How to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers – All You Want to Know in 2024

Whenever you would want to try your luck at any company, your resume or biodata will be the first interest and the driving factor that will push you towards an interview. A resume is an official formal document that states your professional background and your educational qualification based on which you get selected for a job interview. It comes with a cover letter via which you convey your enthusiasm for the post. SO, the resume plays a major role in drawing an impression about you, hence make sure that you have an eye-catching one.

Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers

How to make your Resume eye-catching and convincing?

This is the first move towards successfully applying for any job. Here is how you can make this a successful attempt:

Have high compatibility with the job

Please make sure that you read all the details about the job description and then only apply for the job. The requirements and skills required for the job are stated down below the advertisement for the same. You have to make sure that you have the minimum required skills for the job to be eligible for consideration. If you are not abiding by these, then you will be doing nothing more than just wasting your and also, the hiring team’s time.

Convince the employer about your qualification

Do not present and send the same resume again and again for every job you apply to. Make customisable changes to your resume as per the requirements of the job. Put more stress on what you have achieved so far in your job life. Try to include keywords that match up to the required qualifications for the eligibility criteria because, at the time of the interview, the employer will be interested in knowing whether you possess the relevant skills which makes you a fit candidate for the job.

LinkedIn always makes it attractive

Edit your LinkedIn and make it look more presentable and fulfilling because it is always a good idea to put a link to your LinkedIn on your resume. Match your profile with your resume because the hiring team will take a look at your LinkedIn if you have one. Put all your skills, features photos of your achievements, skills and endorsements if you have any and also, your educational background. Ensure that you a good description of yourself and the title should be very precise, yet conveying the purpose.

Use your formatting skills

Mostly, the presentation of your resume plays a major role in influencing your personality and your perfection skills. You can change the font style to a more presentable one. The most appreciated font is Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri. Also, set a size range between 10 – 12, so that it is illegible. Try and present your answer in sections such as make separate sections for educational qualification, skills and accomplishments because it gives a neat look to your resume. Also, use bold and italics for headings and sub-headings.

Keep it simple

Fancy designs in your resume will not at all provide you with a professional front to your application unless you are applying for the designing field. Keep the presentation neat and simple as much as possible because it will make it easier for the ATS machine to screen and for the hiring team to eyeball your resume. Less is always more when the concern is about a professional resume. Provide a very brief yet comprehensive description of what you are trying to convey because a detailed descriptive story will be the cause of boredom for the hiring team.

Declutter your resume

It is immensely important that you include only a brief mention about your past experiences a said in the previous point. A resume is a short glimpse of your work experience and should not be your life history. That will not lead you to one step ahead of others, instead might disqualify you from the process. A resume is a professional document that should not contain details about your personal life such as your hobbies or anything irrelevant to the employment process.

Recheck your resume

Always revise your resume before sending it to the main party. Here are some tips on how you can do the same:

  1. Check for errors: You might not know, but unknowingly you might make very silly typos while you are typing your document. Use a grammar checking site such as Grammarly to get rid of any errors and grammatical mistakes, because of one error, and that might lead you to debarment from the interview.
  2. Name your resume: By this, we don’t mean that you will name your resume as “Resume”. Please don’t do that, it’s highly cliche. Rename your resume with your full name, say, NameTitle.doc. In this way, you and your resume will be perfectly recognisable to the hiring team.
  3. Convert it to a PDF file: Unless and until there is no mention about a specific format of the resume, you can always go for a PDF format. It is a lot easier format to edit your data. It sometimes happens that you want to present your data in a specific format and it appears in some other messy format in front of the employers which could be embarrassing. Do not let that happen.


So, as you are almost over with the article, you must have gained quite a good idea on How to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers – All You Want to Know in 2021. We have provided a very basic and comprehensive set of questions which are highly based on the tips and tricks on which you can work to make a presentable resume. Make sure that you are searching and applying for the right job and filling in details that are relevant to the job, otherwise, your application might get disqualified. Hope that his article helped you in your resume framing and please let us know of the suggestions and how you liked the content in the comments section below.

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