What Is Your Work Style? (With Sample Interview Answers)

This is a very important aspect of the job that the interview panel needs to know about you. Apart from your skills and work experiences, the employers must have an idea about your work styles. Employers will have to evaluate whether you are the right choice for the job. This might seem to be a vague question, but this is a question that you can showcase your style of work. In the meantime, You can highlight why this kind of work style is best suited for the job you have applied for and a good fit for the role as well as the company.

What Is Your Work Style

How can you describe your workstyle in any interview?

We will take a profound look at the idea of how to describe your work style in an interview. Also, this will make you more comfortable with any interview that you go for. Take a look at the questions below:

Workstyle 1:

I have an extremely flexible work style that will go well with each kind of work and employee. This is because working n multiple projects at a time needs a person who is more of an adaptive one than that of a complaining one. Mostly, I keep myself limited to working on one project at a time so that it is quicker and much more effective and has the best results. Almost all my projects require collaboration, so teamwork help greatly in finding out errors while working. I believe in perfection and I have quite good communication skills that help me scraping the best out of myself.

How it works:

This answer shows that the preferred work style of the candidate is one project at a time and at the same time specifying the communication, flexibility and collaborative skills that the candidate possesses. Unless you applied for a job that demands multi-tasking, this would be the best answer that will give them an indication of passion and dedication.

Workstyle 2:

To be honest, when it comes to working, I am quite dependant on others. However, I have rarely missed any work that has been allotted and I am quite known for arriving early and leaving late from work after completing all the tasks. This dependence on others has increased my collaborative skills. I am quite strict with the deadlines and ensure that I and my teammates have finished everything before time. In my previous work, one of my teammates was facing a problem with her task and the deadline was next week. So, I decided to work late at night for that entire week to finish all of it. This way, not only we could complete the assignment but also submitted it two days before the deadline.

How it works:

The pillar of this point is its example. Hiring managers get really impressed with employees who tend to outdo their performance help their co-workers with their work.

Workstyle 3:

I have great organisational skills and due to that, I can manage multiple tasks all at the same time and with maximum efficiency. I like to do my tasks independently, but at the same time, I highly support suggestions from my teammates because that might make the project more presentable. I like to follow up with my boss and manager if everything is going on the right track and take regular feedback on my progress report and also ask for suggestions to better my work. This type of formal yet open communication helps me complete my tasks and duties within time with maximum accuracy.

How it works:

This answer shows that the candidate is quite multi-tasking one and can handle good amount of pressure. It also shows his communication skills and flexibility.

Tips and Tricks to Stand Out

Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow while answering.

1. Think according to you work style

Know whether you can work fast, are comfortable with collaboration, can come early morning ad work on your presentation and convince your manager about your ideas. All these ideas will frame a good answer.

2. Be comprehensive and brief

Do not provide a history of details in the interview because the managers are not interested in the detailed description. Rather, provide them with a brief yet comprehensive idea about your skills and focus on these key skills that match the job description.

3. Provide instances

Just like we had provided one, mention some similar work incidental situations that are more likely to match your present job application. Just for an instance, you can say that how your organisational and leadership skills helped to complete a project successfully.

4. Show honesty

If you can not handle the workload when you have hundreds of files piled up at your desk, mention that in front of the hiring team. Do not try to be impulsive and state a list of requirements that you need while you work.

5. Communication skills

If you have applied for a job that requires communication skills daily with other employees and clients, then you should give it a shot to mention this point. Know by yourself that whether you are comfortable with email, phone calls or conference meetings as a mode of communication. Mostly, all these jobs will require almost all the mode of communication that is specified.

Now, if you are still unsure of how to actually frame an answer for the interview, then consider referring to these fields:

  1. Effective and efficient: If you know that you are efficient and effective both at the same time, then make sure you include this in your answer, especially if the job demands tough deadlines. Also, the hiring managers get impressed by proficiency and accuracy rather than just mere efficiency. If you are sure that you work at a fast pace, then mention the strategies on how you do so.
  2. Schedule your day: You should have a to-do list for everyday working day as that will keep you sorted. You can mention what is the maximum number of hours of work you can do and whether the morning shift is suitable for you. If you always outdo your work and assist people in their task, then mention so.
  3. Collaboration or Independence: The employer would be interested in knowing whether you are comfortable working independently or with collaborations. Keep in mind the job description and then answer the question. Mostly, jobs require some collaboration, but even if you think you can handle your work alone, try and mention that you would surely respect others opinion.

What should not be told in the interview?

1. Do not give rigid responses

Do not try to be definite with your answers unless you are certain that you can settle both the company and the interviewer’s work style, it is instructed to be not so rigid with an answer. Suppose, if you say ‘I do not like working in teams’ and the interviewer is looking for a person who is a team player, then you might just get yourself disqualified right and then.

2. Do not use cliches

For all the interviews, every candidate will have a common trait to answer mutual skills such as communicative, hard worker and problem solver. It is absolutely fine if you are mentioning these key skills but these words are used by mostly all the candidate and the interviewer might have a question about what makes you stand out from them. So, the best way to answer is that you can support your key skills with incidences that have perhaps cropped up in your previous organisation.

3. Do not be dishonest or skip a question.

Since, it is a bad idea to stay rigid and definite with your answers, it is also a vague idea to become dishonest and specify traits about yourself that are untrue because then you will be inaccurately judged by the employee which will prove to be detrimental for you and the organisation. It is quite expected that people will have work preferences. This is the time when you can share your preference as well. If you do not have an urge to wake up in the mornings and attend a meeting, then it would be wise of you to mention it to the hiring team.


Here in this article, you will find a comprehensive idea of the What Is Your Work Style along with its answers and some tips and strategies. So, we have mostly all the common situations that you can be put to during the interview that you can refer to while you are framing your answers. Also, keep in mind all the necessities while answering the questions because otherwise, it might lead to disqualification of your selection if you do not answer accordingly because this job does not only require communication but requires to provide quality products and customer service is indeed the game-changer.

Also, you can feel free to let us know, how helpful this content has been to your career and do not hesitate to give any suggestions or ask questions in case you are having any doubts regarding this topic. Please feel free to drop your comments in the comments down below.

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