Top 21 McDonald’s Interview Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Everyone is loving it and is fascinated with those two loaves of round bread garnished and baked with sporadic sesame seeds protecting the patty made of potato and cornflour, like a minister protecting its king from arduous debates. This is the iconic McDonald’s burger for you, which you might have craved for your entire life. Some say, that this special puffy creature has the ability to put a smile even on the face of the most depressing and dissatisfied living being spending his or her life in vain. This statement must be true and is corroborated by the high sales of Mcdonald’s produce not only in The United States of America but also in more than 100 other countries affected through more than 38,000 branches.

McDonald Interview Interview Questions

How Should Be Your – Level Of Preparation?

Being almost a century-old institution having its operations spread in more than 100 countries, proudly possessing the franchise network of over 38,000 outlets, even a janitor’s position at such a giant institute attracts applications from a wide range of candidates. Working for an institution like Mcdonald’s is the dream for every professional, and with such exemplary popularity, even a janitor’s position attracts applications from millions of young aspirants. Hence, margins of error virtually do not exist and a candidate aspiring to work at an institution like Mcdonald’s must work hard and put up a sincere show. Preparing from the list of frequently asked questions can better your prospects of selection immensely.

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1) How Can You Help Us?

This is a personality evaluating question, through which an interviewer wants to check your level of self-confidence and self-awareness. Make sure that you are able to convince your interviewer as to how you can contribute to the organization and why should they pay you.

Sample Answer

Sir, It would be my honor and privilege to help an organization like McDonald’s. I am a quick learner and hardworking person who possess an efficient and strong grip on my core profile and subjects. In addition to this, the job description or duties mentioned in the performance of the job suits my skill set, and I have even performed similar tasks during my stint with my previous employer. I believe, I can prove to be an asset to the organization and could serve this esteemed organization with all my passion, perseverance, and knowledge.

2) What Do You Think Is The Reason For Success Of McDonald’s?

This is a job-specific interview question. You are appearing for an interview at McDonald’s and you ought to have an active working knowledge of the organization’s history and its working.

Sample Answer

Sir, In my opinion, there are two primary reasons for this giant corporation. The first one is the innovation of its products as per the need and requirements of its existing customers as well as its prospective customers. McDonald’s added a variety of items to its line, as per the need of the situation and after a complete understanding of the circumstances. Further, the second one, in my opinion, is the presence of some hard-working, dedicated, and innovative systems working with a common goal, that is to prosper the organization and set high benchmarks in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction.

3) Where Are The Headquearters Of McDonald’s Located?

This is a factual question in relation to the organization you wish to work for. Hence, always prepare the name of the organization’s current CEO, the name of its founders, the location of its headquarters, etc.

Sample Answer

Sir, The headquarters of this decades-old organization are located in Chicago, Illinois, USA

4) What Motivates You To Work?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to know the primary motivational factors that motivate you to work hard and push your limits. These factors are specific to every individual and are influenced largely because of the circumstances and conditions that a person faces in his or her life. Hence, avoid all the generic answers and make sure you are sounding genuine to your interviewer.

Sample Answer

Sir, In my honest opinion, I am a progressive and career-oriented person, who wishes to progress in life and earn those regular promotions. I am desirous of climbing the corporate ladder and this motivates me to work hard with a high level of precision and consistency. In addition to this, I really adore the feeling of getting recognized by my peers, seniors, and juniors. This feeling gives me a sense of euphoria as well as satisfaction, which further motivates me to work hard with dedication and commitment.

5) Should An Organization Modify Its Product As Per The Geography In Which It Is Operating?

An interview session organized by an organization like McDonald’s would always involve some questions that are related to the basics of entrepreneurship and effective business techniques. Hence, always study some of the common tactics that are employed by businessmen in their schedules.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, absolutely. Customer satisfaction is crucial and pivotal in ensuring the success of a business organization. The product of an organization is like communication with its customers. It is necessary that an organization modifies and aligns its product as per the requirements of its customers. Since customer preferences and their demand patterns changes and varies from geography to geography or territory to territory, it is necessary that an organization bring suitable changes into its product.

6) Explain The Benefits Of Franchise Model Of Operations?

McDonald’s is an organization that is the world’s largest chain restaurant operating more than 38,000 outlets worldwide based on the franchise model. Hence, a question from this domain is almost inevitable.

Sample Answer

Sir, Franchise is a system that is brought into practicality and has been extensively used by McDonald’s. It is no wonder to say that McDonald’s earned huge revenues and popularity using this franchise system of operations. A franchise model, as per my understanding, helps an organization to grow its network of operations and popularity leaps and bounds, that too in a very short period of time. Further, distributing franchises is an excellent option to earn license fees and royalty from the franchisee.

7) Who Was The Founder Of McDonald’s?

This is a factual question in relation to the organization you wish to work for. Hence, always prepare the name of the organization’s current CEO, the name of its founders, the location of its headquarters, etc.

Sample Answer

Sir, The first store of McDonald’s was opened by two brothers, Richard and Maurice Mcdonald. However, the present McDonald’s is the innovation and product of the famous salesman Ray Kroc, who undisputedly, is the founder of McDonald’s.

8) What Is The Meaning and The Benefits Of Umbrella Marketing?

There are various techniques of doing business that is followed by McDonald’s. It is necessary to have an understanding and working knowledge of those techniques as there are high chances that you would be required to explain or shed some light on those policies and techniques.

Sample Answer

Sir, This is an important marketing policy, once again adopted by McDonald’s, which worked wonderfully for them. By umbrella marketing, we mean that a product is sold under the name and branding of a parent company, instead of introducing it as an anonymous or new product. For example, McDonald’s uses its name in front of its every product so as to market it effectively. The biggest benefit of such type of marketing is the trust and faith of a customer in an already established brand. If it is a product from the house of McDonald’s then it had to be good. This is the common perception of a customer when he or she uses a product marketed under an umbrella.

9) Explain The Relevence Of A Fast Kitchen.

There are various techniques of doing business that is followed by McDonald’s. It is necessary to have an understanding and working knowledge of those techniques as there are high chances that you would be required to explain or shed some light on those policies and techniques.

Sample Answer

Sir, The concept of the fast kitchen goes to the McDonald’s brothers, who started their first store in California. In 1953, the customers had to wait in long queues because of slow production lines and non-productive workers due to inferior kitchen settings. These talented brothers set up an excellent kitchen setup in which the workers were able to prepare a burger pretty fast, due to more elbow room and strategically set lines of operations. This was the concept of a fast kitchen, through which a large number of customers could be satisfied in a short period of time.

10) Fast Food Like Burgers and French Fries Destroys Health Of The People. Please Comment On The Statement.

An interview would always consist of a few questions, that are tricky and might unsettle you. This is one of those questions. An organization dealing with fast food items, simply wants you to shed some light on the ill effects of fast food on human health. In order to answer such tricky questions, you are advised to become diplomatic and respond in a balancing way.

Sample Answer

Sir, as far as I have studied and observed, fast food items, such as burgers, pizza, french fries, or any other similar item. is consumed in a moderate quantity, would have absolutely no ill effect on the health of the person consuming it. However, everything consumed and taken in large quantities is bad for health. Brocolli is considered pretty healthy for humans, but try taking it in large quantities every day. There are high chances that you would end up suffering from diarrhea or food poisoning. Further, if a moderate quantity has the ability to destroy health then this organization must have been shut in 1953 itself.

11) Please Tell Me The Name Of McDonald’s Current CEO?

This is a factual question in relation to the organization you wish to work for. Hence, always prepare the name of the organization’s current CEO, the name of its founders, the location of its headquarters, etc.

Sample Answer

Sure, sir, It is Chris Kempczinski. (at the time of writing this article)

12) Why You Like Work With An Established Corporate Instead Of A Startup?

This is a personality evaluating question, that requires you to explain your preferences and beliefs which motivated you to join an established business magnate instead of a startup. An ineffective answer to this question would simply mean, that you are a conservative person, who does not like to take risks in life. McDonald’s itself was based on risk and it did earn rewards. They would not like to hire employees obscure to radicalism.

Sample Answer

Sir, it is not that, I am a selfish person only looking to exploit the finances of an established organization. Rather, McDonald’s is an organization of dreams. I have been the outlet near to my place f residence since my childhood days, and I always dreamt of working on the other side of the counter someday. Today, I feel privileged to be a part of the interview session. I have no hatred towards startups, but I just prefer McDonald’s more.

13) Tell Me Where Can I Find Pink Elephants?

This is a tricky interview question that could unsettle you and there high chances that you will feel amazed or awestruck. This feeling of astonishment is caught by an interviewer and post this, he or she frames a negative opinion in respect of your candidature. Hence, be prepared that you will encounter such types of questions, which must be handled in a light mood.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my humble opinion, you can find pink elephants, most probably in your wildest dreams. The best way to have such dreams is by watching at least 6 hours of elephant shows so that, your subconscious mind accepts the fact that there are a wide variety of animals. Your imagination could tweak the color of a typical elephant and there are high chances you will achieve your target.

14) Which Book Have You Read Recently?

This is a typical interview question that finds its place in almost all the interview sessions. You can choose your most recent read book, but always avoid the books that relate to love, romance, or comedy.

Sample Answer

Sir, Being a vivid reader and a person in favor of learning new things in life, I read a lot of books. I have a huge collection of intellectual books that have the ability to frame and influence my opinion in an adorable fashion. Recently, I have read (___mention the name of your book____) which has improved and enhanced my level of self-confidence and my ability to stay calm and composed in all the challenges that life throws in your way.

15) Can You Handle Huge Volumes Of Work, Which Is To Be Done Every Day?

It is common for interviewers to ask you, your approach and mindset towards handling huge volumes in a single working day. This is a need of the hour and a common expectation from a candidate. Responding to it in a negative manner could ruin your selection chances to a great extent.

Sample Answer

Yes sir absolutely. I have the ability to complete all the tasks and duties in a time-bound manner. For this, I always follow a strict and tight schedule, written on a piece of paper. Further, performing in hectic working conditions requires impressive stamina and a higher level of concentration. I always maintain both these things, through regular intense physical workouts and meditation.

16) Can You Prioritize Tasks? If Yes, Share Your Strategy.

This is a trending interview question nowadays and appears in almost all the interview sessions held across the world. It is necessary that you prepare for it in an efficient manner and share with your interviewer a genuine strategy followed by you, that suits your style of working and preferences.

Sample Answer

Yes sir, absolutely, It is a need of the hour, and I feel proud, to be able to effectively prioritize the tasks allocated to me by my organization. In order to do so, I always follow a pen and paper approach, wherein I always write the tasks to be performed during the day in a sequence. The tasks that would consume maximum time are put by me at the top of the list and the tasks that consume the least time finds their mention at the bottom. This helps me to complete and execute all my tasks in a time-bound manner.

17) When can You Start?

It is common for interviewers to ask this question during an interview session itself. Through this question, an interviewer simply wants to take a quote of your availability. However, it is ironic that underprepared candidates even falter in such a basic question. They get overexcited or too enthusiastic after listening to this question, as they feel they are almost selected for the open position. But, this is a myth, as this question in no way guarantees your selection.

Sample Answer

  • For Fresher/Unemployed Individuals: Sir, I have the ability to start on an immediate basis as I have no prior commitments or obligations to fulfill.
  • For Employed Individuals: Sir, I can start on or before (___mention the date of your joining___). This is primarily because, I have already served a notice to my current employer but due to his or her policy of granting a relieving letter within 14 days of the reciept of the notice, I am giving you this date.

18) Name The Types Of Various Restaurants, Operated Under The McDonald’s Brand From Time To Time.

This is a factual question in relation to the organization’s history of operations and various models followed by it.

Sample Answer

Sure sir. These are of four types:

  • McDrive
  • McCafe
  • McExpress and
  • Create Your Taste Restaurants

19) Which Element Has Played A Significant Role In McDonald’s Advertising Strategy?

This question tests your knowledge of the organization’s history and its working procedures.

Sample Answer

Sir, In my humble opinion, Television has played the most important role in establishing the brand McDonald’s. The organization has always followed and implemented aggressive advertising policies so as to market its products. Be it a sporting event or a celebrity campaign, McDonald’s has nailed everything it has put its foot into.

20) What Is Your Major Strength?

This is a common interview question through which an interviewer wants to know your level of self-awareness. In order to effectively answer this question, you are advised to prepare a written report in this regard, wherein you mention and prepare at least two of your closest strengths.

Sample Answer

Sir, In my humble opinion, my ability to stay calm and composed even in the most distressed and disturbing situation is my biggest asset. This not only gives me the ability to keep my mind cool and peaceful but also helps me to take accurate and wise business decisions. I hope to further hone my skills, with an organization like McDonald’s.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Be it a job at Microsoft, Mcdonald’s, or at Facebook, it is a common habit of interviewers to ask this question in order to conclude an interview session. This question gives an opportunity to a candidate to ask a few questions from your interviewer related to the organization, its working culture, the job profile, etc. It should be the primary objective of a candidate to frame a few meaningful questions for your interviewer, which gives him or her an opportunity to analyze your critical thinking ability and seriousness towards the organization.

Sample Questions

  1. What are the work timings of the organization?
  2. What are the various duties that I am supposed to execute during my working day?
  3. Does Mcdonald’s extend maternity/paternity leaves to its emplopyees? If yes, plese share the duration.
  4. What are the various health benefits and incentives offered by the organization to its employees?
  5. Please share the annual leaves offered by the company to its employees.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (for McDonald’s interviews):

McDonalds Interview Questions


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