Top 21 Creative Thinking Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

What are the different ingredients that make a business successful? Give a long thought and note down the findings. You will certainly see that “Creativity” is at the top or at the second or third position in your list. Almost all the business organizations that are operating across the world prefer to hire employees that are dedicated and have the ability to think creatively. Thus, interviewers during an interview process strive to check your level of imagination and creativity by asking a few interview questions.

Creative thinking interview questions are termed by the candidates as absurd, unrealistic, quirky, and quite open-ended. This is true and thus, it is necessary to prepare hard for such questions. Further, these questions would always challenge your body language, approach and would make you feel uncomfortable. These questions are tricky and stimulate your overall thinking.

Creative Thinking Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. If Stars Are Diamonds Than What is A Moon?

Sample Answer

Sir, stars when seen from the Earth, shine, sparkle, and refract light, just like diamonds. Moon, also when seen from the earth shines and refracts light. However, since the moon is closer from the surface of the earth, the craters are visible, which seem like spots on an otherwise impeccable smooth surface. Thus, I would like to term it as a diamond that is yet to be carved.

2. Tell Me About The Best Phase Of Your Life.

Sample Answer

Sir, my college days were the best days of my life. In those days, I was a carefree, restless, and hardworking individual that aspired big and had several dreams. I had a large pool of friends and we enjoyed ourselves a lot in the market and even had a special spot for meetings. We used to study together, pass and fail, whatever the event was, we just made sure that it is full of life.

3. Describe About A Time When You Performed A Task Without Any Prior Preparation.

Sample Answer

Sir, working in any business organization is quite challenging. At times you need to perform a few tasks that you are not aware of or simply you don’t know anything about them. You certainly can not deny the performance of the tasks and have to compulsorily do it. I remember while working with my previous business organization how I executed a few tasks that were not related to my domain. I accepted those tasks and read a few good self-help books so as to complete them.

4. Choose Between Accumulation and Donation. Justify Your Selection.

Sample Answer

Sir, I would like to go with Donation. I believe, we all humans have a responsibility towards our society and must contribute something from our earnings to the people who are not that lucky as us.

5. What is Your Favorite Gift and Why?

Sample Answer

Sir, my best gift is a watch. This is because I rate time highly and in my opinion, a person who just does not respect time will never be successful in his or her life no matter how much talented he or she is. Thus, I always love to give simple watches to people, so that they understand the relevance of it.

6. Share A Time When You Performed “Quality” Operations.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, a quality operation is one in which a person is able to perform duties and tasks that lead to client satisfaction. I remember, how during my previous tenure with a business organization, I executed a task which satisfied not only the clients but also all met all the parameters and standards

7. If You Were Allowed To Use Internet For The Last Time, What Will You Browse?

Sample Answer

Sir, I would love to explore Facebook and message all my friends, family members, and colleagues. I believe the social circle of a person plays an important role in his or her success and gives some meaning or purpose to life. I would personally thank them all for being with me all the time and would certainly like all their messages.

8. Explain The Improtance Of Planning In Business Context.

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe it would be impossible to succeed without effective planning. It is inevitable for the managers and top-level executives to hatch business plans and then work as per the established principles. Plans act as a guiding lamp and always tell the people to move in a specific direction following a definite path.

9. How Will You Prepare For A Race With The Fastest Man On The Earth?

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe there is no mountain that can not be climbed and no valley too low to be passed. The challenges can be tough and may seem impossible at first, but with proper channelized hard work, grit, luck, and passion, a person can achieve success and might turn the tables. In order to prepare for the race, I would begin with a proper diet, start training, increase its intensity, and would persevere. Success is not a guarantee, but I am committed to working hard.

10. Which Is Your Favorite City From Where You Would Like To Work?

Sample Answer

Sir, personally I would love to work in a silent, and secluded place wherein I am able to concentrate upon my work. In the evenings, when my work is over, I would love to meet my friends and family members so as to hang out and create some nice memories. I believe, my birthplace or my native town is the perfect place for me and I would be happy to get a hometown posting.

11. Which Is Your Favorite Animal and Why?

Sample Answer

Sir, the bald eagle is my favorite animal. This is because, it is highly accurate, dedicated, and patient while performing its operations. If humans can inculcate its abilities and skills then I believe we will be able to perform our business tasks with great precision and deliver exceptional performances.

12. How Would You Like To Know Your Future – Through Tarot Card or Through Palm Reading?

Sample Answer

Sir, to be honest, I don’t want to know my future. This is because, in my opinion, life is full of surprises and things change pretty quickly that acts as the spice of life. I like spices and I want my life to be full of surprises. Further, the future could either be good or bad, and knowing it is adverse for you in every sense. If it’s good, you will become complacent and would gradually lose happiness. On the flip side, if it is bad, you will literally become mad and would start living in depression. Thus, I am not interested in knowing my future, but still, if you ask me, Palm reading looks attractive.

13. How Would You Design The Cover Page Of Your Autobiography?

Sample Answer

Sir, first of all, it is my dream to write an autobiography. However, for people to read my story, I need to do something special in life. Hence, I am honored that you thought that for me. I would leave the cover page of my story as pale white and would incorporate a traditional border around it, in brown and gold. I would title my autobiography “Solving Disputes Between Hard work and Luck”.

14. Suppose, You Can Have A Personal Meeting With A Single Person From The Past, Whom Would You Choose and Why?

Sample Answer

Sir, I would like to have a personal meeting with Napoleon Bonaparte. He is the story of grit, power, luck, success, and failure. A non-french young boy, who migrated from his hometown of Corsica to France with a dream to conquer the world someday, is in itself quite exciting and thrilling. If I can have a meeting with him, I would like to ask him, how he mastered his luck, how he remained that dedicated, and what was his thought process before going for a battle.

15. Employees Work With An Organization Only To Earn Salary. Comment On This Statement.

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe this statement is partially true. Employees are the assets of every business organization and the success or failure of business operations depends entirely upon the manner in which employees conduct themselves. They work quite hard and achieve the organizational goals and objectives by sacrificing a lot in their personal lives. Moreover, they have got bills and have a family to feed too, for which they need money. I don’t think it is bad if they are working hard for an organization and in return, they get rewarded.

16. Choose Between Responsibility and Authority. Justify your Selection.

Sample Answer

Sir, authority is glamorous and mentally satisfying. In my opinion, a person who has authority can make quite a name for himself and can play a major role in the success story of a company. However, with authority comes responsibility and both of these are inseparable parts. Still, if you would like me to choose one then I will like to go with responsibility. This is because I simply love to work hard and execute the tasks assigned to me.

17. If You Were Given An Option To Choose Your Last Book To Read, What Will It Be?

Sample Answer

Sir, In this situation, I suppose it is not the end of the world and the only issue is that we are facing is with writers, as either they have gone on a big mass strike or all of them have switched their careers. In such a situation of dearth, I would prefer to read a book that is based on my domain. This is because, instead of fantasizing about the creativity of any writer, I would love to become nostalgic by reading those college formulas and concepts again.

18. We All Love Superpowers. Which One Is Your Favorite One?

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, the ability to move from one place to another within fractions of a second is my favorite superpower. This is because, if I will get that superpower I will no longer be stuck in any traffic jam, would reach my office without any tiredness, and would go back home to meet my family without any delay.

19. If Time Is An Illusion Than Why Do We Use It In Our Daily Lives?

Sample Answer

It is true, that famous scientist Sir Albert Einstein once termed time as an illusion. The basic rationale behind that was to eliminate the fine line between past, present, and future. The great scientist even went on to say that reality is a series of complex events that occur by default. I believe this is a story that is distinct from the sundials and the normal 1 p.m(s), 2 p.m.(s), or 5 p.m. (s) that we are aware of. The time displayed in our watches is based on the positioning of the sun and has nothing to do with the theories propagated by Sir Einstein. Thus, we use time daily and there is no harm in it too, isn’t it?

20. How Many Stairs Would You Need To Reach Heaven?

Sample Answer

Sir, stairs can be of many types, they could be made up of concrete, iron, or maybe wood. So first of all considering the great height and elevation levels, I would prefer to use concrete in my stairs. Next, I would like you to share with me a complete address of heaven so that I can go there alive and just measure the distance of it from the planet earth. Post this, I would be in a perfect position to tell you the exact number of stairs.

21. We Love To Hire Honey Bees At Our Workplace. What Is Your Interpretation?

Sample Answer

Sir, honey bees are the busiest animals on the planet earth and have an unmatched dedication and perseverance level. These little species are always busy with their work and have the lowest distraction rate. In addition to this, honey bees are order takers and perform to the best of their abilities to execute them. In my opinion, every business organization likes to hire employees that exhibit the qualities of a honey bee. That is, the employees are dedicated, committed and inclined towards the tasks assigned to them.

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