What Do You Like To Do For Fun? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

The answer to this question may seem simple as everyone knows what they do for fun. But, this is the wrong way to perceive this question. This question has the ability to generate responses which can help in conducting a deep evaluation of you. Hence, one must prepare for this question seriously and frame a few model answers for revision purposes.

What Do You Like To Do For Fun

Five Best Ways To Answer This Question

1) Don’t complicate it

Just give a simple answer. They are talking about the activities you like to do for fun and not asking anything about engineering or maybe accounting. Hence, be crisp and to the point.

2) Control Your Emotions

This is one of the most common mistakes that candidates perform. They get carried away and tell their interviewer everything from a mountain hike to scuba diving. Even if you are adventurous and a dare-loving person, just stick to the point and complete your answer in a maximum of 2-3 minutes or 3-4 lines.

3) Don’t Try To Be Smart

Every interviewer loves an honest answer as this helps them to conduct a better evaluation of the candidates. Concocting adventurous stories will not help your cause in any way and you may end up with the tag of being dis-honest, hurting your selection chances adversely.

4) Deliver What Is Expected

Don’t try to divert or deflect your answer. You are asked to answer the things that you like the most to do when you are stressed out and need some entertainment. Don’t reply with the list of activities that you don’t like to do.

5) Don’t Try To Avoid The Question

One must never say that I am a serious person and hates doing things related to entertainment or I am too focussed and absorbed in my work all the time that I don’t have time to engage in activities involving the element of fun.

Ten Latest Answers

Answer No. One

Entertainment is the need of every individual. I am a fun-loving person and always prefer to watch my favorite movies online. This eases my stress and gives me a sense of relief. Also. hanging out with my friends is a common fun activity for me.

Answer No. Two

Cooking is a hobby that gives me a sense of gratification and accomplishment. I prefer it whenever I get a chance. On my weekends, I expect several guests and I prefer cooking for them. Hence, cooking could be my best fun activity.

Answer No. Three

Fun is a part of life, which has the ability to rejoice in you. I personally prefer to play baseball at my nearest club. I have an active membership of it and spend most of my weekends there. Further, I prefer to watch my favorite web series too. I have an active connection with leading OTT platforms.

Answer No. Four

After leading a daily monotonous life one must search for activities involving entertainment and fun. I prefer hanging out with my college friends. We go to our favorite restaurant and have our preferred food and ice creams. This refreshes my mind and now I am ready to work again for five days of the week.

Answer No. Five

Singing is one of my hobbies that I personally prefer to. We have a large family and on weekends we just enter into a karaoke competition. After that, we enjoy our barbecue session. We have all the equipment in place, in order to make our experience a memorable one. This rejuvenates me and gives me enormous energy to perform in the upcoming week for my employer.

Answer No. Six

Entertainment is the need for everyone. I being a family person, loves to spend time with nieces and nephews in order to have some fun and refresh my mind from hectic work schedules. In addition to this, I go for playing badminton and squash with my friends and colleagues.

Answer No. Seven

Being a woman, I love to do shopping. I visit several big malls and grocery stores in order to purchase items of necessity. Roaming and traveling is my way of rejoicing. After a long day of shopping, I prefer to have dinner with my family. These activities contribute towards my favorite fun arenas.

Answer No. Eight

I am an avid book reader. Any book related to fiction or suspense is a must-buy for me. In order to de-stress me and have some fun, I just pick out my latest thriller and start reading it page after page. This is my way of having fun. Further, I love to play sports also, with table tennis my favorite one.

Answer No. Nine

I have two big cycles. I love to ride them. This way, I am able to keep myself in shape as well as have some nice fun. I prefer going to the countryside and ride my bicycle over there. The beautiful scenery completely visible from a bicycle just helps me to get out of my head and makes me relaxed. I also couple the ride with my headphones and listen to my favorite music.

Answer No. Ten

I love food and love to explore new foods in and around the town. On my weekends I just pack my bag and move to the food courts or any latest exhibition related to food in the town. Even the image of food makes my mind calm and after having it I feel surreal. This in my opinion is the best way to have fun. Alongside this, I love to do cooking also, in order to entertain myself.


We all relieve our stress by engaging ourselves in recreational activities giving a sense of joy, pleasure, and fun. An employer just wants to know your honest opinion and your preferences. There are a plethora of activities that are included in the category of fun and your choice reveals a lot about yourself. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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