Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified for This Position? [With 10 Sample Interview Answers]

In an interview, you will face these questions that the employers ask to see if you are qualified enough to be hired for a particular role in a company. Employers want to hire the best candidate who has all the relevant skills like resilience, adaptability, communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team, etc. You will need to prove to the employer that you are an ideal candidate for the job, so comes the need to prepare to answer such questions in an interview.

Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified for This Position

Why Do Employers Ask this Question?

  1. The employers look for a candidate who can do the work and deliver results, a candidate who can put their words into action.
  2. To gauge your skills.
  3. To see what you consider your strengths.
  4. To see how you sell and pitch yourself in the interview.
  5. To hire the best possible person for the job.

How to Answer This Question?

Pay attention to the company’s needs

The key to answering this question is to identify what is the requirement of the job and what a company is looking in for a candidate. The idea is to direct your answer towards the company’s needs to be able to impress the potential employer. Give an answer that demonstrates that you are the best suitable candidate who can do everything listed in the job description and even more.

Demonstrate your skills and strengths

The ultimate aim of asking a candidate this question is to see his abilities and skills. Align your skills and strengths that can demonstrate your personality and traits and even your experience with the job requirements written in the job description. Focus on demonstrating what values and qualities you are bringing to the role in the company and how will it help the employer.

Share your experience

Talk to the employer about how you have the most experience and how you are aware of the duties and the responsibilities of this role. Show that you are passionate enough to be hired for this job. Share your ideas that you have and experiences that you’ve had that you can contribute to the position and the company. Even, if you are a newcomer to the work industry then display what your educational background and internship experience can bring to this position.  

Consider these three things and you are good to go. Make a note that you don’t talk negatively about the other candidate, like things you can do and he cannot, this puts a really bad impression in an interview and the employer might not consider you for the position if you do that. Focus on responding naturally and with confidence. Show how you are unique and how you can stand out from other job applicants.

Sample Interview Answers

Sample Interview Answer 1

“I believe that I am qualified for this position because I am at a very initial stage of my career and my brain is flooded with fresh ideas as I have an outlook and perception about how certain things should work and how can we adapt to the new technologies quickly in effect which will bring a lot of value to this company. I have been a technology enthusiast since I was a teen and I am very curious to work and learn new things and have this corporate experience through working with your company.”

Sample Interview Answer 2

Being a part of this field for so long, I have developed a great skill-set that will help me and this organization work effectively and efficiently. What makes me qualified enough is I have worked as a marketing manager in my previous job, I have developed my negotiation skills, conflict management skills, and I have put all my effort in my last job to be able to convert as many audiences into customers as possible. I have been part of big projects and I applied for this job at a non-profit organization because I felt I belonged somewhere greater and I can help you make a change that you are working towards.”

Sample Interview Answer 3

“I chose Human Resource Management as my major because I knew I had in me what it takes to be. I knew how to judge a person to be able to hire the right candidate for the right job. I have put 3 years of my life studying all about this field thoroughly. The initial 2 years were my majors and the last 1 year I have spent working under a Human Resource Manager to learn and gain practical knowledge of the same. This is why I consider myself to qualified for this position and I really look forward to being a part of this company as an HR.”

Sample Interview Answer 4

“I have been a part of the fashion industry for 2 years and I know ins and outs of how fashion works these days. I know exactly what the clients are looking for and I have so many new creations already ready to be launched and I always looked for a bigger platform as I see my designs worth something bigger than owning just a boutique. I believe what makes me qualified for this position is my passion and my approach to think creatively and create innovative designs. I know I would bring real value to your company if you give me this opportunity.”

Sample Interview Answer 5

“I have been preparing myself for this job for a long time. I am aware of the fact that you want to hire the best possible candidate for this job and I believe I am qualified and serious about this job. I am planning to contribute my skills to this company on a long-term basis. I am not experienced in all the things that are mentioned in the job requirement, but I am a fast learner and I am motivated enough to become a part of this company.”

Sample Interview Answer 6

“I make a great manager. I love working with numbers and I am a very calculative person in general. I believe I am the perfect fit for this job as I know all about finances. I also adapt to new work environments easily. I have completed many certification courses from Udemy and Coursera on trading and investment, I have managed several clients and I believe that I have what it takes to do this job.”

Sample Interview Answer 7

“To be honest, I do not think I am qualified enough for this role right now because I am a newcomer and I know nothing about working in a corporate environment between so many employees. But I do believe that I am qualified enough to learn and get trained to bring out the best possible in me. I do lack some qualities and experience but I bring certain skill sets to this job that is enough for me to do this job. I have heard about your training sessions that you give to your new employees and I think I can learn all that I lack during that.”

Sample Interview Answer 8

“I have been researching about your company and this industry for a long time. I am so thrilled to secure a place in this interview session, I work so hard for it. This programming job matches all my technical skills well. I believe I should be hired for this job because I am qualified enough to handle algorithms and codes. I have worked as a freelancer till I got this interview and I can tell you I have the relevant skills and experience to be part of this company, I know how to get things done within the given deadline and I can work efficiently even under pressure.”

Sample Interview Answer 9

“I believe I am the most qualified person for this position because I have worked in this field for 16 years now. I have so much experience and insight to share with the people and contribute my knowledge so that they can take better business decisions. I think I am the best person you can hire for a consultant job. Being a senior, I know I will get to learn a lot from the fresh talent if I get to work with your company and this is why I consider this to be a perfect opportunity to share my skills and expertise.”

Sample Interview Answer 10

“I am a Ph.D. in research in macroeconomics. I have been in this teaching field for more than 5 years. I used to teach at the university level and I recently moved to this city. Not only at the university level but I also used to take private coaching and tutoring session. I am well-versed with technology, I know how to take meetings and classrooms through webinars and online lectures. I am passionate and dedicated to teaching and I can’t let this wonderful opportunity to teach my favorite subject to the students of this college. I believe I have a better perspective on how to share practical knowledge with the students.”



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