What Are Your Strengths Interview Question? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interview session is a comprehensive set of questions designed and framed in a manner so as to enable an interviewer to evaluate and judge your interpersonal skills, level of self-awareness, and personality. This is a common interview question, through which an interviewer understands how aware are you of your special abilities and attributes. Usually, this question is casually prepared by candidates, as they feel they would just use a few generic abilities to answer this question. However, an effective answer to this question is way beyond mentioning just some of your basic abilities.

What Are Your Strengths Interview Question 1

Three Effective Ways To Answer This Question Effectively

1) Do Not Brag

Most of the candidates just do not understand that a question related to strengths does not want you to brag or exaggerate about your abilities or skills. This is not an opportunity to boast off your skillset, rather a humble explanation of the skills and some of the unique strengths that you possess. Hence, it is always advisable that you answer this question with controlled excitement and enthusiasm as your overflowing emotions, would not be absorbed by an interviewer.

2) Understand The Question Properly

There are questions when an interviewer wants to know about your major strength. An ideal reply to these questions would include mentioning and then explaining any one of your major and closest strengths. But this question requires you to mention more than one strength. So prepare for at least 3 to 4 strengths and share at least two, with a maximum of three.

3) Explain The Attribute

Whatever strengths or attributes you are planning to share with your employer, be assured, that you are preparing a proper explanation for them. Merely saying, that you are a detail-oriented person, would not come in handy. After responding with a strength, explain, how your organization would be benefitted from this.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

Sure sir, In my humble opinion, my best strengths are my drafting and writing skills. Be it Email communication or official business communication, I am always there to prepare some of the best possible answers using a logical and thoughtful artistic flow. I always carefully choose the vocabularies to be used, which largely depend upon the nature of business communication to be drafted. I hope. I will be able to further hone my skill while working with your esteemed organization.

Sample Answer Two

Yes, sir, I have a lot of strengths, but in order to keep the answer short, I would like to choose two of my closest and major strengths. I have effective communication skills as well as listening skills, which makes me a perfect match for this vacancy. Effective communication not only helps me in communicating with all my subordinates as well as seniors in a satisfying manner but also ensures crispness and clarity in the speech. Listening is an important aspect, through which you can understand an issue or a problem effectively.

Sample Answer Three

I have many, but I would like to choose two. Sir, I am highly adaptable and have a unique ability to get accustomed to the working environment of an organization. This way I am always able to maintain a high level of productivity throughout my working day. Further, I am a jolly nature person, able to develop harmony and rapport in a short period of time with my team members as well as all my seniors and juniors. This ensures a healthy working environment wherein all the colleagues are ready to help each other, instead of bullying or indulging in other unethical activities.

Sample Answer Four

Yes, sir, I do have some strengths. I have the ability to make crucial business decisions even in times of distress while experiencing the most disturbing work environment. This is possible only because of my positive attitude and my upbringing, wherein I am always taught to never give up. Hence, considering the nature of the job and the need for a person with a go-getter attitude, I am always here and ready to serve the organization with all my passion, skills, and grit.

Sample Answer Five

Ok, sir. In my honest opinion, I have a high concentration level and focus, which always helps me to perform all my duties and tasks in an orderly fashion, ensuring time-bound completion of the duties allocated to me. Along with this, I am a dedicated person, who stays away from gossiping or useless blarney at the workplace. I always stay focused and committed towards my work, with a primary goal in my mind that I have to maintain my productivity level.

Sample Answer Six

There are frequent issues at a workplace wherein employees indulge themselves in certain unethical activities such as Burglary, Pilferage, and even harassment or bullying. It is my strength, to never get involved in such unethical activities and at the same time, prevent the occurrences of such activities whenever these happen at my workplace. I am very much against them. Further, I always work by maintaining an exceptional rapport with my seniors as well as colleagues, so as to ensure that the productivity levels do not fall and we are on the right path.

Sample Answer Seven

I feel lucky to possess several strengths, but I would like to share my two closest and major strengths. I hate obscure attitudes. I am always open to learning, and believe in consistent and continuous self-development, by learning the latest business techniques, software, and other functions. I am literally obsessed with learning and you will see that I always find a new and improved way of doing something. Further, I am pretty much hardworking and always perform and execute all my duties in an orderly fashion.

Sample Answer Eight

Strengths are nothing but an effort of your consistent hard work. Sir, I have a high concentration level and an ability to maintain my focus despite hindrances and disturbances. This gives me the ability to solve almost all the queries and problems arising at my workplace with precision and accuracy. Further, I am a dedicated person, who will always complete the tasks and execute the duties in a time-bound manner.

Sample Answer Nine

It is common for business organizations, due to severe workload, to allot several tasks to their employees, which must be completed in a single working day. In order to do so, an employee must prepare an effective prioritization strategy. I do not want to brag, but I am able to create some handy and masterful prioritization strategies as I am able to evaluate the nature of the task as well as the time required to execute it. This helps me to rank the items of the day adorably. Hence, effective prioritization is my closest strength, in my honest opinion.

Sample Answer Ten

I believe I am a great supervisor. I am able to handle a team of large people and create a sense of belonging and harmony among them so that they are able to perform tasks and duties following a high level of supremacy and minimal disturbance. Further, I have very strong communication skills, using which, I can communicate and convince different sections of the society using the ebbs and flow of my speech. This quality of mine has enabled me to resolve some severe trade union conflicts during my previous tenure.


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