Top 21 Illustrator Interview Questions in 2024 [with Answers]

Each business or small company needs advertisements and marketing strategies to amplify its sales. Creativity and inventiveness are the souls of marketing. 

Gathering the ideas and assembling them in the shape of banners, logos, posters, and magazines performs effectively for marketing. 

Graphic designer or illustrators works on websites, magazines, books, posters, logos, ads, etc for a company. An illustrator is an all-rounder specialized in writing, drawing, etc. He tries telling a story from his artwork. 

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based program that helps in creating graphics. This application has the most powerful and effective tools. Illustrator is a market-leading application.


Best 21 Illustrator interview Questions For Impressing the Panelists

1.What is graphic design?

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Graphic designs are visual themes that Illustrators convey in the form of simple but elegant brand specifications. These designs help in promoting and making revenues in the company. These designs are very useful in influencing the audience. Crafting the proposal and creating the visual effects can help to communicate ideas and services from brands to the audience. 

2.What are the five elements of graphic designs? 

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The five important elements of graphic designs are:

  • Texture: It is an important element of Illustrator. It helps in transforming a simple background into colored ones. It comprises the effects such as stone, brick, concrete, fabric, etc. 
  • Typography: Typography is the art of text. Texts play a very important role in graphic design. 
  • Scale: The scale element helps in resizing the designs and logos in illustrator. 
  • Color: Color assists  in maintaining the composition of the image. 
  • Shape: Shapes are the three dimensional figures that are surrounded by lines. It gives an efficient appearance to the object. 

3.What are the kinds of graphic designs?

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The different types of graphic designs are:

  • Brand identity and Logo design: When we think about any company, the first thing that comes to our mind is its logo. The logo is the brand identity of any company. Graphic designers specializing in this field have to have knowledge of the company. They build overruling visual brand identity, brand logo, product, services, etc
  • Package designing: Graphic designers specialized in this field know how to connect structures, forms, texts. Build a catching 3-D figure to persuade the audience. And tell stories and show the brand reputation by its graphics.
  • Web and mobile designing: Graphic designers working in web, and mobile designing illustrates layouts, pages and logos for applications or websites. Some of the more specialized includes UEI (user experience design), UI(user interface), etc. 
  • Print design: Graphic designers particularly specialized in this fieldwork on finding an immaculate balance between graphics and texts. Those graphics are used in books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc.

4.Explain the meaning of Adobe illustrator?

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Adobe Illustrator is a software program advanced by the adobe system. It is used in creating vector-based images. The vector-based drawings are in PDF and EPS format. Adobe illustrators are mainly used by graphic designers. 

5.What are some of the newest version characteristics in Adobe illustrator Cc 2014?

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The newest version characteristics in Adobe illustrator Cc 2014 are as follows: 

  • Creative Cloud Library: It is a kind of space where design elements for particular projects are stored.
  • Touch Workspace: It is one of the efficient and smooth running features of adobe illustrator. It offers a touch feature for editing and drawing. 
  • Join tool: Join tool helps in connecting the paths of two inputs of a common field. 

6.How has Adobe illustrator revolutionized graphic design? 

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Adobe illustrator has transformed graphic designs. It brought innovation in designs, drawings, illustrations, etc. The most innovative tool of Adobe illustrator is the pen tool which has made the work effective and smooth. 

7.Elucidate how can you export an ICNS icon from adobe illustrator? 

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By using the script adobe illustrator.icns exporter, we can easily export an ICNS icon from adobe illustrator. 

8.What is the use of a scatter graph tool?

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The scatter graph tool displays interrelation between two variables. 

9.Mention the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop?

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Adobe Illustrator is a software application that is used by graphic designers or illustrators to design vector-based pictures. This software is used in creating graphs, logos, illustrations, cartoons, etc. Whereas Adobe photoshop is a software program that lets an individual edit a picture.

10.Draw out the difference between Indesign and Adobe Illustrator.

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Adobe Illustrator is used for designing logos, banners, pictures, etc. Whereas InDesign is used for making the layouts of texts and images.

11.Briefly explain the procedure of making a template layer in Adobe Illustrator CS6.  

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We can use the following steps for making template layers in Adobe Illustrator CS6. 

Step1: Pick a picture and save it in an appropriate dimension so that Adobe Illustrator can transfer the image to Adobe photoshop. 

Step2: Choose the dialogue box.

Step3: Edit the picture and recreate it with the pen tool. 

Step4: Turn off the visibility. 

12.Explain briefly how you can edit the transparency to your existing diagram in Adobe Illustrator.

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We can edit transparency to our diagram or image by condensing the opacity of the diagram. 

  • Select window>Transparency

The transparency window gets open. To make the artwork visible, we can reduce the opacity of the diagram by 50%. 

13.Draw out the contrast between a layer and a group?

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The main contrast between a layer and a group is that:

A group contains artwork inside the layers. Whereas Layerers separate the objects that are stacked together. 

14.What is Rasterization?

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Rasterization is the process of converting a vector graphic into a raster size. 

15.Briefly explain how you can reverse the last saved version in  Illustrator?

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Choose File> Undo.

You can’t undo the last saved edit if you have closed the file and then reopened it again. 

16.Mention the newest version and its characteristics in Illustrator?

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The newest version of Adobe Illustrator was released in January 2022, version 26.0.3. Its new features are as follows:

You can easily apply 3D effects to pictures or texts by rotating. We can also apply lighting to it. 

You can assign new materials to create graphics with unidealistic results.

Sharing your ideas is possible now. Send the link to anyone. And now you will get an option of comment, view, and review. Now you can talk in the comment section and exchange ideas.

There is an addition of a discovery panel in the 26.0.3 version. The panel gives recommendations for tutorials that will help you increase your skillset. It also provides tips and tricks for doing work faster. 

One can easily modify texts and add on multiple text characters. 

Illustrators can open web format files and we can also place high image efficiency formats. 

17.What is the work of bloat and pucker tools?

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Pucker and bloat tools in Illustrator help in creating a slanted figure by pulling its edges away from the center or pushing towards the center. 

18.Explain The meaning of a Plugin in Adobe Illustrator. How can you install a plugin?

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Plugins are there to make the work easier. It helps in bringing advanced and striking effects to the image. Plugins are responsible for adding new features to your Adobe Illustrator.

A plugin can be installed by using the following ways:

Step1: Install creative clouds

Step2: Choose the “Stock & marketplace” option and select “plugins”

Step3: Search which kind of plugin you want.

Step4: Select the plugin you want and install it. 

19.Mention some important plugins in Adobe Illustrator.

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Some of the top plugins used in Illustrator are as follows:

  • VectorScribe: VectorScribe plugin in Adobe Illustrator helps in editing vectors and designing new shapes.
  • Phantasm CS2: This plugin in Illustrator is mostly useful for changing colors, saturation, hues, curves, etc.
  • CADtools5: It allows users to create isometric artworks in 3d forms. 
  • SymmetryWorks 4: This plugin helps users to work on greeting cards, patterns, and symbols. 

20.Adobe Illustrator is a raster-based software. State true or false. Explain the reason.

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False, Adobe Illustrator is not a raster-based software. 

Illustrator is software established as a vector graphics program. Illustrator uses mathematical blueprints. It is used to create logos, cartoons, posters, magazines. The mathematical blueprint helps in keeping the object clean and clear. It keeps the quality high. 

21.Tell us what is the best feature of your work. 

Sample Answer

I have always been the artist of my house. I love telling stories with my artwork. I am zealous about learning new things every day. I enjoy art. 


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