What Books are You Reading Currently? 10 Sample Answers

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.”
-Neil Gaiman

Philanthropists say that man is made up of his habits, habits play a vital role in one’s success or even failure. We never stop learning, we learn daily. So upgrading your knowledge is what is a must in this era, and books can be your perfect companion to help you out.

“Mind is your greatest muscle, big muscles can move rocks, but big words can move mountains”
-Sylvester Stallone

Reading books is one of those habits which cleanse your mind, give a new perspective, and also opens up a new path for success.

Needless to mention most or every successful personality in this world has this habit embedded in themselves. They read more and more autobiographies, self-help, and more of their interests. They know, the more they read, the more they will acquire proficiency in their field and will also grow personally.

Warren Buffet, an American investor and business tycoon popularly known as ‘miracle of Ohama’ once said that he reads 500 pages daily (almost a complete book) by investing his six hours daily. He says even all of us can do this but eventually, no one does just because it’s a matter of choice.

Usually while interviewing, interviewers ask questions like what books are you currently reading? What was the last book you read?

Here the interviewer knows that the person is nothing but more of what he feeds above his neck. Every organization wants someone who is an intellectual and uses his brain wisely and the people who read more tend to be wiser as they have much more perspective and different approaches towards many aspects.

In such questions, two things get cleared i.e whether you read or not and if you, then of what category.

So, here we are coming up with 10 sample answers for ‘What books are you currently reading?’

What Books are You Reading Currently

Top 10 Sample Interview Answers

Before you answer this question, make sure if you are reading a book that is related to the field of your work, it can put up a great impression on the interviewer. Reading more than one book can also be a cherry on the cake as then you have 2 different tastes in the category of books to put it on.

I would personally recommend at least having two books understanding, to respond effectively. So you can show both the side of your coin. Your first book will be a book that is related to your respective field you are working upon. Similarly, your second book can be any of your choices, it can be a novel, mythology, fiction, history, sci-fi so on and so forth.

Example 1)

“Recently I am reading two books, one on the technical future and the other one is self-help. These two books are always with me, I am fond of technology hence whenever I complete my work I at least read 10 pages a day. Apart from technology I even like to read self-help as they fuel my efficiency, so I read them on weekends, again 10 pages a day.”

Example 2)

“I invest most of my time in reading the book of government exam which I am preparing for. As the author of the book is very much experienced so that book is like a personal mentorship for my upcoming exam.”

Example 3)

” ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ is a recent book which I completed, just a week ago and I must say I read it too late. Earlier I never gave importance to money management but after reading this book, it gave me a whole new approach towards my personal Finance.”

Example 4) Sales

“Most recently I am reading ‘You can sell’ by Shiv Khera. As being a salesman (Or wannabe) I must know and tighten my fundamentals and this book is all that I need from basics to advance. Learning and implementing things seems to be like an experiment to me, so still, I am left with some chapters as soon as I finish I would implement in the real market.”

Example 5) Teacher

” ‘Brain rules’ by John Medina is the current book which I am reading. My friend suggested it by saying that this book will improve you to achieve more proficiency in your career. As a teacher I love reading apart from this I also like to read psychological books as they help to understand human nature more. I also share stories and many more things to students from the book I read, and they do love it.”

Example 6) Manager

“I recently completed ‘The one minute manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Though it was a short book still each page of this book had too much meaning. The next book I am thinking of reading is ‘Ego free leadership’ by Brandon Black. I’ve heard a lot about it. I am curious now.”

Example 7) Admin

“I am much more interested in organizational and management so I like to read books of the same field. ‘Eat that Frog’ by Brian Tracy is the book I am currently reading, a beautiful book for time management. I am done with 4 chapters till now, I’ll complete it soon.”

Example 8) Finance department

“I read a lot about finance and economics, I even like to read novels. Recently I completed ‘Psychology of money’ by Morgan Housel, and I must say what a wonderful book it was, for me it was no less than a Bible for personal finance. Now I am currently reading ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. I heard about this novel long back ago but didn’t get time to read it but now it’s the current one.”

Now, What If You Don’t Read Books?

Don’t worry if you don’t read a book, but make sure you don’t lie in front of your interviewer just to impress him. Always be truthful. If you don’t read, explain to them why? What are the odds? and also tell them what else you do to increase your productivity.

Example 9) If You Don’t Read A Book

“To be honest, I am not such a book reader, I always like to listen and watch things rather than read. I’ve been busy searching for jobs, so I like to watch motivational videos. Still, I am looking forward to reading some mythological based books because I am interested in mythology. It can be a pleasure if you recommend me some books, I’ll read and come back to you with feedback.”

Example 10) If You Don’t Read A Book

“I am not a book geek, to be honest, the last book I read was one when I was in college, I do spend my spare time listening or watching inspirational or value-adding stuff, but reading is what I haven’t done since the last couple of years. I remember the last book I read was literature and it made a huge impact on my thinking process. I would read such literature again in the future.”

Recommendations Of Books

Here is a bonus tip we are listing the top 5 books everyone should read for adding value. Enjoy!

Psychology Of Money- Morgan Housel
(A book which will give you a whole new perception about managing and the way you look up to your personal finance)

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People- Stephen Covey
(As man is made of its habits, this book will teach you the 7 such habits of very powerful people ever existed, make sure you also imbibe the habits after you read)

Think And Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill
(While walking on the path of success ‘Belief system’ is something that acts as fuel to your life, this book will enrich your belief system.)

The Hard Thing About Hard Thing- Ben Horowitz
(This book itself says, “Building a business when there are no easy answers” if you are thinking for start-up this book can solve most of your hurdles)

Power Of Your Subconscious Mind- Joseph Murphy
(Most of us aren’t aware of the power of our subconscious mind it has the potential to solve all our problems, this book will help us to know how to unleash that power. The world lies within.)


It has been said that you talk to 100 people at the same time when you read a single book, and it’s simply because the book contains information of 100 people in a single copy.

But at the same time one thing we must know is only reading books is not what makes the change in you, it’s all about implementation. Whether it’s an interview or in general reading a book and implementing the tactics is what can help you to grow.

“My father said never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their bookshelf”
-Emilia Clarke

So, if you liked this post then make sure to like and share, we are always curious to know your views so comment down your thoughts below, and also if you have any recommendations of books that everyone must read then feel free to share it with us in the comments section. Till then have a great day ahead!


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