Top 21 Agile Methodology Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Interviews are associated with nervousness, anxiety, and uncertainty. This happens because a candidate is underprepared and has not practiced the interview questions thoroughly. But with proper preparation and rigorous understanding of key concepts, one can excel and secure one’s dream job. Agile methodology is the latest development that is in vogue and has been employed by a large chunk of organizations. Hence, If you want to get a job in this growing industry then you have to be more vigilant, thoughtful, and practice the interview questions beforehand.

Agile Methodology Interview Questions

Agile Methodology Interview Questions

1) Please Explain Agile Testing?

This is the most common interview question, which evaluates your knowledge in the field. You can respond in the following manner:

Agile methodology is a technique for software development, wherein an agile team tests continuously and consistently. In this methodology, testing is the only way to ensure continuous progress. In this method, feedback plays an important role and provided after conducting every test, which eventually ensures that the product is developed and designed in a way that meets the requirements of the business.

2) What Do You Mean By S.D.L.C Models Of Software Development?

The software industry follows S.D.L.C methods for the purpose of software development. The agile model is a part of it. Having a thorough knowledge of this type of methodology is necessary as an interviewer can test your knowledge in this regard. Your sample answer could be:

S.D.L.C stands for Systems Development Life Cycle and is a method to :

  • Design software as per the needs of the customer
  • Develop the software, strictly following the design and
  • Test the developed software in order to ensure high performance.

3) Are You Aware Of Different SDLC Models? If Yes, Name Them.

There are six types of prominent SDLC models followed by the software industry. An interviewer expects you to have knowledge about the same. Your model answer should be on the same lines:

Yes, Sir, I am aware of the different SDLC models. I will name the six mostly followed models:

  • Waterfall Model
  • V-shaped Model
  • Iterative Model
  • Spiral Model
  • Big Bang Model
  • Agile Model

4) What Is The Difference Between Agile and Waterfall Model?

Almost all the interviewers cover this question. It demonstrates your level of understanding and your grasp on the agile methodology. Your sample answer should be:

BasisAgile methodologyWaterfall methodology
ApproachIncremental and iterativeLinear and sequential
DivisionInto sprintsInto phases
No. of projects completedMultiple small projectsOne single project
Frequency of preparation of requirementsEverydayOnce in the beginning
Participation of test teams in requirement changesYesNo
FocusCustomer satisfactionSuccessful delivery of the software

5) Can You Quote A Few Advantages Of Following Agile Methodology?

Here an interviewer wants to know the advantages (if you feel they exist) of the agile system of software development. You can prepare your answer in the same way mentioned below:

Sir, there are various benefits of following an agile methodology of software development. some of which are:

  • Flexibility in acceptance of requirement changes
  • Shorter life cycle of product development
  • Since it is more focused on the customer, hence it always leads to more customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced performance
  • It leads to efficient communications within the teams.

6) Are You Aware Of Any Leading Agile Project Management Software? If Yes, Name At Atleast Three.

Here, an interviewer wants to test your practical knowledge in this regard. Your model answer should be:

Yes, Sir, I am aware of agile project management software, which are:

  • Jira
  • Workflow max
  • Buildertrend

7) In Which Model Of Software Development Do You Think, Excessive Customer Involvement Is Present? And Do You Think It Is Wise?

Model answer:

Sir, in the agile methodology of software development a high level of customer interaction is involved, as the development of software takes its course as per the requirements and needs of the customer. It has been observed, that customers don’t prefer to give that much of their presence and directions. But, in my opinion for the development of a superior product, highly customized and strictly following the needs of the customers an increased presence or involvement is worth it.

8) Do You Think Chances Of Errors Are More In Agile Methodology?

Sample answer:

Yes, sir, the chances of committing errors are more in the agile methodology of software development, because of less documentation. This leads to considerable pressure on the QA team. However, if one has the ability to remain calm and composed in pressure situations then there would be fewer errors and the trend could start to change.

9) What Do You Think Is The Biggest Concern In Agile Methodology Of Software Development?

Sample answer:

The biggest shortcoming or concern in this model is untrustworthy automated testing. Most of the time, in order to save some valuable time, the automated test plans are poorly designed and in some cases, they lack any plan at all. This results in the failure of tests. On the other hand, if the tests are initiated manually then there is a major risk that they are not getting performed on a continuous basis. Eventually, that will again lead to a failure.

10) How Many Agile Testing Quadrants Are Present? Explain Any One.

Sample answer:

Sir, there are four quadrants. I would like to explain Agile Quadrant II. In Agile Quadrant II various tests are conducted which solely support the team. It conducts:

  • Tests for evaluating various possible scenarios and possible outcomes and
  • Testing of prototypes

11) Name The Four Stages Of Agile Testing Cycle?

Sample answer:

  • Iteration 0
  • Construction Iteration
  • Release End game
  • Production

12) Explain Release End Game Stage?

Sample answer:

There are various types of activities involved in this stage, that includes:

  • Education and training of end-users and support people.
  • Marketing the release of the product
  • Preparing user documentations
  • Creating back up and restoration facilities

From this stage, a product moves to its fourth stage i.e. Production

13) Do You Have Any Prior Experience Of Working In Agile Methodology?

Just be honest here. Say a ‘yes’ only if you have any prior experience in this method. A dishonest answer can be easily caught by the employer, upon firing a few technical questions. This can lower your chances of selection considerably no matter how good your scores are.

14) Are You Aware Of The Different Types Of Agile Methodology? If Yes, Name Them

Sample answer:

Yes, Sir, I am aware of the various types of methodologies which are:

  • Crystal methodology
  • Dynamic software development method
  • Feature-driven development
  • Lean software development
  • Extreme programming

15) Are You Aware Of Kanban Board?

Sample answer:

Yes, sir, I am aware of Kanban. It is a tool that helps the software development team to keep a track of the progress made in the software development process. The status or progress of software development can be easily seen in real-time at the kanban board. It even shows the event that is hampering the process of software development along with the progress of workflow.

16) Name The Most Flexible SDLC Model?

Sample answer:

The most flexible SDLC model in my opinion has to be the spiral model. The project runs in multiple spirals, and bugs are removed each time a product completes its cycle. Thus, it leads to the development of a highly customized and customer-centric product.

17) In Which SDLC Model It Is Most Difficult To Make Changes?

Sample answer:

Sir, in my opinion, the V-shaped model is the toughest. It is really difficult to go back in time and make changes.

18) Name The Oldest SDLC Model?

Sample answer:

Sir, it is the Waterfall model.

19) Name Any Three Agile Matrices?

Sample answer:

  • Velocity
  • Time coverage
  • Cumulative flow diagram

20) Briefly Explain Sprint Burn Down Matrix?

Sample answer:

Sir, this matrix allows a software development team to track, monitor, and control the progress of software development. It also allows to track the sprints.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Never leave this answer unattended. Always frame a few thoughtful, logical, and reasoned answers for your employer. They are duty-bound to answer your every relevant question. You can ask them about:

  • The work culture of the company
  • The terms and conditions of employment
  • Any lock-in period
  • Information about the system, that company offers to its new employees
  • Information about any extra incentives that the company might offer on completion of a specified target

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Agile Methodology Interview Questions


Agile methodology is a widely followed technology for software development, which is being followed by more and more companies worldwide. If you want to get a job in this sector then you need to have a stronghold of the various techniques, methods, and modus operandi followed in this type of software development methodology.

With proper preparation and after following our articles, one can be assured of one’s selection. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also do let us know in the comments section below, that how helpful our articles are for you.



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