Top 21 Team leader Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Dedication and hard work always pay off. First of all, we congratulate you on becoming eligible for the position of team leader. It is a prominent business designation and as a team leader, you will certainly be into management and planning. Along with this, you will also receive a higher payout, and at least, three to four employees would now be directly reporting to you. With a higher designation comes more challenges and responsibilities. Thus, you need to have those leadership abilities, critical thinking, and the ability to meet targets before the deadline.

Being a managerial position, the interview process of a team leader always comprises some deep and hard interview questions. The best way to prepare for an interview session is by reading lots of frequently asked interview questions. Below is a list of the most important interview questions that relate to the interview session of a team leader.

Team leader Interview Questions

21 Best Interview Questions To Study

1. Delegation Is An Art. How Do You Distribute Responsibilities Among Your Team Members?

This question checks the strategies that you adopt to delegate tasks.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, delegation is not less than an art and a team leader must carefully delegate all the responsibilities and power. In my case, I always, first of all, assess the nature and attributes of my team members. Post this, I always assign them tasks that they could work on according to their caliber and natural talent. For example, A team member who is not that physically fit will never get urgent tasks for execution.

2. How Do You React To Negative Feedbacks and Criticisms?

This question checks your viewpoints in regards to criticisms received at the workplace.

Sample Answer

Sir, not every task is perfect, no matter how hard we try. When we make mistakes, criticisms are bound to happen. Negative feedbacks are important to improve your performance. I never use them in any negative manner, rather always prefer to use them to better my delivery and quality of work.

3. We Always Get New Information. Describe About A Time When You Changed Your Perspective In The Light Of Any New Fact.

This is a situation-based interview question and you are advised to share a practical response.

Sample Answer

Yes, sir, this statement is true. No matter how much information we collect, there is always something left behind, that is discovered at a later stage and needs to be considered. I remember, how I obtained the tax-related information at a very later stage of the project, and how it changed the complete scenario. I was forced to re-design the clauses, so as to protect my company from possible losses.

4. Assume That A Few Members Of Your Team Are Failing In Meeting The Deadlines. How Will You Manage Them?

A leader always moves with everyone who is concerned, and never leaves anyone behind. This question checks how good a leader you are.

Sample Answer

Sir, it is a common thing because every individual is different and has different priorities in life. When I face such a situation, I always prefer to have a 1:1 dialogue with the concerned professional. I try to understand all the possible reasons that are affecting his or her performance. If the reasons are related to the workplace, I always try my level best to eliminate all the problems.

5. What Is The Most Important Characteristic Of A Team Leader?

This question checks how conversant you are with your profession.

Sample Answer

Sir, in my opinion, Empathy is the most important attribute of a team leader. Using this, a team leader is able to step into the shoes of a team member and analyze everything from his perspective. This helps in gaining a better knowledge of the issues and helps in extending solutions that are nearly perfect.

6. What Is Your Ethical Team Culture?

Through this question, an interviewer requests you to explain how would you like your team members to be.

Sample Answer

Sir, an ethical team is one, which always meets its deadlines and maintains the quality of work. For this, the team members must be hardworking and persevering along with being knowledgeable. Further, team members must also try to take self initiatives and constantly endeavor to improve their performance.

7. We All Face Failures In Life. How Do you Cope With A Work Related Failure?

This question requires you to state your technique or strategy to manage the failures that you face at your workplace.

Sample Answer

Sir, It is an established fact that every employee of the company works with all his heart and soul to achieve excellence. However, success is still not a guarantee, and there are high chances that despite delivering exceptional performance and hard work, an employee might fail to obtain a favorable outcome. I always manage my failure by doing positive pep talk and saying again and again that one bad day could not define me.

8. How Do You Motivate Your Team Members?

This question requires you to share a strategy using which you can motivate your team members.

Sample Answer

Sir, recognition is one of the best motivational factors and works effectively in getting the best from the employees. It not only motivates them but also makes them dedicated and committed to the company. I always try to motivate the best employees by recognizing them in front of the whole office.

9. Describe About A Time When You Completed A Task, Of Which You Had No Previous Knowledge?

This is a situation-based interview question and your true responses are expected.

Sample Answer

Sir, professional life is quite challenging and I have faced such a situation so many times in my career. I remember when I was working on a project during my previous tenure, I knew nothing about capital budgeting, while I was given the task to evaluate a business proposal using this technique. I accepted the challenge, and self-taught myself the basics of it. I applied the acquired knowledge and evaluated the proposal quite excellently.

10. Team Leaders Are Like Commanders Of Their Teams. How Will You Uplift A Depressed Team?

This question checks whether or not you are aware of the challenges of being a team leader and also the various strategies to uplift a team and make it more productive.

Sample Answer

Sir, In order to uplift a depressed team, I always prefer to take them on lunch and give them 2 days off (subject to getting permission from higher authorities). This gives them the much-needed break and lifts their mood completely.

11. You Will Certainly Work At A Higher Position And Would Lead A Team Of At Least Five Members. Differentiate Between Arrogance and Humility As Human Traits.

This is a personality evaluating question that requires you to differentiate between two common attributes of human nature.

Sample Answer

Sir, arrogance is nothing but a feeling of superiority. In other words, this is a negative trait, and a leader would adversely fall if he keeps on persisting with arrogance, ego, or haughtiness. The best part is humility. A true leader is always humble in his operations and his primary objectives include providing support and guidance to his team members, instead of mocking them out of arrogance.

12. Describe Your Best Boss and Worst Boss.

We all work at different business organizations and meet a lot of bosses. Some are good for us and some are bad. The reason for this classification is expected in your answer.

Sample Answer

Sir, it is true that we categorize our bosses. In my case, I met my best boss during my previous tenure, and he always supported and guided me. However, his predecessor was the worst one. This is because he always bullied me and always tried to assign me tasks that are of the least importance.

13. When Can You Start Working With Us?

This question requires you to share a genuine date of start.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am currently employed with a business organization. However, since I was desperate for a job change, I have already served them a notice and am expecting a relieving letter by the next week. Hence, considering two days of buffer, I will be able to work on or after _____(mention your expected date of start)_______

14. What Motivates You To Work?

This is a common interview question and all the reasons that prompt you to work hard and achieve goals and objectives at your workplace, are required.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am a person from not an affluent financial background and have the responsibility of 4 of my family members. My burning desire to climb the corporate ladder and earn a good salary drives me or motivates me to work hard and achieve my goals and objectives in a time-bound manner.

15. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

This question requires you to share your expected salary bracket. Always share a salary bracket that is based on some extensive research of the industry to which you belong.

Sample Answer

Sir, I am expecting to receive a salary in the pay bracket of $50,000 to $65,000 per annum. This is not at all a random figure, and I am quoting this after conducting deep research of the industry to which I belong. However, I really want to work with his company and I am negotiable too.

16. With A Greater Position, Comes A Greater Responsibility. Will You Be Able To Handle This Increase In Workload and Stress?

Workload and stress management are common business requirements. Make sure that you always answer this question positively.

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely agree with the statement. Team leaders are the managers of the team and have to assume greater responsibility. This might lead to work-related stress as well. However, I always use various stress management techniques to manage my stress levels. In addition to this, I always meditate and perform deep breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and a sense of worry.

17. Can You Work In Rotational Shifts?

This is a common employer expectation and you must answer positively.

Sample Answer

Sir, I completely understand the relevance of this interview question. Business organizations face a lot of stress, burden, and work in a dynamic business environment. This requires the companies to work 24 hours, and thus rotational shifts are created. I am a committed employee and would love to work as per the requirements of the company.

18. We Prefer To Assign Several Tasks To Our Employees. How Will You Complete All Of Them On Time?

This question requires you to state your prioritization technique.

Sample Answer

Sir, it is common for business organizations to assign several business tasks to their employees that need to be executed in a single working day. I am up for the challenge and have the ability to do so, due to my developed prioritization technique. I always arrange my tasks on the basis of their difficulty levels. The tasks that are tough and need a greater application of mind are always taken up by me at the beginning of my shift. This works for me and even helps me to get a sense of relief and I am able to execute all the tasks before the deadline.

19. Describe Yourself In A Single Word?

This is a tricky interview question and you are required to summarize yourself in a single word.

Sample Answer

Sir, to be very honest, I am a very persevering individual, who has the ability to continue despite facing difficulties. I accept all the challenges whatever the organization and circumstances put in front of me.

20. Why Do You Want Work With Us?

This question checks your level of commitment and seriousness towards the business organization.

Sample Answer

Being a two-decade-old business organization having its operations spread in more than 7 countries, it would be an honor to work for you. The company has always been a tough competitor and possesses a large customer base of happy end-users. It is a profitable company and is a hit on the stock exchange as well. I believe I will be able to expand my knowledge base while working for the company and also contribute effectively.

21. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

It is common for the interviewers to conclude an interview session by asking this question. This is the last question of an interview session and you are likely to go home after this. Through this question, an interviewer wants to know all the apprehensions and doubts that you might have in regards to the company. Skipping this question will prove fatal to your selection chances, as you will be perceived as a candidate who is either not serious or not fully prepared. Hence, you can always ask a few questions on the basis of the model questions mentioned below:

Model Questions

  • What are the various training and developmental programs that are offered by the company to its employees?
  • Please share a list of all the allowances and incentives that the company offers to its employees.
  • Can you tell me a few best things about this company?


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