Top 9 Clever Ways Of Landing A Job With Google In 2024

There is big, bigger, biggest, and then, there is Google. An internet giant, which started off as an innocent search engine, is now one of the most valuable companies in the world, counted among the likes of Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. Working with such a professionally managed and profitable business enterprise is a dream for millions of students, working employees, and even established corporates. But, not all dreams come true, and most of them fail due to a lack of direction and knowledge.

However, there are stories of several individuals who have secured a high-paying job with Google, despite having a low GPA. This was primarily possible because they were aware of the smart and clever ways that could realize your dreams and land you a perfect job at Google. Excited!! Check out the best nine hacks that are covered in this article.

Clever Ways Of Landing A Job With Google

Best Clever Ways To Secure A Job In Google

1. Developing The Requisite Skills

Knowledge is always respected and appreciated. If you are an expert in your core domain and have developed all the required skills then no one can ever stop you from getting a job at Google. To understand the types of skills, you must first be aware of the different types of jobs offered by this giant. Google hires employees in three different parent categories, which are:

  • Engineering, which includes all the types of technical jobs, such as development of applications, software testing, STA engineering, etc.
  • Administration and Personnel, which includes all the types of non-technical jobs, such as supervision, sales, marketing, human resources, etc.
  • Finance, which includes all the types of jobs related to money management, such as, accountant, finance manager, investments, planning, business evaluations, etc.

Depending on your category and profession, you got to apply at an appropriate job opening and develop all the related skills, which are necessary to discharge your duties at the workplace.

List Of Skills To Be Developed

Parent CategoryList Of Skills
EngineeringPython, Java, C ++, Ruby, SAP, Oracle, Acrobat, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Pivot tables, Vertical lookups, Macros, Yoast, etc.
Administration and PersonnelPay per click, Email marketing, Yoast SEO, Social media marketing, Advertisement campaigns, SMS marketing, Technical writing, WordPress, MS Excel, Google sheets, Scrum management, Financial modeling, etc.
FinanceQuickbooks, Zoho accounts, Invoicing, Capital budgeting, Financial modeling, Discounted Cash Flows (DCF), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Sources of Finance, SQL, Data analytics, etc.

2. Preparation Of ATS Friendly Resume

A resume is not less than your identity card, which summarizes your whole personality, achievements, and work experience onto a few pieces of paper. While applying at any job opening, a resume will be the first document, which you will submit. Google, being a large, renowned, reputable, and profitable business organization, receives thousands of applications for even a single job opening and thus, uses specialized software, known as Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for scrutinizing and shortlisting the relevant job profiles.

How ATS Works?

In simple terms, ATS is computer software that uses special algorithms to scrutinize resumes on the basis of keywords. Every job opening of Google comprises a detailed job description, which is also based on several keywords. An ATS just scans your resume for the keywords mentioned in the job description and forwards the right resumes to the hiring managers.

How To Prepare An ATS Friendly Resume?

In order to get that interview call, and appear for the first round, it is necessary to pass your resume through the ATS. For this, it is necessary to customize your basic resume in accordance with the job description issued by Google and use all the relevant keywords in your resume. Further, it is preferred to send the resume in a Word file (.docx format), as it has been observed that in some cases a resume sent in the form of PDF, goes unnoticed or is simply unreadable by the ATS.

Hence, always strive to prepare a tailor-made resume for your every job, let alone Google, and just beat the bots with flying colors to get that interview call.

3. Do Some Internships and/or Full Time Jobs

Patience is the mantra to lead a successful life. People who have waited for their times and have persevered are the ones who have achieved success. Sundar Pichai was not made the CEO of Google through campus placements, rather he persevered, worked hard, and obtained that much-needed work experience to impress, attract and more importantly show that you are worthy of getting the advertised job.

Hence, your attitude must never be like, Google or nothing, rather, every Google aspirant must start working somewhere, keep learning the different aspects of his job and evolve consistently in his profession. Your hard work will definitely pay off someday and you will surely land a job at Google on the basis of your strong knowledge and rich work experience.

4. Prepare For Your Interview Smartly

You might be from top engineering colleges and possess excellent academic records, yet you need to pass an interview for getting a job at Google. And beware, by the term “interview”, we don’t mean any casual domain-related conversation. Google has the habit of failing even the most qualified candidates owing to its strict quality parameters and in-depth interview questions. Hence, your regular preparations won’t come in handy this time as the level of questions that you will confront is quite deep and logical. Google always aims to test your practically acquired knowledge besides testing your grip on core academics.

How To Prepare Smartly For Google’s Interview? – Step By Step Guide

A directionless hard work is a bane than a boon. It will not only rob you of your mental energy but also make you feel demotivated and negative. Hence, always prepare by using the best resources, and following the appropriate strategies. Readout our step by step guide given below and give wings to your ambitions:

  • Step I: Browse the internet and just understand the type of questions asked by Google for the job position you are desirous of
  • Step II: Understand the nature of those questions and identify their parent categories.
  • Step III: Determine all the important topics of the parent category identified by you in Step II
  • Step IV: Gather appropriate academic sources and prepare for the topics identified by you in Step III
  • Step V: Engage yourself in at least 5 mock tests, which are organized by any reputable career-related website or organization

5. Understand The Requirements Of Google

Put yourself in the shoes of Google’s hiring manager, and assume that you want to hire for it. You advertised a job opening, and within minutes you received tons of ATS verified job applications of candidates, who are worthy of getting a job.

So, this mess is real!! Everybody wants to work with Google. Thanks to the social recognition, above par pay packages, and most importantly the sense of achievement, wherein you feel satisfied by beating almost half the world’s professionals.

Hence, you got to be special to get a job at Google, and for that, you need to understand what this organization actually wants. In a virtual world, you might say, they need nerds, who simply know everything and can work like machines. But, in the real world, Google needs thinkers, creative people, who can think out of the box and translate their imagination into actions.

This is what Googlers are famous for. Hence, push your imagination and try to think more innovatively. All your generic answers, to even the most simple interview questions, will never land you a job at Google. In response to the question, “Describe Yourself” if you still start by telling your name then it is high time that you searched for alternative career options.

6. Acquire All Those Soft Skills For Real

To land a job at Google, you got to gain a competitive edge over the other candidates. It is a battle of small margins, and even a slight advantage can help you to get a job at Google. Hence, it is necessary to practically acquire all those soft skills, which till now, you have been simply writing in your resume, just to fill out the skills section.

Top Three Soft Skills For Landing A Job At Google

Creative Thinking

It is a need. It is a must. It is a compulsion. If you still haven’t got it, it is a necessity. You just cannot avoid being a creative thinker so as to get a job at Google. All the interview questions of Google are designed in such a way so as to analyze your creative thinking skills and test whether or not you have that knack for thinking out of the box. In order to push your thinking abilities and think innovatively, you can follow the following tips:

Have Conversations With Kids: It is an established fact that kids, young teenagers, are natural innovators and always think of odd ways to find a resolution to any problem. Hence, start meaningful conversations with them and try to imbibe their way of thinking.

Engage In Mind Twisting Games: Just like your abs, biceps, and thighs, your mind also needs its fair share of exercise so as to work better and flex some brain muscles!! In order to build creativity, you need to have the ability to process several thoughts in the blink of a second. Hence, always engage in all those exercises related to reasoning, such as:

  • Coding-decoding
  • Finding the patterns/logics
  • Solving number series, etc.

Learn To Draw: Drawing is naturally associated with creativity wherein you translate your free flow of imagination into pictures and graphics. To improve your creativity, you can always pick up some drawing skills. For this, just browse Youtube and start learning.

Emotional Intelligence

In an organization like Google, you can certainly expect the workforce to be global and ethnically diverse. What works well for you or people belonging to your region, might not be the preferred way for the others. This leads to disputes at the work floor that can disturb your normal way of working. Hence, you got to be emotionally intelligent and exhibit that high level of maturity and stability.

Decision Making

Google hires the best from the lot. Even the applications shortlisted for obtaining a job at Google, comprises names that could have easily obtained jobs at some other mid-level firms. Hence, you are always expected to possess that distinct ability to make business decisions even in the toughest of situations and circumstances.

7. Cash Your Contacts

References play a vital role in securing a job at every established business organization, including Google. Hence, always try to develop a list of contacts and references through professional networking. If you are able to establish direct or indirect contact with a Google employee, then your chances of selection just enhance manifolds. In order to do this, you can always take the help of your Colleagues, College/School Mates, Friends, Teachers, etc. In case nothing helps, just start sending out short and relevant messages on LinkedIn.

8. Make Your Video Profile

This world is moving ahead at a rapid pace with people innovating new and improved ways to express themselves and their abilities. The newest of the lot is “making a video profile” or you can say Video resume. It refers to an artistic, yet professional narration of all your qualities, skills, and career objectives. The average length of a video resume ranges from 2 to 3 minutes and covers all the vital aspects related to your resume. Hence, by preparing your own perfect video resume and uploading it on all the famous job portals, you can attract the hiring managers of Google, following which, they might send you an interview invitation.

9. Keep Dreaming!!

What keeps us alive? What helped humanity to overcome the deep despondency created by the two long world wars? It is nothing else, but hope!! Dreams do come true if a person keeps on making serious efforts to achieve those dreams. Persistence and hard work never betray, however, their effects are always realized after a considerable delay.

Hence, no matter how many times you have applied or appeared in an interview for obtaining a job at Google, just keep dreaming. Just apply that one more time and secure the interview call once again. Who knows, your stars might align this time, and you land in the world, which you always wanted so badly.


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