Should I Quit My Job?- Top 11 Reasons It Might Be Time

You might be working with your current organization for the past 5 years. Nope, Oh sorry!! It was a decade. You might be getting all that respect, recognition, and all those incentives, but still, you feel discontent. If that is the case, it is high time that you moved on and switched.

Loyalty is a fascinating trait, which is always on the radar of almost all business organizations. But, despite being committed and dedicated employees, sometimes we are required to make those tough decisions of:

  • Switching over to another company for in search of better remuneration or opportunities
  • Beginning our own startup or any business venture
  • Retiring early!!

The doctors never ignore the high blood pressure of their patients which is a vital sign that depicts hypertension. In the same way, an employee must not turn a deaf ear to all those vital signs that require you to move on. If you experience any of the reasons mentioned in this article then you must give long thought to quitting your current job.

Should I Quit My Job

Eleven Best Reasons That Show Its Time To Switch

1. You Have Some Better Employment Opportunities

To progress is a natural human trait. To never stop and ascend is a popular process to becoming successful. A highly intellectual person once said:

I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.

– By Abraham Lincoln, 16th President Of The United States

Switching over to another business organization in search of better employment opportunities is absolutely normal and in our opinion, every employee must consistently endeavor to improve his or her standard of life.

Hence, you should surely make a move on to some better corporate, if you are getting at least one of the below :

  • An improved work-life balance, wherein you are able to devote some extra time to your family
  • A superior work environment, with adequate safety measures, employee-centric policies, and anti-harassment rules
  • Excellent promotional and growth opportunities
  • Better incentives, like healthcare, retirement, gratuity, provident fund, etc.
  • Last, but not least, a greater monthly remuneration

Improving your monthly income, giving your family some extra time, and letting your kids attain a better education, is your inherent right besides being a duty. Hence, if you are able to attain any of the benefits mentioned above then you must quit your current job and prefer moving on.

2. Your Ideas Are Not Respected

Humans have a natural tendency to think. They are designed to explore, analyze and form meaningful arguments on a logical basis. This prompts the employees, to extend suggestions, advice and share their viewpoints with bosses.

It is an established fact that the employees feel quite bad, and dissatisfied if their opinions are simply put into the trash. This creates a negative mindset, in which the employees are demotivated to think out of the box and are thus never able to develop any creativity or critical thinking skills.

Hence, if your ideas are not getting attention, ignored, or are even disregarded then it’s high time that you thought of applying to some other corporates, which are more employee-oriented and respect their human resources.

3. You Want To Own A Startup

Dreams come naturally to humans. While we are kids, we get those horrific dreams of dinosaurs and witches traveling on a broom, but as we mature, we all dream of getting successful and making something of our own. This ceaseless quest to possess something, which we can call it of our own, paves the way for establishing new businesses and ignites those start-ups.

Doubt kills more dreams, than failure ever will.

– By Suzy Kasseem, A Successful American Poet

Hence, if you have an exceptional business idea and have the will as well as the way to succeed, then think no more and quit your job. Muster your strength, courage and prepare a perfect plan for success.

This path might be more challenging, wherein you will be required to work for all those extra hours, and put in the blood, sweat as well as tears into making what you call a successful business venture. But, never doubt your special abilities, and always remember, you are capable of achieving what you dreamt of.

4. You Are Not Excited To Go To Work!!

Life is too short to spend time doing something, which is meaningless and is not able to provide human satisfaction. An established career coach, Mrs. Augustine, with experience of more than 20 years in career planning, says that “An employee, who feels no thrill, while going to work every Monday morning, must search for the alternatives”.

If a job is suitable to your skills, your interests, and your curiosity then not a single day will pass wherein you feel bored or dissatisfied from executing the assigned tasks. Hence, if your job offers no excitement, no fun moments, or challenging situations, then you are no more than a robotic arm of your organization.

In such a case, you must self-analyze your personality and find out what works for you. Post this, search for relevant jobs based on your findings that are offered by different corporates. If you are able to secure an interview call then never forget to ask your interviewer,” What is it like working for your organization? How does it feel?

5. You Never Get Any Appreciation

Humans are distinct from robots. They do have feelings and an ability to feel sorrow, grief, pleasure, bliss, and love. Appreciation is considered to be the sweetest and highest form of motivation. It not only creates a feeling of belongingness but also gives miraculous energy to the employees to perform to the best of their abilities.

An organization that never appreciates its employees and recognizes their good performances are considered to be a toxic place to work, wherein an employee is simply a feelingless robot, who is assigned deadline-based tasks and gets money in return. This creates serious dissatisfaction among the employees, wherein they find themselves gasping for air.

Hence, if you feel the same, and have never got any work appreciation, no matter how hard you try or work your fingers to the bone, then you must think of making a move.

6. You Are Not Respected In Your Current Set-up

Denial, insult, and disparagement leave a deep psychological impact upon human minds. Employees when insulted at a workplace, feel less confident and feel like hiding somewhere so that no one is able to see them. A prominent psychological doctor, Mr. Alex Holmes, states that “The first signs of depression start with a need to feel isolated in a crowded place”.

Hence, if you are disrespected, ignored, or mocked by your peers, colleagues, seniors, or anyone in the organization and your complaints are not properly investigated, then bear no more, and just switch over. There are so many properly administered and employee-centric companies, which are committed to managing the mental well-being of their employees besides developing their overall personality.

If you are a talented individual and have a lot of faith in your skills and abilities, just make a move and try searching for some better companies.

7. You Don’t Agree With Your Current Organization’s Values

Every business organization has its own set of:

  • Visions and mission statements
  • Leadership and management styles
  • The work culture and
  • The expectations from the employees

Sometimes, these are just not appropriate and do not follow international standards and principles. Most employees do not agree with inappropriate management styles and work-burden that simply adds to their frustration levels.

Such organizations do not follow the recommendations made by the famous management professor William Ouchi in his Theory Z of Management. In this theory, he specifically stated that every business organization must offer to its employees:

  • Long term job security
  • Consensual decision making
  • Steady promotions
  • A strong philosophy and work culture

This fosters mental well-being and happiness among the employees while making them more loyal and dedicated towards the business organization. If your company, does not follow these international ethical standards, you better search for alternatives.

8. Your Travelling Time Is Just Too Much

Offices and factories are located in far-off places, in a corporate tower or an industrial park. The residential places to these establishments are located at quite a distance, which needs to be covered by the employees on a regular basis.

This commutation lays deep stress not only on the mental well-being but also on the physical body of an employee. Regularly, traveling long distances, that too twice in a day, leads to loss of productive time as well as spikes the traveling expenses.

It has been observed that most employees just for the sake of getting experience, travel to far off places and almost spend more than 4 hours daily in commutation. If that is the case, please think over it. Ideally, an employee must keep his traveling time as low as possible, so as to devote adequate family time and prevent himself from unnecessary fatigue.

Hence, if your workplace is located at quite a distance, start searching for nearby employment opportunities, preferably which are available in your area or zone.

9. You Are Not Happy With Your Work Environment

A work environment refers to the social and physical conditions of the place wherein an employee discharges his duties and spends most of his or her time while being at work. An appropriate workplace is important in the life of every employee, as it has the capacity of influencing several aspects, which are:

  • The mental well-being of the employees
  • Relationships and collaborations formed by the employees at the workplace
  • Efficiency and productivity of the employees
  • The mental, physical and emotional health of the employees

An inappropriate work environment is considered to be a burden of the highest level wherein the employees are forced to simply work as bonded labor without any satisfaction or sense of achievement. Usually, such a work environment will never match your style of working, besides lacking all the necessary office infrastructure.

Hence, if you are given too much workload without any additional compensation, or have developed a back spasm due to that inferior quality office chair, it is certainly high time that you became a turncoat and switched over to some better business organizations.

10. You Want To Change Your Career

Who says, once an accountant, always an accountant. Who says, once a sales representative, always a sales representative. We are not at all getting filmy or unprofessional, rather, just want to tell you that no age is too old to change your job field. If your heart lies somewhere else then no matter at what age you realize, just follow it.

As soon as you begin to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning.

– By Barbara Sher, A Famous Speaker and Lifestyle Coach

As per a recent survey conducted by over 10,000 corporate employees, around 15% accepted that they wanted to make a career move, preferably, to a different field, as this is not what they wanted to continue doing any further.

By performing tasks, jobs, and duties that match your interests and preferences, you not only gain that ultimate satisfaction but also feel more confident as well as energized. You never feel bored, and always feel like you keep on working. Hence, if you feel the same, just stand up for your heart and make that much-needed switch.

11. You Feel Like Studying More

Education is what makes us civilized, more knowledgeable, smart and helps us in becoming better citizens. Do you remember how hard you worked 5 years earlier just to crack that interview full of questions relating to your domain? We assume, yes, a big yes!! If you want to progress and climb up that corporate ladder, then you will certainly be required to invest in your abilities and skills.

Hence, if you feel like gaining some education and upgrading your academic section then it is not at all a bad idea!! Just prepare for your entrance examinations along with pursuing your job, and secure a seat in some prestigious universities or colleges.

Once selected you will be required to quit your current job, which you must do. This sacrifice will ultimately pay off when you will obtain a high-pay package through campus placements.


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