What Role Do You Play In A Team? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

To build a great team no matter in any field you need a great leader and have an effective group of members to make the teamwork in any kind of situation. In the corporate world, teamwork is very important it shows how and what type of situation you can handle being a part of any team or in a group. Teamwork is the combined effort of a group consisting of five to six people to achieve a common goal or could be to complete a difficult task that was assigned to that particular team. To have a good team spirit every individual present should have an effective contribution to the work that they are going to represent.

What Role Do You Play In A Team

Here Are Some Sample Interview Answers To What Role Do You Play In A Team?

Sample No. 1

Every time I was placed in a team I always played the role of gathering or collecting information about the task from various sources. Yes, it is not an easy part of a team collecting data could be very difficult sometimes as there are many tasks where we need to find very confidential data which was not available to us easily.  I gather the data and then make a final presentation of it with the help of other members of the team and that I do not do it by myself. Surprising my teammates with significant data and information makes me excited and that is why I take such a role when I am put in a team or any corporate group.

Sample No. 2

Yes, who does not like to be a leader could be anywhere around the world. I highly appreciate me being a leader in the team. I do not necessarily force myself to be the leader in the group it should be deserved and sorted out with the other team members in the group. But, I do have to agree that most of the time I was always appointed as the leader to any group that I was put into. I give all the credit for such to my different types of leadership qualities such as the ability to delegate, use an effective communication skill, attract customers, gratitude, empathy and sympathy and many more. These are the qualities in me that make me take the leader’s spot in any of the team that I am put into.

Sample No. 3

Everyone has been in a team ever since their school days and so did I. As this is my very first time in the corporate world I have never been in any of such team to date. But, if you ask me informally then as a part of the football team I would call myself to be the captain or the leader of the team. Yes, I was always appointed as the captain by my coach it was not only because I was great at playing the game but controlled and managed other players with ease. The same might be in the corporate world as well as managing other members to work in sync. I guess my coach found out some leadership qualities in me and that was the reason why I was always appointed as the captain of my football team.

Sample No. 4

I am not a leader material when it comes to teamwork or team related projects. But, I always played the role of a shaper in the team where my main job was to drive the team forward to achieve the goal. It is not always easy to motivate seven to eight different people in the group they all have different opinions about every aspect. But, I handle people well and motivation is the part of my job and to drive the team forward and that is what I do when I am placed in a team.

Sample No. 5

I am not a natural leader as there are many leadership qualities that I lack in. Not everyone has a leadership quality in them they are quite rare to find in the world. When I am put in a team I play the role of the resource investigator and sometimes the creative one. To explore opportunities and bring in important contacts related to the project for the team is what I love to do. I just focus on that part when I am in a team and very rarely I give some unique ideas of what could be the alternate of the given idea. Being a resource investigator sometimes few data or information are very rare to find that are kept hidden.

Sample No. 6

I would characterise myself as the creative one in the group or any team. As previously I worked as an animation artist I would have to come with very creative animations for the team and for the company as well. So, that is the reason why I like to characterise myself as the creative mind of the team. I bring in interesting ideas and solutions of what could attract the viewers or the customers and I guess I find my position perfect in the team.

Sample No. 7

If I may speak honestly I was not always the one coming forward to express ideas out or to lead a group. I am a follower in a team I listen to pieces of advice from authorities and follow them. Basically, I need someone else to lead me in the right direction and also set some rules and regulations so that I do not cross the boundaries when I am in a team. If everything goes well or as planned in the team then you should know that the leader is excellent. Most of the organisations around the world have many leaders but they lack ordinary people like me who are responsible for their work.

Sample No. 8

I was never always put in a team so I guess I do not have much experience in this part. But, yes talking about it makes me very exciting and I am looking forward to the future that I am placed in a group. Even if I was placed in a team then I would surely be the listener or the follower as it would be the first time in my life so I do not know how everything works. Following leaders have always been my regular routine and in each of my previous workplaces so I would surely be a great listener and a worker to the team leader. I guess playing the role of a follower impact being a great team overall so I may be playing one of the important roles in the team.

Sample No. 9

Working in a team has always made me very excited and interesting. I surely don’t play the role of a leader but I characterise myself as the responsible one. It is because when it comes to deadlines for any project I start taking care of it even if it takes overnight to finish the work being a part of the team, I encourage everyone to finish it before the deadline by hook or crook. I should honestly admit before you that I am not a natural leader or the creative one in the group I just bring up if the deadlines are nearing and encourage everyone to work so that we do not fail to submit the project on time.

Sample No. 10

I was always a natural leader even for the smallest of projects to which my team were assigned. Team projects make me feel very interested and exciting so I volunteer and take the lead very often. Yes, it would be inappropriate for me to always take the spot as a leader in the team. To become a leader one should have all the qualities and support from the group. This is why I always ensure that other members in the group have a fair chance to express themselves as a leader or any other leadership qualities that could lead the team properly and decently.


It is not always important to play a particular role in a team to participate in it is very important. Team building is what the corporate world needs and you should have all the abilities and qualities to build up a good team it could be in any field. To have a beautiful and good working environment you need to work well individually as well as with others. Working with other people brings more ideas and broadens them so that you get more information. Teamwork has many benefits than working individually with a closed mind so make a habit of building all the qualities needed for a great team. I hope you gained something from the article above know yourself where do you stand in a team. Please don’t forget to leave your comment below and leave feedback as well.


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