What Do You Know About Our Company? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interview is a set of inter-related interview questions that test your personality, attitude, and perception. Some of these questions pertain to your core educational qualification and some are simply common questions that are asked in almost all the interview sessions held across the world. This is one such common question, which requires you to tell all the facts and information that you might be having in regards to the company. This articles

Every question of an interview session matters in this world marred by some fierce competition. This article aims to cover this question exhaustively and gives you a step-by-step guide and ten best sample answers to answer this question, which will certainly improve your level of imagination, thinking, and ultimately performance.

What Do You Know About Our Company

Step By Step Guide To Answer This Question

This is a common interview question and is asked by several business organizations in their interview sessions. Thus, it is necessary to prepare sincerely and seriously for it. Below is a step-by-step guide that breaks the procedure for answering this question into several steps:

Step I: Browse The Official Website

Every business organization operates and maintains its official website, which contains all the relevant information that is related to the company. As a first step, you are requested to search and browse the correct official website of the company. Post this, you will witness different pieces of information on different web pages, such as:

  • On Home Page: On this web page of a company, you will certainly see all the latest developments and happenings that are related to the company.
  • About Us: Tap on the “about us” section and you will certainly see a lot of historical information that is related to the company. For example, it will contain the year when the company started its operations, the number of employees, information related to the founder, the success story, and all the milestones achieved in the journey towards excellence.
  • Why Us: This is another important section on the official website of a company. This section consists of all the achievements and accomplishments of a company. In addition to this, it will consist of information that would be appealing in nature and would list out all the major facilities and amenities that the company offers to its employees.

Step II: Note Down The Relevant Information

During your browsing session, you are requested to note down the following information:

  • The year when the company began its operations
  • The name of the founder of the company
  • Place where the headquarters of the company is situated
  • The various milestones that the company has achieved in its journey
  • The various facilities and resources that the company offers to its employees

Step III: Read Reviews Posted By The Ex-/Current Employees Of The Company

In order to complete your preparation, it is necessary to read about the company, that are posted the ex-employees and the correct serving employees of the company. By doing this, you will be able to understand and know all the inside stories of the company that is not displayed on the website. An honest and positive review will help you to gain a lot of knowledge about the company that can be used to frame a good answer.

Step IV: Compile The Collected Information

Whatever you have noted this far, you are requested to compile it. Then, select the vital and best information from your compilation. Use this information and prepare a well-structured answer for this interview question.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Being in the business for the past two decades, the company has established quite a name for itself in the market. The company started its operations way back in 19XX when the founder of the company, Mr. XYZ, revolutionized the entire agriculture market by offering the best quality products and services. Since then the company has grown tremendously in size and now operates in more than 45 nations.

Sample Answer Two

The company is a well-renowned brand in the market and almost all people are aware of the company through its logo, which is a mark of quality and assurance. The company enjoys a wider market share and is perceived to be in the pole position. There are more than 4,000 employees that call this company as there office. Further, the company keeps its employees satisfied and content by offering several amenities and incentives.

Sample Answer Three

The company is in business for the past 40 years and manages an overall workforce of more than 20,000 employees. It operates in multiple nations and has offices in Los Angeles, California, Paris, London and New Delhi. The company is pretty much inclined towards its social responsibilities and runs several fully-functional orphanage houses in third world countries of the world. Moreover, the company is listed on the stock exchange and maintains a healthy profitability ratio

Sample Answer Four

Being a Silicon Valley company, this business organization is highly successful and is an office to more than 45,000 employees that work and contribute towards the success of the company from different parts of the world. This company is known for extending some lucrative benefits and incentives to its employees, along with maintaining high standards for client satisfaction.

Sample Answer Five

With headquarters situated in Mumbai, India, and operations spread across the world, this company has made rapid progress in the past few years. The products of the company are now well recognized in the market and thus, it also enjoys a healthy market share. This company was founded by Mr. XYZ in the year 19XX and has remained profitable since then.

Sample Answer Six

This company was founded in the year 19XX and is an established brand in the domestic as well as international market. The company believes in the policy of popularity through endorsements and was among the few early companies that displayed their advertisements using television broadcasting. The company also maintains a healthy workforce and recently it enjoyed its highest ever quarterly profit.

Sample Answer Seven

With operations spread in multiple industries and sectors, such as finance, construction, and aviation, this company is a household name and almost everyone in this country knows about its products. The company is trusted in the general public and all the people prefer to use its products. The company is highly profitable and possesses a workforce of more than 3,500 employees. Moreover, the company is planning to go global and has also submitted papers with the regulatory authority to raise funds through an initial public offer.

Sample Answer Eight

This company was started in the year 20XX and in a small span of time, it has established itself as a major brand in the market due to its high-quality products and strategic business marketing. The company has more than 1,500 employees and has its headquarters situated in Manila, Philippines. The company is primarily into exports and is able to sell its entire output in the European markets. The company maintains a high gross margin ratio and thus, was able to break even in the first year itself.

Sample Answer Nine

The company has its headquarters situated in Paris and is a listed entity on both the London stock exchange and NASDAQ. Primarily, the company is into the fashion trade and it designs, conceptualizes, and manufactures men’s garments and fashion apparel. The products of the company are widely appreciated world over and it maintains an effective dealer network. Moreover, this company has recently launched a green initiative wherein it has committed to planting more than 500,000 trees across the world.

Sample Answer Ten

With a high level of professionalism in its operations and delivery of perfect services to its customers, this company is rated highly in the entire market and is hailed as a mark of trust. The company prefers to innovate regularly and invests heavily in Research and Development facilities. The products of the company cater to the middle-income population and a high volume, low-profit margin strategy is adopted. This company is also expanding its business and aims to enter into the real estate sector as well.


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