempt this question and ask a few relevant counter-questions from your interviewer. You can always read the model questions mentioned below for a better understanding.

Model Questions

  • What are the various incentives and allowances that are offered by this educational institute to its special educators?
  • Is it possible to pursue a part-time course along with this job, wherein the quality of work performed while being on duty is not affected?
  • Please share a list of all the paid leaves that are offered by the institute to its employees.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (For Special Education Teacher interview):

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