How Would You Describe Your Communication Skills? (With Answers For 2022)

Communication is an exchange of meaningful information between two or more individuals. Good communication skills mean that you can speak appropriately with a variety of people while conveying information that is understandable enough to the other person. It is rightly said that no matter what job you have in your life, your success will be determined by 5% by your academic credentials, 15% by your professional experiences, and 80% by your communication skills. Good communication is the ticket to success in so many fields of employment generation.

“The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership” – James Humes

However, business communication is different than regular communication. It is communication that is done to achieve a common goal of the employee and the organization.

How Would You Describe Your Communication Skills

When the interviewer asks this question, he wants to know how versatile you are with your communication skills, what are your perspectives on your communication skills. An interviewer with no doubt would prefer to hire a candidate with excellent communicating skills who can express his/her thoughts clearly and effectively. It is not one of the most common questions that have been asked in the interview as the interviewer will get to know about your communication skills by the way you conversate with him during the interview, but still, to have a catch on your opinion, he may ask you this question.

This question can be asked in multiple ways:

  1. What would you rate your communication skills out of 10?
  2. Describe your verbal skills.
  3. What is your communication style?
  4. Do you think you are an effective communicator?
  5. Give us a brief about your communication skills.

Importance of Good Communication Skills

  1. Some jobs are completely dependent upon an individual’s communicating skills like telecommunicating, call centers, marketing pitch, salesman, service sector, etc.
  2. It is important to make a good impact on your superiors or subordinates.
  3. Good communication leads to a healthy communicating environment at a workplace between the employees.
  4. It helps in completing the tasks in an effective way.
  5. It helps you ace that interview and pass the selection process.
  6. Good communication skills are important for being understood and understand others as well.
  7. Effective and accurate exchange of information.
  8. It helps in building a rapport.
  9. A good communicator gets better listeners.
  10. It helps to overcome the diversities in the workplace.

Answers to “How Would You Describe Your Communication Skills?”

Sample Answer 1

“I would describe my communication skills as a mixture of being a great listener and great negotiator. Last year, I did a course on Business Communication Skills, which taught me the importance of being a great listener because when a person listens better, they understand better and hence, communicates better. Listening is an aid to both personal and interpersonal communication. And as a listener needs a listener too, a good communicator can make their colleagues understand what they have to say. I ace these communication skills because I have learned and groomed them along the way.”

Sample Answer 2

“Since my school years, I have been a bit of an introvert, so to be very honest my communication skills can be improved as I am aware of my weak points and I am really working hard on improving them by expanding my network, meeting new people, talking to new colleagues by making the first move to talk and I think I will get better at it by time and practice. I have also been reading the book by Dale Carnegie named, “How to make friends and influence people”, it has great insight on how one can improve their communication skills and build a network. So far my writing skills are way better than my communication skills”.

Sample Answer 3

“I would rate my communication skills 9/10, as there is always room for improvement. I have an excellent vocabulary and I can find the right words for the right time. I can handle conflicts by negotiating and coming on to a conclusion, I know how to talk to people and convince them. I can also deliver an excellent speech during a pitch. I keep reading different genres of books to improve myself.”

Sample Answer 4

“In my previous job, I got along well with my co-workers and managers. Even when some conflict arose, I used to quickly sort it out as I understand my colleagues and it is completely normal for a conflict to arise in such a diverse environment of people. This is why I think when it comes to communicating effectively, I am a good communicator. I am sure even you could describe my communication skills as we have been long enough in this interview and my former manager could also describe it to you in a much better way than I ever could”.

Sample Answer 5

“I am an extrovert person and I have a friendly nature; I am good at communicating with other people, I have developed my public speaking skills over time through participating in various debating competitions, presenting elocutions and different speeches, etc. I feel whatever I convey is understandable to another person. I sound confident enough when I communicate my thoughts. I am also a good influencer as people listen when I speak as I certainly speak in a way that makes people want to listen to what I have to say and, in my opinion, that is a quality of an excellent communicator.”

Types of Communication Skills

There are different types of communication skills that are essential for our jobs, businesses, etc. And interviewers look for these skills in an ideal candidate. The two major types of communication involve verbal communication and non-verbal communication.

Verbal Communication Skills

These skills at the business level mean when an individual is successful in conveying his/her thoughts to another person effectively while sounding confident. The interviewers hire those candidates whose verbal communication skills are excellent.

It is a much-needed skill in businesses like marketing, sales department. Interaction in business meetings and business interviews, even on a phone call is not possible unless and until the candidate inherits these communication skills.

To build work relationships, it is important to have good communication skills. These skills can involve

  1. Speaking in meetings
  2. Presentations
  3. Performing a workshop
  4. Telephonic or Personal Interviews

Non-Verbal Communication Skills

These are the skills that a candidate on a business level acquires over time. The hiring process nowadays does not solely depend on your verbal skills, it has a wider scope now. Now the interviewer tests an individual on the basis of his non-verbal communication skills too.

An interviewer observes the candidate’s overall personality and your body language with the gestures you use while talking, the eye contact you make with each and every interviewer, and the sitting posture with your walking style as well. Getting hired in an interview has a bigger picture to it now and it seems a lot, but these are some basic skills that an individual can learn and develop over time to make a good impression in front of the employer.

Writing Skills  

Another mode of communication that is widely used in almost all sectors of the business world is written communication. On the job level, people through writing communicate through various ways like newsletters, notice letters, notices, notes, making PPT presentations and memos. One should also develop writing skills because it is really important to know how to write all these things because it helps you communicate with people within the work and outside your work.

Reading Skills

Being an avid reader helps to communicate better. These reading skills are developed over time by reading different books of different genres like fiction books, non-fiction books including finance books, self-help books. Being a successful employee requires excellent reading skills for business communication. To enhance your reading skills, you may read physical books or electronic books. In case you are a beginner at reading, start with fiction books to develop focus.

Listening Skills

A good listener is always a good communicator and not everyone can become a good listener unless you master the skills of listening by practice, practice, and practice. A good listener understands other person’s perspective on things well and hence communicates better.

On a business level, when a job candidate listens well, he is able to take better feedback from the superiors. Being a good listener creates a healthy work environment, an environment that is open to ideas, suggestions, innovations, and actions.

You can work on your listening skills by listening to podcasts or audio books.  

There are so many online platforms that helps you to learn these skills and get better at it.


Before going for that interview, make sure you work on all these skills to give a good answer to ‘How would you describe your communication skills?’ Good communication skills can work wonders for our career, it can improve your work life in so many ways that you could not imagine, not only the conflicts will reduce but also you will be successful in getting that job.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, let us know in the comment section what you liked about this article. Share this article with your friends.

All the very best for your interview!


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