Are You a Team Player? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Getting a new job is exciting for everyone and so the interview rounds, may not be for everyone but for some, it is like a new challenge to take up. It is necessary to learn the basic or common interview questions before appearing for an actual interview. Take time from your schedule and start working on the most common questions asked in an interview, learn about it and make your answers. The probability of facing a similar question in your actual interview and answering it effectively will increase drastically.

‘Are you a team player?’ is one of those common interview questions which are frequently asked, most of the recruiters seek someone who can excel in their respective position. This particular question is asked to all from a beginner entry-level employee to the upper management of an organization. Especially if you are applying for a sales-related job or department head or manager then this question ought to be asked by an interviewer.

Being in a team and working together is not everything that it means, it is more further than that. Obviously when the interviewer asks you “Are you a team player” you will promisingly respond “YES” but that’s not enough. The interviewer wants you to expand your answer and escalate it in a better manner to convince him that you are as promising as you said yes.

Answering or escalating your answer must not be in rhyme, it must be on a basis. Before you apply or prepare for an interview you must research about the company, about its working, and after understanding all that is needed then figure out how you can fruitfully answer this question.

For example, if you are applying for a post of software engineer, then research about the surrounding and type of environment software engineers have and then evaluate how you can be productive with your team members during your work time and also be free of stress while doing the same. Prepare the answer accordingly and then also try to add situations as examples to convey your parlance aptly.

It’s okay if your pieces are still apart, we are here to connect them for you, so we have bought 10 sample answers here for ‘Are you a team player?’

“Coming together is Beginning,
Staying together is a Process,
Working together is Success”.
-Henry Ford

Are You a Team Player

Tips to include in your answer

  • You can mix with colleagues and work with them effectively
  • You can mediate into conflicts and resolve them with your wittiness and understanding
  • You encourage your teammates and motivate them when needed
  • You work with every member of the company and a good coordinator

10 sample team player answers

So, before you answer this question you must understand that there is a difference between just an employee and a team player. An ordinary employee is a person so just does his job what is assigned to him and complains about what’s not fair at work. On the contrary, the team player works with everyone to cheer along and make the environment more productive, such people are potential assets for the company hence recruiters seek such personalities to hire.

Example 1)

” Yes, I do think that teamwork is a vital part for every employee as well as for me too. There are certainly plenty of technical and other skills related to the profession I am into but I think the most potential employees are those who have the skills of communication.

I even received praise and applause from my previous manager just because I had that skill of communicating with my teammates and coming to a mutual resolution that was accepted by most of our teammates and also explaining it to the reporting manager who is appointed to manage our department and make necessary changes and environment according to the requirements of the team and here I even made his work easy”.

Example 2)

“Yes of course I am a team player! As I have completed my management degree, I am trained to work with all kinds of people and surrounding cheerfully. Working alone is not what I ever prefer as it’s like boredom for me. Teammates are the ones who act as a motivation and support system for each other in every situation, as if you are going through a rough time at work they help you out and others are stressed then I can act as a stress buster and help them out”.

Example 3)

“I’ve been a team player since my childhood as I am very interested in sports. I’ve led many teams in sports, so the habit of being and working with a team originated from there itself. Eventually, this habit was reflected in my work as well. Discipline, hard work, teamwork are some important things that sports have taught me till now, hence all these skills are reflected in my work life and now I work more efficiently on assigned projects or tasks with my team members. At my previous job I was assigned as a team leader of a sales force who had a decent target to achieve, we all achieved it by working together and under my leadership”.

Example 4)

“I’ve been a part of both as a team player and a team leader too. I am happy that I perform both these roles very successfully. I grab almost every opportunity which comes across. I put all my energy and skills which I possess, communication skills, leadership skills, positive outlook, being optimistic, etc, and the work has to be done more effectively as it is expected. Everyone contributes something from their end but when someone contributes by giving their heart and soul then that’s the work which is needed and that’s what I do and be a part of key contributors”.

Example 5)

“Yes, I do quote myself as a team player I’ve several memories with myself where I played a role of a team player successfully. For instance, once when I was working as a software engineer in my previous organization we had a team that was working on the same project. I knew that working with every team member and having free flow communication was essential. I created a free flow communication among every person who was related to that project and also passed information about software to the hardware team so they could relate and work quickly and effectively. This resulted in faster work efficiency and rise in completion of work”.

Example 6)

“Yes! I am a team player, though I have never been a team leader yet I wish to be, till now I’ve been a good team player. Being with my teammates and having fun with them is what makes joy for me. Apart from working, having fun with your teammates is what makes the environment joyful and even the work becomes more fun than just a commotion. We even deal with some conflicts, misunderstandings, etc. When there is a team all such misapprehension is inevitable but dealing with it is in our hands and I deal with it generously. Ultimately a good workplace comes with great people”.

Example 7)

“Yes I am a team player, I like to work in a team rather than working alone, this gives me support and motivation to be more active. I agree that working with a whole new team may not be an easy task at all. Although we are attached to some other people and suddenly shifting with some other group of people can be difficult but not impossible at all. I try my best to mix up with every new person I meet and also create bonding and friendship very quickly, so working with my new teammates is not that difficult a task for me”.

Example 8)

“Yes, I do consider myself as a team player. I understand people and also possess convincing communication skills. I like to work with people and be surrounded by them. Previously at my job, we had a team of 30 people working with each other and together.

We completed many projects successfully because of being together and united. Yes, we even had internal conflicts with some teammates but I was the one who most of the time used to resolve it by any cost with wit or fact or tact but we resolved. It’s not at all unique, facing conflicts is common if there is a team working together but if the team’s bond is strong then the conflict doesn’t last long and I am good at creating bonds”.

Example 9)

“I appreciate working in a team as it every time provides me with a lot of opportunities to see and enhance my potential in terms of work and other verisimilar tasks. I believe that I can learn from every person I know and from almost everything around this globe, the same goes for my teammates too. Even there’s a lot to learn from them so being with them learning something new is what I feel captivating.

Also, working with a team especially when you have some serious work or project to work upon then these teammates are the only ones who helps to improve our productivity”.

Example 10)

“To be very honest, for me it depends upon the situation. I am with the team, I also work with them and support my colleagues. But in some situations when I feel that something is fishy or there are inequities, for example when I do not agree with some of the resolutions passed by the team or I see some brain twister things going through with any unethical issues, I don’t mind standing against the team.

What I am trying to convey here is that I possess very strong values and I don’t like to nod my head to everything even if I don’t know what’s going like other team members say and follow the crowd blindly”.


“No one is as smart as all of us” how accurate it is, isn’t it? Working in a team has numerous benefits as we all know so while elaborating your answers make sure you use previous examples and if you are a beginner explain to them what traits you have that make you say as a team player.

Finally, we hope as we have learned a lot and went through many examples about this question till now you might have gathered your pieces and ready to excel in your interview.

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