Top 21 Amazon (Non-Technical) Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers] 

Amazon is a multinational USA-based company that does several businesses and is one of the largest companies in the world in terms of funds, shares, reputation, and business. Amazon is based in the world as an e-commerce website, a digital media streaming platform, and a multinational computer electronics business. Amazon has hired thousands of employees in their business and they work in several sectors from e-commerce to engineers who work for innovation.

To maintain its image and reputation as one of the top leading companies in the world, Amazon hires only those employees to their company who are well and skilled to benefit their business and establish new ideas for the betterment of the company. The interview rounds for any type of job in Amazon include a series of technical and non-technical questions. 

Amazon Non Technical Interview Questions

The Top 21 Interview Questions For Better Results

1. Why do you aspire to work for Amazon? 

Sample Answer

According to me, Amazon is one of the top leading companies in the world and has given job offers to thousands even after the COVID-19 hit. Looking at the growth of the company for the last few years, I have made up my mind to be in a company of dedicated, skilled, and self-reliant people. Amazon would be a great career option for me.

2. Which all sectors does Amazon cover in the world?

Sample Answer

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company. It keeps and sells products from A to Z as mentioned in their tagline. Besides these, Amazon is into cloud computing, media streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, and Machine Learning technology.

3. Do you know that Amazon helps other businesses to grow themselves? If yes, how?

Sample Answer

Amazon has a very wide and large e-commerce market. Amazon offers a great opportunity for other small businesses to display and sell their products on Amazon. This flourishes the markets of little businesses and represents them to the people. Amazon also offers an Affiliate Marketing program which helps people earn through marketing. 

4. What is Amazon’s contribution to the field of entertainment?

Sample Answer

Amazon also offers media consumption and entertainment through Amazon Prime and Amazon Mini TV. Amazon Prime is an affordable platform that requires membership and offers several web series, movies, and videos for entertainment. It has been a big hit for the company. The Amazon Mini TV can be visited through the Amazon application only and it is free to use as of now. 

5. Which all factors have been a big hit for Amazon in the past few years?

Sample Answer

Amazon started as a book-selling company in 1994 and then has been leading the e-commerce market from the start of the internet days. This was a huge bump for the company. It made its name in the initial years and then tried hands over several businesses and succeeded in most of them. 

6. How much does Jeff Bezos inspire you?

Sample Answer

Sir Jeff Bezos was the original mastermind behind Amazon Inc. His turning of dreams into ideas and making use of the right opportunities to grow the company made him the man he is today. Jeff Bezos is one of the most inspiring men in the world today and a big entrepreneur personality.

7. What according to you is a man’s biggest fear?

Sample Answer

I believe that failure is the biggest fear of a man. The more we risk, the more our chances to fail rise. However, it is according to the right planning and use of the right resources, dedication, hard work, and smart work that matters to turn the efforts into success. Amazon is the result of taking risks despite the biggest fears that man has. 

8. How much do communication skills matter in your job?

Sample Answer

Communication is the basic building block of an action that is to be taken. Communication skills influence a lot someone’s plans and ideas because it is the communication itself through which plans and ideas are conveyed to our colleagues. Speaking fluently and all in less simple words make the plan succeed and carries the idea forward. 

9. Where do you want to see yourself in the next few years? 

Sample Answer

I would like to see myself as an employee in Amazon Inc. I wish nothing but success to the company’s future projects and plans. I will try my best in my job hours and make the company proud and I will be so consistently dedicated to my work. As time passes, I will get to learn new things and skills too.

10. Open up about your strengths.

Sample Answer

I can manage time quickly and efficiently. Also, my workload efficiency is nice. I can manage multiple things at a time. I will not boast much but I will try my best in everything I am supposed to do in my job at Amazon Inc. 

11. What are your weaknesses?

Sample Answer

I think being short-tempered is my biggest weakness. I have improved a lot and I will improve more in the coming years of my service to the company as all of us must improve on our weak aspects in life. 

12. What do you know about time management in this job?

Sample Answer

Being an employee in the company comes up with so many responsibilities. As I already said, I can manage time efficiently and quickly. I will try to sort out the work which is tough in the first place and will complete the pending light work smartly and slowly as it does not make the brain overtired.

13. Tell us about your academic scores during your graduation.

Sample Answer

I was quite decent in my studies. I have never failed any subject. I scored the least in Mathematics in my final term because I am quite weak at it and more than average in all other subjects. Also, I got my best score in Computer Programming. 

14. Share an incident where you realized that you should take up this job.

Sample Answer

It was during the time that I have seen all those years that Amazon has been doing extremely well in the business and the company has a big scope and several prospects. I read about Amazon’s success in a book and it inspired me a lot to do well by serving as an employee in Amazon.

15. How will you look at your personal life if you become so dedicated to the job?

Sample Answer

Personal life is another parameter. I will work during my office hours tirelessly and consistently. The rest of the time, I will make for myself unless I get some very hectic work during my job term. 

16. Do you look at Amazon just like a job employee or for making a career?

Sample Answer

Serving for Amazon is my dream and I like to work for what I like. If this becomes my profession too, it will be a very good opportunity for me to do good in my life and make my parents proud. I am not joining Amazon just for a job but as a complete career and I will devote my life to it.

17. Will you abide by all the office rules well and well as you already learned about them?

Sample Answer

I have found nothing wrong with any protocol made by the company. All of them are just for the betterment of the employees and for the company itself. I will abide by whatever my seniors order me and will stick to my grounds.

18. How will you take leaves from work?

Sample Answer

I will not take any leave unless something very urgent in my life comes up. No one can assure that they would take no leave from work but we can control and limit our leaves because it becomes really important as we all are working for a living and just for the betterment of ourselves by taking up new skills and following our passion for the rest of our lives.

19. How will you manage if you find something extremely difficult in your work?

Sample Answer

I will ask my colleagues and discuss the case with my seniors regarding work. I will try to complete it in the best way possible for me and if it is not in my hands, I will learn from the people around me. I will keep no ego because it is only productivity and smart work that matters.

20. Do you believe that this job is difficult for you to pursue?

Sample Answer

I have chosen a career that suits my choices and my interests. I believe that making your passion your profession is also a way to work tirelessly and consistently in any sector that we are involved in. So yes, this job suits my interest and is not at all difficult for me. 

21. Will you work extra in a day?

Sample Answer

I will manage my personal life and professional life very effectively. If something is really important that I cannot miss, I will not miss that pending work and will try to complete it. As I already stated, I will stick to the work and will work extra if it is needed.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (For Amazon (Non-Technical)  interview):

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