Top 21 Talent Plus Interview Questions In 2024

With the combined efforts of Dr. William E. Hall, Kimberly Rath, Doug Rath, and Sandy Maxwell, Talent Plus was set up in the year 1989 as a human resource consulting organization. The company following its objectives and capitalizing upon its visions has covered the long journey of almost three decades with grace and precision.

The primary purpose of the company is to identify real talent for their corporate clients using tailored recruiting, academics, assessments, and other modern techniques. Moreover, Talent Plus also provides technical training to job seekers so as to augment their skillsets and makes them employable.

Presently, the business of the company is spread across 20 countries, wherein it serves more than 400 clients. The company maintains its headquarters in Nebraska, U. S. A and also has a global office in Singapore.

Working with such a highly professional and profitable company is a dream that many job seekers see. If you too wish to be a part of their success story, along with getting all those lucrative benefits, just work hard and revise all the frequently asked interview questions.

Talent Plus Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. Why is It Necessary To Train Employees? Don’t You Think Employee Training Leads To Unnecessary Expenditure Considering The Fact That Employees Can Learn While Being On The Job?

Talent plus extends training services to its clients wherein they train the human resources as per their expectations. In an ideal response, just present arguments in favor of the importance of job training.

Sample Answer

Sir, employee training is a critical process and can not be avoided at any cost. Barring a few lower-level positions, which are completely repetitive and clerical in nature, the employees working at all the other job positions must be properly trained as per the needs of the job role. Otherwise, the company would see its process quality getting deteriorated besides experiencing customer dissatisfaction.

2. What Are The Various Contents Of A Job Description?

Talent Plus is an HR firm, and you will certainly be preparing lots of job descriptions while working for it. Thus, an interviewer tests your knowledge in this regard.

Sample Answer

Sir, A good job description must cover the following aspects:

  • The title of the job
  • The purpose of the opening
  • The roles, responsibilities, and duties to be performed in the job
  • The minimum and preferred qualifications
  • The working conditions avilable
  • The compensation offered (both monthly remuneration and incentives)

3. Several of Our Clients Complain About Conflicts Among Their Workforce. Can You Share Some Common Issues?

Talent plus besides recruitment of the human resources also extends consultancy services to its clients. Through this question, an interviewer wants to know about the common reasons for disputes among the workforce.

Sample Answer

Sir, conflicts arise among the employees due to several reasons, such as:

  • Poor understanding of the job roles
  • Inadequate training imparted to employees
  • Harassment, and teasing at the workfloor
  • Improper management and leadership style, etc.

4. What Do You Know About “Employee Motivation”? Can You Share Some Non-Monetary Ways To Motivate Them?

This question tests your understanding of the different facets of employee psychology.

Sample Answer

Sir, employee motivation simply refers to the different processes that encourage an employee to deliver a better performance. While the monetary measures work best, there are still several non-monetary incentives, that can motivate employees, which are:

  • Recognition
  • Rewards, like accolades and trophies
  • Family Vacations
  • Gifts, vouchers or coupons, etc.

5. What Are The Different Methods Using Which The Employees Can Be Trained?

This question tests your understanding of the various employee training processes.

Sample Answer

Sir, These are:

  • Case studies
  • Group lectures, discussions, and activities
  • Simulation training
  • Roleplaying, etc.

6. Share Some Best HR Software That Are Widely Used In Our Industry.

This question tests how much you know about the different software used in the recruitment and training industry.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, These are:

  • Bamboo HR
  • SAP Success Factors
  • Workday
  • Gusto, etc.

7. What Are The Different Solutions That We Extend To Our Clients?

This question tests your awareness of the processes and functions carried out by the company.

Sample Answer

Sir, the company is in the field of human resource consulting and offers several solutions, such as:

  • Selection: Talented, intellectual, and persevering human resources are hired using scientifically developed assessments and recruitment processes
  • Development: The technical, and soft skills of the employees are developed through curated courses and training sessions
  • Analytics: The performance of the corporate employees are appropriately measured on a periodic basis using performance appraisal systems and the technique of benchmarking

8. The Technological Advancements In The Corporate Sector Are Moving On At A Rapid Pace With More and More Business Processes Getting Automated. Don’t You Think Our Existence Is In Danger?

This is a tricky interview question that tests your intellectual ability by putting you in a negative frame of mind. To give a perfect reply, just be optimistic and defend the existence of Talent Plus using reasonable logic and arguments.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my humble opinion, the existence of every business always hangs by a thin thread. The competition from rivals, changes in government policies, consumer preferences, and technological advancements, pose a challenge for every business and force them to innovate.

Human resources are like the engines of a machine, known as a Business Organization, and no matter how much you automate, there will still be huge scope for humans to work in companies.

Hence, as per my understanding, automation creates several ancillary and associated jobs, which in turn, will improve the prospects of the company.

9. What Is The Program Of “Executive Coaching” That We Organize For Our Clients?

This question tests whether or not are you aware of all the services offered by the company to its clients.

Sample Answer

Sir, Talent Plus offers a six-month-long executive coaching program, which is spread over twelve different sessions. The primary objective of this program is to inculcate leadership skills among the corporate employees and maximize their potential. Further, this program is also tailored and customized as per the requirements of the clients of the company so as to gain maximum productivity.

10. Our Services Rely Upon Four Core Managerial Functions. Are You Aware Of Them?

This question tests your textbook knowledge associated with the principles of management and the core managerial functions.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, the scope of every HR firm is defined by these four core functions, which are:

Name of the Managerial FunctionExplanation
PlanningStrategies, plans, and techniques are developed to hire the right human resources for the business organizations, based on their needs and requirements.
OrganizingA favorable or conducive work environment is created so that the employees are able to perform to the best of their abilities
Controlling The performance of the employees are regularly monitored and plans are developed to:
1) Reward the performing employees
2) Improve the performance of underperforming employees
StaffingThe needs are comprehensively understood and appropriate job descriptions are prepared

11. What Is The Approach Of The Company?

This question tests how much you know about the approach, visions, and objectives of Talent Plus.

Sample Answer

Sir, the company follows a pragmatic R. E. A. L approach, which stands for:

  • Recognize: The company believes that every person is talented, and science can be used to identify those talents. Hence, using “recognize” the company identifies the various talents of an employee. It uses several methods for this evaluation, which are:
    • Assessments (the company has prepared over 70 scientifically developed assessments for different job roles and industries)
    • Tailored recruiting and
    • Alignment of roles
  • Engage: The company extends perspective-based solutions, which enables the employees to not only engage with their employers but also helps them to live their best work life.
  • Accelerate: The company promotes the productivity of both individuals and their teams, using the mechanism of interactive feedback and organizing team-building events
  • Lead: The company positively transforms the quality of business processes carried on by each of its clients by recruiting them visionary and confident leaders.

12. One Of Our Client ABC Manufacturing Inc. Has A Poor Organizational Structure. What Are The Possible Consequences That The Company Might Be Suffering and How Would You Correct Them?

This is a practical interview question, wherein you are presented with an adverse business situation. You need to mend it using appropriate strategies. Be logical while narrating your answer and present a structured answer.

Sample Answer

Sir, a robust organizational structure represents a strong hierarchy in which an organization is able to maximize the potential of its human resources and deliver quality to its customers as well as stakeholders. There could be several consequences of a weak organizational structure, such as:

  • Lack of administrative responsibilities
  • Lower profitability and revenue collection
  • Lack of employee development due to poor collaboration within the staff
  • Conflicts within the organization as the job roles are not clearly defined

It is thus, necessary to correct all these issues by:

  • Planning the future by considering the mistakes made in the historical past of the company
  • Developing an appropriate organizational structure by considering the business goals
  • Lastly, I would define the flow of communication following which all the pieces of information would move from the top to the lower level management

13. Who is The CEO Of Our Company and When Was Our Company Founded?

You can always expect factual questions related to the organization’s history and major achievements.

Sample Answer

Sir, The CEO of the company (at the time of writing this article) is Ms. Kimberley Rath, and Talent Plus was founded in the year 1989.

14. We Consistently Assess and Evaluate Our Employee’s Performances. How Open Are You Towards Negative Feedback and Criticisms?

It is common for the seniors/bosses to comment on the work performance of the employees and extend feedback or criticisms. Since handling it positively is a common requirement for all companies, you must answer this question optimistically.

Sample Answer

Sir, when you work in an organization, it has its own set of parameters and principles through which the performance of the employees is defined and assessed. Most employees indeed feel offended and negative after receiving negative criticisms, which is completely an incorrect approach. In my case, I never do so, and always consider all negative feedback and criticisms as an opportunity to improve my performance. I am very much open towards them and treat them positively.

15. The Daily Routines and Hardwork Has The Ability To Crush The Employees. How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated? Can You Share Your Motivational Factors With Us?

Through this question, an interviewer wants to know about your personal motivational factors, such as your:

  • Urge to earn money
  • Gain recognition
  • Become popular within your team
  • Get additional benefits and incentives, etc.

Be genuine, and just share whatever motivates you.

16. Our Processes Are Stringent and We Require Our Employees To Maintain Quality Besides Meeting The Performance Benchmarks. This Often Leads To Stress and Anxiety. If You Feel The Same, How Will You Manage It?

Stress is a common issue faced by almost all corporate employees. Being a part of the workforce, Talent Plus requires all its employees to manage their stress levels using different stress-busting techniques, like, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, etc. Hence, as an ideal response to this question, just share what works for you.

17. Being A Established Business Organization With Operations Spread In Over 20 Countries, We Assign Several Tasks To Our Employees That Need To Be Completed Before The Deadlines. Will You Be Able To Do So? If Yes, How?

Through this question, an interviewer requests you to share your prioritization technique using which you are able to rank your multiple tasks for the day in a meaningful order. This could be on the basis of the urgency of submission, difficulty level, or simply time consumption.

18. Human Life Is Full Of Ups and Downs. While Working With Us There Will Be Times When Despite Putting Your Best, You Will Not Be Able To Meet Our Expectations. How Do You Manage Such Depressing Times?

Just like lightning strikes in the sky before a thunderstorm, failure also strikes in the life of every individual in their bad phases. This marks the beginning of a frustrating time, wherein no matter what you do, you are just not able to get over the line. Talent Plus expects every employee to be smart enough to get over this depressing phase of life and work with the same level of vigor as well as a passion while being in employment. Hence, in response to this question, just share the ways in which you manage your bad times and workplace failures.

19. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

This is a common interview question and you can certainly expect the interviewer of Talent Plus to know about your salary expectations. To share an optimal salary bracket, just research your industry and also the pay scale offered by Talent Plus. Further, you can certainly negotiate based on your experience, but it is recommended that you maintain a flexible stance.

20. There Are Simply Plethora Of Management Consulting Firms. What Makes Us Special and Prompted You To Apply With Us?

Through this question, an interviewer wants to know about your level of seriousness and commitment towards Talent Plus as an employer. To prepare a good script for your response, just browse the official website of the company and note down all the relevant facts and details. Read their history, approaches, and mission statements and combine all the information to form a structural answer.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it an interview session, a dream phase, or life, everything comes to an end at some specific point. This question marks the end of your big day and provides you with one last opportunity to impress your interviewer. As an ideal response, you must clear all your doubts by asking relevant counter-questions from your interviewer. These questions must be related to the organization, its work culture, the work environment, ethics, etc. For a better understanding, just read out the sample questions mentioned below:

Sample Questions

  • What are the several work incentives that are offered to the employees after achieving the stipulated targets?
  • Please share all the allowances that are given to employees as a part of their pay package.
  • What are the pros and cons of working with this company?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (For Talent Plus interview):

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