Describe a Situation in Which You didn’t Get Something You Felt You Deserved? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

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Describe a Situation in Which You didnt Get Something You Felt You Deserved

Sample Answers

Sample Answer 1

Before this I worked for XYZ LTD. for it being a big company, I had to start from the lowest spot and make my way to the top. So, I was stuck making excel and presentations, the work was monotonous and disinteresting, it didn’t help me grow in any way or form, neither was it a challenge but I had to do what I had to. I worked hard did overtime and invested myself completely in my work did whatever I could to showcase my capabilities and creativity. However come a time of promotion they gave it to someone who never did any real work, all they did was sweet talk the managers. It could be that I am and my opinion of them may be biased but that’s what I feel. I put the issue up with the managers but it was a little past the time to bring such a thing up. So, here I am trying for another place where I can probably be able to do my best and be appreciated for it.

Sample Answer 2

I experienced this when I was applying to university. I tried my best to get into the top university in the country. I wrote an outstanding essay, at least from my standards at that time, my GPA was also good, I met all the eligibility criteria. Even my interview went flawlessly, I thought I impressed one of the committee members. I was almost certain that I would get the seat in the university and even felt that I deserved it. However I couldn’t get in, there must have been other students that worked harder than me and got in. I was devastated for quite a bit but then I picked myself up got in at another university. In the end, it turned out fine, as I met some really good people there and learned a lot.

Sample Answer 3

The only example I can think of is from my personal life. Once, a couple of years ago, there was this girl, whom I really liked. I tried my best to start a relationship with her I was persistent, I kept sending her presents, asked her out a couple of times, made a good connection with her parents. She, however, turned me down because she was trying to focus on her career and studies and stuff. It didn’t keep me away, I thought I’ll be there till she’s ready for a relationship, but she ended up choosing another guy over me. It had me in the dumps for a while but then I found my current partner and now I am in a happy and healthy relationship.

Sample Answer 4

To be honest I can not recall any such situation off the top of my head. I believe that if there’s something I wanted and didn’t get, it was probably because I didn’t try hard enough. Yes, I know that there are external factors that affect outcomes of things in the world, it’s not just about trying hard. However, that’s the game of merit you have to be that good that you shine above all external factors. Plus, I see no point in dwelling in the past, it is only to learn from, and our complete focus should be on what is and what is to come.

Sample Answer 5

I feel I deserved more recognition from my past manager. I worked hard, my work was always before the deadlines, I came up with innovative ideas and due to me, our company was able to not a lot but a substantial amount. Even though I did so much, and worked so hard I never even received a verbal comment of appreciation from the man, let alone a promotion or a raise. I personally think all employees deserve recognition from their superiors, even if it’s just a verbal comment. Firstly, it is a reasonable thing to want. Secondly, If someone who poured some amount of energy into something, if not given recognition might get demotivated, or if like me, might breed contempt towards his superiors. I do not count this as a weakness of mine as it is a need for someone who lives in a social environment, and that’s the reason I am applying for a job here.

Sample answer 6

Honestly speaking I am grateful to be born in a well off family, to be able to pursue the career of my choice, to always eat my fill, to get a good education, to never have suffered from a severe disease or a heartbreak. I feel like I got more than I deserved in life. I mean I didn’t do anything to get what I got. hence, nothing minute has ever had me down. Even a failure of something never made an impact on my mental health, they have been nothing more than a few chances to learn about life better. So, I do not think I’ve ever felt like there have been times when I got less than what I deserved, all I know is the feeling of getting more than I deserved.

Sample Answer 7

I really think that I deserved better grades in my school time. As I always came up with innovative answers and different ways to look at things. This attitude was something my teachers never respected they wanted what was written in the book and I gave them what I thought and felt. They were always angry and made me look like the worst student in the class where I was just doing what I thought was right. I think my creative spirit and innovative ideas will be respected here and that’s the sole reason I am applying for the job.

Sample Answer 8

How can I deserve something I didn’t work hard enough for? and how did I not get something I worked my soul out for. I am a firm believer that there is nothing that you can deserve and not get. I am however aware that the world we live in is an unfair one. Still, if you know there is something you need or want and you work for it and are aware that the world is unfair, you have to work so hard that they can not ignore you. So, no I’ve never had instances like that and probably never will. Don’t peg me as arrogant, I am just saying what I think about the matter. It’s not that I’ve not had failures in life, I have, but I knew in the back of my head how they could’ve been prevented and where were the things that I slacked off on.

Sample Answer 9

It’s life and there are many things that are out of our control and that we can do nothing about. Hence, I have had instances like that many times and probably will have many more because life is everything but fair. However, I don’t really look forward to instances like these. I just give my all to whatever task I’ve to do and then leave it all on fate. The results are going to be in my favour most time as I worked to the extent of my capabilities every time but not all the time. So, I’ve learned to not get devastated by such happenings and try and examine what could I’ve done to had the result come different.

Sample Answer 10

I actually had an instance like this in my school time, and it left an impression. I had a teacher I really liked she was sweet and really nice to me always. hence, as a result, I always listened to her and paid attention in her class. Came the time of the parent-teacher meet, I was really excited for my mother to meet my teacher as I thought she might praise me and it will make me look good in front of my mother. However, that’s not what happened she based me in front of my parents she said even though I didn’t pay attention and I spaced out in between classes and wasn’t scoring very good. I do agree with the not scoring very good as I wasn’t very keen about studies in my childhood but the rest was just hurtful and I thought I deserved better there.

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