How Would Your Colleagues Describe Your Personality? [With Answers]

There are several terms that are quite common but yet we do not know their perfect meaning. “Personality” is one of those terms. As per a recent survey, more than 90% of the people in this world have heard of this term but are yet to fully discover its meaning. In interview sessions, you will certainly find several questions that are based on this term. Hence, to start with, first of all, try to understand its meaning.

How Would Your Colleagues Describe Your Personality

What Is This “Personality”?

We all human beings are different from one another. We are born with distinct characteristics and inhabit our lives in situations that vary from one another. For instance, Some are born with a golden spoon in their mouth and some find it hard to even make both ends meet. These conditions and circumstances separate us, and influence:

  • The way we think in different situations
  • The way we behave and react to different challenges in life and
  • The way we feel and talk with others

“Personality” of an individual represents all the psychological characteristics that exclusively belong to or pertain to him. For example, Some people may find it hard to persevere and some might show greater resistance in tough and challenging times. Thus, to summarize “personality” represents human traits and the way a person observes and reacts in different situations of life.

Tips To Answer This Question Effectively

1. Try To Fit In The Company Culture

The primary objective of this interview question is to understand your interpersonal and soft skills. Just like humans, every business organization is different and incorporates a different set of rules, guidelines and procedures. Thus, first of all, browse the official website of the company, and tap the “About Us” section. While reading try to understand the policies, ethics, and corporate culture of the company. Frame your answer using words that align and match the corporate requirement.

2. No Self Boasting

The nature of this question is such that most of the candidates tend to boast off and flaunt their positive attributes and characteristics. However, this will not go well with your interviewer and your credibility might be severely affected. Hence, if you ever feel that you are going a bit off, always balance it by mentioning any inquisitive negative trait and state that you are trying to eliminate it.

3. Have A Conversation With Your Co-Workers

If you want to prepare seriously for this interview question then you ought to design and ask a few relevant questions from your colleagues. The responses generated must be noted and analyzed. A proper analysis would surely reveal a lot of things about your personality that you yourself were unaware of. Try to compile the various responses generated and draft a well-structured answer.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Consider

Sample Answer One

I conversate a lot with my colleagues and we try to know about each other’s characteristics. They say that I am a problem solver and I have the ability to solve situations and challenges that might seem daunting and tough. In addition to this, I always hear from my friends that I am a positive individual and keep on working hard until some positive results are achieved.

Sample Answer Two

My colleagues characterize me as a person who is detail-oriented. They say that before starting any project I delve deep into the details and try to gather as much information as possible for the sake of high accuracy and relevance. Further, almost all of my colleagues share their problems and issues with me, as they say, I am able to think creatively and can offer a solution that is quite pragmatic and effective.

Sample Answer Three

I have several friends and some of them are my co-workers. Almost all of them say that I am very honest and straightforward in my work. They say that I always try to maintain consistency in operations and strive to deliver a performance that is precise and holds relevance from the business context. Further, I feel that I have a lower concentration level. However, I am on my way to increase it and have even started practicing meditation on a daily basis.

Sample Answer Four

You ask my references, and you will certainly find that all of them will say that I am a team man. I associate myself with my team members and strive hard to achieve the goals and objectives that are assigned to the team, instead of focusing only on my individual goals. Further, I am told that I am a hard-working individual and love to try and even attempt new challenges and problems.

Sample Answer Five

We all meet a lot of co-workers in our lives and some truly become our friends for life. I have had a conversation with them in this regard, and they say that I am an ambitious person who loves to work hard with an intention to climb up the corporate ladder. They categorize me as a serious person, who is still funny and possess a good sense of humor.

Sample Answer Six

My colleagues say me that I am an honest and committed individual who loves to deliver high-quality and effective performances at the workplace. They nickname me Mr. Perfect as I always try to gather a lot of information before starting any project. However, I have some temper issues and I get irritated quite easily. I understand this is a bad and negative trait, and to eliminate it I have even joined a few online personality grooming classes.

Sample Answer Seven

You ask my co-workers and they will say that I have the ability to generate and extend some effective long speeches. I have excellent communication skills and can use some impressive speech modulations to enable a proper understanding of the primary aspects. Moreover, they always say that I am serious at my workplace and try to perform to the best of my ability.

Sample Answer Eight

My team members always say that I am quiet, reserved but clever, and optimistic in nature. I remember how during my previous tenure I gave a few perfect ways to cut down the excess cash expenditure that the company was doing. All my suggestions were highly appreciated and I got the title of Mr. Critical, as all my points clearly depicted the manner in which the company was depleting its precious cash balance.

Sample Answer Nine

My colleagues say that I have perfect writing skills and an unmatched ability to generate logical and impressive business drafts. I gain a lot of recognition at my workplace because of my out-of-the-box thinking and excellent writing skills. I believe, for every problem, there exists a perfect solution, which is not visible to our naked eyes. I always try to search for it so that I am able to deliver exceptional performance and improve the profitability conditions of my company.

Sample Answer Ten

Not only my colleagues but also my friends say that I am able to maintain an excellent camaraderie with my fellow mates. I have the ability to move in synchronization and in harmony with the rest of the team members. I always believe in achieving the combined goals and objectives of our company and working as a leader. Moreover, I am a person who loves to take self-initiatives.


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