What Makes You A Good Candidate For This Position? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interview session is nothing but a test of the confidence level, personality, and an evaluation of the beliefs or faith that a person possesses in oneself. It is for this reason that this question appears in almost all the interview sessions held across the world no matter the nature or stature of the job advertised. This question requires a candidate to list a few abilities, attributes, and qualities in him or her, that make him a unique and perfect match for the vacancy sough to be filled. This question also lays an active emphasis on your body language, and hence, Pepmycareer recommends that you maintain it at all times.

Considering the frequency and importance of this interview question, a candidate must prepare for this question sincerely by studying and reading the tips as well as sample answers.

What Makes You A Good Candidate For This Position

Tips For Effectively Answering This Interview Question

1) Read The Job Description Analytically

The best and foremost method to prepare for this interview question lies in the complete understanding and examination of the job description that has been issued to you by your employer. By reading it and having a complete insight into it, you will be able to frame your answer and gain knowledge about the key attributes that the employer is expecting from an ideal candidate for this position.

2) List Your Achievements

If it is a position related to administration, highlight your computer skills, or if it is related to marketing, highlight your creativity. This is the best way to answer this question which would not only impress your interviewer but also enable him or her to create a positive opinion about yourself. Hence, Prepmycareer recommends that you always include in your answer the core achievements of yours, which cannot be avoided at any cost.

3) Be Aggressive But In A Limit

Through this interview question, you are basically selling your skills, knowledge, and ability to your interviewer. Hence, think like a salesperson and use a moderately aggressive tone while answering this question. Further, you are also expected to deliver your answer in an attractive manner, which looks both logical as well as engaging for your interviewer.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study and Evaluate

Sample Answer One (General Answer – Suitable For All Positions)

Sir, I have gone through the job description and have understood the tasks and duties that have to be executed as a part of this vacancy. Considering and understanding it, I believe, I have the ability as well as capacity to execute all those tasks relying on my work experience and academic qualification. Further, being a committed and loyal employee of an organization, I consider myself to be the perfect match for this vacancy.

Sample Answer Two (General Answer – Suitable For All Positions)

My work experience and my educational qualifications make me an ideal candidate for this vacancy. I have done similar duties and executed identical tasks during my previous tenure while working for a reputed organization for almost 4 years. This along with my extended ability to work efficiently during stressful working conditions and environments makes me a perfect match for this vacancy. Once hired, I would not let the organization down and would even prove to be an asset for the organization.

Sample Answer Three (Position – Marketing)

After going through the description of the job and the duties to be performed, I believe, I am the perfect candidate who can perform the tasks mentioned with ease and supremacy. I am doing similar tasks related to digital marketing for almost 3 years now, and have developed a supreme sense of designing impactful as well as cost-effective advertising campaigns. Further, I have complete knowledge of the demographics and consumer tools that are almost a compulsion in this type of vacancy.

Sample Answer Four (Position – Administration)

Since this job is related to the clerical duties to be performed along with administration and management of the entire office, I believe, considering my skillset and past abilities, I am a perfect match for this vacancy. I have even undergone a six-month MS Office and other utility software training course wherein I was taught about all sorts of tricks, techniques, and keyboard shortcuts. This course along with my similar past work experience would enable me to execute all the tasks and duties in an efficient and time-bound manner.

Sample Answer Five (Position – Accounting and Finance)

Sir, this position is related to accounting and finance, of which I have a wide experience and knowledge. I am a qualified chartered accountant and have even undergone extensive training in relation to the Financial markets and ancillary stock exchanges. Further, I am a person aware of almost all the accounting systems, with a wide grip on Busy, Tally, Zoho Accounts, and Xero. Being a smart, diligent, and hard-working individual I have all reasons to believe that I am a perfect match for this vacancy.

Sample Answer Six (Position – Medical Professional )

The most important thing in the field of medicine is accuracy and precision. I am fortunate enough to say that, I am a person who always maintains a high level of commitment and determination while attending to my patients. I am a post-graduate medical professional with rich experience in a variety of medical fields related to radiology. I can perform almost all types of scans, including the typical and risky scans of the scrotum and spine. This along with my proven track record of being a doctor, I consider myself to be an excellent candidate for this position, who can contribute with all my knowledge, skills, and passion.

Sample Answer Seven (Position – Content Writer )

With a developed sense of writing and the existence of a lucid artistic flow, which is the result of years of hard work and perseverance, I assume and consider myself to be a perfect match for this vacancy. I have worked with leading publishing houses and prominent online websites, as their lead content writer and have even produced hundreds of literary pieces that are informative and serving millions of people. Being a post-graduate degree holder, and a loyal attitude with an extended ability to generate ideas and thoughts, I consider myself perfect for this vacancy.

Sample Answer Eight (Position – Civil Engineer)

With more than 10 years of construction experience and a stronghold on a variety of complex structures such as dams, bridges, and highways, I am a person who is completely fluid and possesses a deep knowledge of all the civil structures and key construction techniques. During my previous tenure, I was working on an innovative project and have even managed it from the scratch. This has increased my grip on the core profile and has even enhanced my knowledge and imagination. Now, I can design, supervise and enable the construction of all the types of civil structures, which is the basic requirement for this vacancy, thus making me a perfect candidate for this job.

Sample Answer Nine (Position – Teacher)

Sir, I am a trained graduate teacher with a collective teaching experience of more than 6 years. I am an expert in my core field and have even won several accolades for it. I have developed a unique way of teaching students, through which I am able to fetch good results and high grades for all my students. I focus on each and every key aspect while teaching and never become lazy or lethargic while delivering a lecture. I have complete knowledge of all the modern teaching procedures including the organization and handling of smart classes. Considering all the facts, I consider myself to be an ideal candidate for this position.

Sample Answer Ten (Position – Information Technology Executive)

Being an information technology engineer from a reputed overseas institution and subsequent MBA qualification, with a collective work experience of more than 6 years, I assume and consider myself to be a perfect match for this job opening. I am a hardworking and preserving individual, who has an excellent grip and knowledge of the coding principles and extra-ordinary knowledge of the prominent Python programming language. Further, I have a superior knowledge of networking and stack development which gives me an edge over other candidates.


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