Aren’t You Overqualified For This Job (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

The qualification of a candidate plays an important role in deciding his or her success or failure in an interview session. It is quintessential that a person appearing for an interview session has a proper educational background, adequate academic performance, and relevant work experience. The success of an individual in an interview process largely depends upon the assemblage and conflux of your qualifications and your interview preparation. Rest all the things are secondary, but in a cut-throat environment, plays an important role.

This question is tricky at its best and has the ability to unsettle your nerves or even amaze you. A veteran interviewer is always a psychological expert possessing a knack for playing with your mind and manipulating your critical thinking ability. This question, to the underprepared, can give waves of joy and enthusiasm and while riding high in that wave, they can easily lose their focus and determination, ending up with a sub-par or inferior interview performance. Hence, it is always crucial to hold your nerves and always study the sample answers.

Arent You Overqualified For This Job

Three Effective Tips For Answering This Question

1) Control Your Emotions

Candidates feel that interview sessions are just another mocking, embarrassing, or even teasing opportunity, allocated to an interviewer. When candidates with such a mindset, get acquainted with this particular question, this suddenly gives them immense enthusiasm and joy, that they lose their self-control. They feel, that since they are overqualified for this job, there are bright chances, that they will be most probably selected. However, this notion represents an utter understanding of this question, whose primary motive is to check your nature, personality, and mindset.

2) Keep Your Rationale

While you might feel that stating or responding that you are not overqualified rather fully qualified for this job, might seem to degrade yourself or settle on a lower proposition. But, the truth is, when you do this, you tend to put on display your humble and kind nature, along with showcasing your persuasion skills. Hence, frame a logical and well-structured answer, after considering the official job description offered to you by your employer.

3) Never Respond In This Manner

This question might make you feel like a king. Even the most prepared candidates, tend to get a sense of superiority, and they at least smile cheekily. If you too are overwhelmed with this feeling, then you might respond in the following manner,

  • Yes I am overqualified, but I am humble enough, to limit myself to this job.
  • It is true, I have rich background and superior work experience. I believe, this would fetch me extra bucks in salary.
  • You got that right, sir. I have an exceptional academic record and highy valuable work exprience. I am sure, you will not let an asset like me to go away.

Responding in such a manner, not only displays your arrogance and haughty attitude but also shows your level of respect towards the interviewer and the whole setup. Beware to answer in such a language, or be ready to face an immediate rejection, without any chance of explanation or clarification.

Ten Best Sample Answers

Sample Answer One

Sir, I believe, I am most perfectly matched and relevant for this job. This conclusion of mine is based on extensive research of the job description and requirements. My educational background as well my work experience is absolutely similar to what is demanded by the organization in the advertisement issued for the vacancy. Moreover, if you feel I am overqualified, let it be, I will never mind.

Sample Answer Two

Not at all, sir. The best term to represent my candidature should be completely qualified, rather than using the term overqualified. I have experience of 3 years in a similar profile, wherein I served a reputed business organization just like yours. I feel I have the ability and a correct mindset, to serve the company and gradually but accurately, become an asset for the organization.

Sample Answer Three

There is a high chance that you might feel I am overqualified. It is true that the education, I pursued from a reputed institution was excellent and I have all the necessary certifications. But, I believe, I do not have the practical exposure needed to succeed in the profession, on a ground level. I do not consider myself an expert in the field, but I do have a strong theoretical foundation, which coupled with practical exposures, can help me to contribute to the organization, with high standards.

Sample Answer Four

I with utmost command at my strength declare that the case represented by you is not at all true and I believe I am a perfectly qualified candidate for his job, rather than overqualified. I have the ability to solve problems, issues and unmatched skill of persuasion along with a go-getter attitude. This along with my practical exposure of 3 years, would enable me to serve this organization with all my zeal and passion.

Sample Answer Five (For Freshers)

I believe you’re asking this question, based on my educational and academic performance. Being a veteran interviewer, it would be too naive of me to share with you the importance of practical understanding and relevant pragmatic exposure. Hence, I request you to term me as an educationally qualified candidate instead of terming me as overqualified, as this would better put my abilities and facts on the table.

Sample Answer Six

This might appear on the paper., but practically I am the most suitable candidate for this job. I have conducted extensive research of the available job opportunity by scrutinizing the job description as well as the advertisement issued by the HR manager. Post this, I can definitely conclude that I am a perfect match for the vacancy, and instead of being an overqualified candidate, I am a perfectly qualified candidate for this job.

Sample Answer Seven

In my humble and honest opinion, I do not feel that way. I indeed have an excellent academic record as well as relevant work experience, but I think, this is the nature of the requirement of the organization, in the context of this vacancy. I indeed have a few additional certifications, but since I do not have practical exposure in those areas, I believe, those should not be considered fully. Be assured, I have the requisite knowledge and skillset which is being demanded and sought by the organization for this position.

Sample Answer Eight

Well, that might be true and convincing when you analyze the resume alone, but I believe, the challenging nature of this job, makes everyone unworthy of it. Upon scrutinizing the job description, I believe, this job is unique and commands some unique abilities from a candidate. Those skills can only be acquired through practical working, and in my humble opinion, our theoretical knowledge would have little relevance. Since I have executed similar projects in the recent past, I consider myself perfect for this vacancy instead of being termed as overqualified.

Sample Answer Nine

I would answer negatively. I believe, I am fully qualified for this job instead of being overqualified, as I have complete knowledge, skills, and awareness of executing the tasks mentioned in the job description. In addition to this, I am a positive person with a go-getter attitude, always willing to serve the organization with my passion, perseverance, and zeal. Looking forward to kicking start.

Sample Answer Ten

Not at all sir, I believe, you got that entirely wrong. I am not degrading myself, but I believe, I not overqualified for this job, rather simply qualified. I have the ability to help the organization thrive and survive tough economic periods, with my extensive economic knowledge and proven work experience. Being an institution of repute, I really want to be a part of your workforce, and contribute with all my skills and might.


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