Top 21 Amazon Behavioral Interview Questions in 2024 [With Answer]

Amazon is the biggest American e-commerce corporation which was started by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994.  Amazon is one of the best companies to work with as the salary in this company is above average.  It also provides several benefits to its employees.  People can also be themselves in the Amazon workplace. Amazon is a forward-thinking firm that provides you with several opportunities to learn.

Behavioral interview questions are frequently used in employment interviews to assess your problem-solving abilities. Such questions might provide information about your attitude, capabilities, and competencies to the employer.

Amazon Behavioral Interview Questions

The Top 21 Interview Questions To Boost Your Preparation

1. Which of the Amazon leadership principles appeals to you the most?

Sample Answer

Customer passion is the notion that appeals to me the most. My prior jobs have all required me to work with customers, and I understand the importance of placing customers at the center of all we do to succeed.

I know that dissatisfied customers will complain loudly about the poor service they received. I’m also aware that while a satisfied customer may give their advice if asked, a client who has received great service is more inclined to speak up about their experience without prompting.

2.  What activities and resources can help your team, or any team, succeed?

Sample Answer

I believe that committing to working for a common objective is the best way to go about it. Each team member gets a boost from within when they realize and work for a common goal. 

Besides that, assigning everyone a clear and defined function instills a sense of duty and belonging in them. A couple of words of praise and awards go a long way.

3. What makes you enjoy working at Amazon?

Sample Answer

In my perspective, Amazon is the most fascinating and innovative corporation in this modern world. It always prioritizes its customers and isn’t hesitant to experiment and take chances. Nothing appears to be off-limits to them, and I’d love to be a part of such an environment.

4. Share a time you disagreed with your manager and what did you learn from it.

Sample Answer

I had had a disagreement with my manager over the best way to assist a consumer. I spoke to him off the floor instead of questioning his leadership in the presence of everyone. I was forthright and honest in expressing my dissatisfaction with the way he chose to do stuff. 

It was later discovered that there had been a minor misinterpretation. That disagreement taught me the need of speaking with my colleagues to ensure that an obsolete will not become a bigger issue than it ought to be.

5. Tell me about a moment when you attempted something new and failed. What did you take away from that encounter?

Sample answer

I was handling a project for one of our largest clients, and I was so eager to please them that I assured them we would complete the project in two weeks, but it took more than three weeks. This resulted in the client’s displeasure.

As a result of this experience, I’ve improved my ability to manage customer expectations in the projects I manage in the future. For instance, I set the time frame of 3 weeks with the client but I was able to finish it within 2 weeks, which makes the client very happy.

6. When creating a strategic plan, what are the most crucial aspects to consider?

Sample Answer

To achieve a strategic aim, it’s critical to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, possibilities, and dangers. We want to concentrate on ways to increase our sales. For example, we learned that a well-known celebrity routinely used one of our goods and decided to approach them to see if they’d be interested in becoming an ambassador. 

They agreed, which was beneficial because their good name enabled us to achieve our marketing objectives and develop trust in the company and product.

7. Describe a situation in which your communication abilities were put to the test.

Sample Answer

At the time of my internship, I was assigned the duty of managing a company’s social media profile. As the intended audience was those interested in financial markets, it was critical to customize my language and tone to reflect this.

This necessitated a review of financial jargon. My boss was blown away by the level of engagement I was able to accomplish.

8. Everyone has to begin somewhere. Consider a moment when you were brand new to your career and had a lot to learn. How did you pull it off?

Sample Answer

I adore it when I’m a rookie! Learning new things is a thrilling experience. I engaged myself in the numerous wonderful online journals, video presentations, and manuals accessible regarding current trends when I was new to marketing. I continue to do so. In my field, things change quickly, so I make it a point to stay up to date.

9. If you need something from a colleague urgently, but they aren’t replying. What would you do in this situation?

Sample Answer

Occasionally things slip between the gaps. I’d contact my colleague by email or Chat, and if that didn’t help, I’d personally talk with him. If the issue became serious enough to jeopardize the project, I’d seek assistance from a manager.

10. What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?

Sample Answer

Each salesperson at my prior job was given a Christmas sales objective. There was a great deal of stress to grow sales because the company was fighting to stay solvent in such an over-saturated marketplace. Outside of work, I invested effort in being a staff influencer. Using funny sketches, I utilized social networking to market our core product. 

Gradually, I  was able to exceed my sales target and contribute to the firm’s record profit. A salesperson, in my opinion, should trust in the product or items and do everything possible to assist the business to succeed.

11. Have you ever had to make an unpopular decision? Tell me how you dealt with the situation.

Sample Answer

At my former job, I was given responsibility for a project that required me to manage a small group of employees. It was a major project that had the potential to have a significant impact on our clients’ perceptions of the organization, and it had to be completed quickly. 

Unfortunately,  we didn’t have the time to complete the project, and I knew that we would have to do overtime to finish it on time.

Most of my colleagues protested and became resentful of me when I broke the news. Despite their reservations, we completed the project ahead of schedule and gained numerous new clients in the meantime

12. Tell me about a time when you took charge.

Sample Answer

I saw that at my prior job, we need a strong system in place for managing track of customer work. It was all done on a large spreadsheet, which I didn’t think was the ideal system. This is why I set out to discover a project management solution that would work effectively for our team.

 After a month of hunting and trial runs, I finally found the ideal one.  My colleagues and clients were ecstatic when I deployed this system because now we had a more user-friendly platform with an effective UI.

13. Why are you interested in working at Amazon?

Sample answer

At present, I believe you provide an excellent consumer experience from a personal perspective as a buyer and I would want to be a part of such a company. 

Furthermore, working from home is ideal for my current circumstances and everything that has occurred in our world as a consequence of the Covid outbreak. I am focused, eager to learn, and ready to put in long hours, and I would be happy to work at Amazon.

14. Tell me about an instance when you stepped in to assist a coworker with a task.

Sample answer

I admire my coworker’s accomplishments because I admire great performance. In my prior position, I was in charge of data rearrangement for our customers. I assisted a fellow intern who had little knowledge of this procedure and remained after work to ensure she grasped the process.

15. How do you deal with disagreements?

Sample Answer

In most circumstances, I am a good negotiator. I embrace diversity and recognize that individuals hold different viewpoints, which might lead to disagreements. When confronted with a problem, I attempt to work with my colleagues to find a solution that is good for all parties engaged. 

Whenever I try to communicate with myself, I can feel defensive at times. I’m working on strategies to control this habit, such as stopping to breathe normally and thinking about what I’m saying before replying.

16. You come across a co-worker who is stealing. The item has a value of $1. What’s your reaction?

Sample Answer

It is unethical and illegal to steal anything, regardless of its value. It’s also beyond business policy. The problem would have to be resolved, and I’d report it under Amazon’s policies.

Logically speaking, if everyone grabbed low-value things, the entire cost would quickly mount and influence the business’s revenue.

17. Discuss a situation in which you were given a specific amount of time to finish a task.

Sample Answer

At my previous job, we provided various levels of delivering service. That means regularly, I had to prioritize choosing orders to assure that those with confirmed arrival dates were dispatched on time.

To avoid consumer dissatisfaction, I also had to make sure that items that hadn’t been picked and dispatched will be sent on time.

18. Describe a moment when you dealt with a tough circumstance successfully.

Sample Answer

At a sales meeting, my boss had a family problem and had to leave before we could present to the sponsors. When my manager left, I had to complete the presentation with a few notes that he had provided to me. 

I convened a meeting with my four other coworkers, and we all worked together to improve our presentation. We acquired three new contracts and two extensions after pitching to the sponsors.

19. Let’s suppose you’re working on a big project and you’ve become stuck in the weeds. How do you get out of this situation?

Sample Answer

I’ve put in a lot of effort to improve my time management skills, so I’m in decent shape. However, as I was preparing my department’s yearly report, I became overburdened. I was exaggerating since I had too much material to compile. 

I enlisted the support of a few of my coworkers to help me filter and prioritize, and we completed the report successfully.”

20. Explain a moment when you had to go beyond your normal job duties to complete a project.

Sample Answer

In addition to my usual duties, I organized monthly lunches and held meetings to help our advertising staff learn about relevant digital advertising trends.

I asked all my colleagues to provide a list of subjects they were enthusiastic about learning more about and topics they would like to present.

The meetings were attended by all the members, and they have assisted our team in generating new concepts, resulting in a 50% increase in our online content production.

21. Can you explain a situation when you were responsible for many tasks? How did you deal with it?

Sample answer

My colleague went for a new position in the middle of a significant project, and I was left to handle her tasks. It was a major undertaking! I dedicated a day to prioritizing project milestones and creating a timetable to keep everything on schedule. I ended up working a few more hours, but the project was finished on time.

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