What Questions and Concerns Do You Have About This Role? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

An interviewer asks this question to have a fair idea of the doubts or concerns you have in your mind for the company. In my opinion, you should ask the answer to whatever questions you have in your mind before he gets to ask you this question, as it signifies that you are equally interested in that job opportunity. However, this is an important question as it plays a vital role in getting you hired. Your questions will help the employer create a perception of you as an employee.

What Questions and Concerns Do You Have About This Role

Guide to Answer ‘Do you have any questions for us?’

Always Answer by Asking a Query

When an employer asks you this question, do not sit quietly or say no I don’t have any questions for you just because you feel like the employer has covered everything during the interview. It is always better to respond to his question with a question because no response can make the employer think that it was a one-sided conversation and you were not involved in it completely. The employer may also think that you are less interested in the opportunity that has been given to you.

Ask Relevant Questions

Do not ask a question that is already answered by the employer during the interview, so be attentive during the whole process and ask questions that are related to the company’s goals, culture, and your goals involved with it. If you had a doubt in a certain part that was discussed earlier in the interview, you can ask that too. Your questions should show your interest in the position.

Avoid asking personal questions like the work leaves, working hours, off-work activities, or questions related to the interviewer’s personal life. Be specific and courteous.

You can also avoid asking for the paycheck unless the employer himself mentions it as it is your first impression and you likely should avoid the money talk and do the work talk. Do not ask about salary unless the employer asks you to reveal your salary expectations from the company and the job position.

Prepare Prior to the Interview

This is one of the most common questions asked by an employer, so you could always prepare for some questions in advance in order to fill the silence after this question in the interview. Prepare for the questions with respect to your field.

Prepare for multiple questions as some of your queries may be resolved by the interviewer during an interview. So, prepare a list of questions and concerns that needs to get addressed.

Also, avoid asking too many questions back-to-back to the employer, he may feel a little overwhelmed hearing a lot from queries from you. Ask one or two or three specific questions, one at a time.

These factors will help you create a great first impression in front of the interviewer.

List of Questions that You Could Ask

The below listed are a mixture of some questions that would demonstrate your interest in the company, help in showing the employer that you are much more than they expected you to be, help you know about the company and your responsibilities in the company in detail.

You could ask questions related to the job, about the company, about the next steps in the selection process, about qualifications, about the work environment and so on…

 So, let us take a look at these questions.

  1. What will be my responsibilities for the position?
  2. Do you think that my responsibilities would be dynamic in nature?
  3. How do you think I can succeed in this role?
  4. What is the work culture like in this company?
  5. Are there any prospects for employees’ growth and skill development?
  6. What is the management style that is followed in this company?
  7. May I know more about the company and my role?
  8. How many employees will I be working with?
  9. Is there anything else that you want me to answer about myself that would help you take this decision of hiring?
  10. Do you have any specific projects that you have in your mind for the company’s growth that I could be a part of?
  11. How do you train the freshers here?
  12. What technologies and processors are used here for the technical work?
  13. What are the current focuses of the company and what are they expecting from their employees?
  14. How are the employees rewarded for their achievements in this organization?
  15. I heard you mentioning the conflicts arising between the subordinates? How do you think my role should help in promoting teamwork and reducing the number of conflicts to zero?
  16. How is the role that I have applied for contributes to the organization?
  17. Why do you enjoy working with this company? What makes you leave your house and come to work every day?
  18. What are the qualities you are looking for in an ideal candidate?
  19. What are the next steps involved in the hiring process?
  20. How long will it take to hear back from the company regarding the job status?

Sample Interview Answers to “Do you have any questions?”

Sample Answer 1

“I would like to know that what was the biggest challenge and hurdle for the person who was working at the position that I have applied for and how do you think one can deal with such a situation?”

This question shows how serious you are about the role you have applied for. This would demonstrate your interest in the company.

Sample Answer 2

“I would like to know about more details about the working style of the company. If you don’t mind to answer it?”

This question will make employers think that you want to research more about the company while demonstrating your interest.

Sample Answer 3

“In my earlier job, I was asked to perform a task while having no prior knowledge about how to do it and it was kind of frustrating for me, So, I would like to know that how do you train your employees that motivates them to work at their best every day?”

This question will demonstrate to the employer that you are willing to learn and grow with the company.

Sample Answer 4

“I do not have any queries regarding the job in the company. But if you don’t mind, I have one concern that whether I will be able to handle the workload or not because taking work to my home is one of my biggest concerns. I would really appreciate it if you address this concern”.

This question will demonstrate your honesty to the interviewer.

Sample Answer 5

“I would like to ask you about the working culture in this company. How well do you think I would fit in?”

This question shows that you want to know about the department you are going to work in as even the interviewer knows that how important it is for an employee to fit in.

Sample Answer 6

“How is the success measured in this company?”

If you ask this question to the employer you could come to know that how id success defined in the company that is it qualitative measure or quantitative or a mixture of both.

Sample Answer 7

“How will I get to work on projects and lead campaigns?”

This question will show the employer that you are eager to work with the company. This would also portray your leadership skills in front of your employer.

Sample Answer 8

“What are the long-term goals that the company is aiming to achieve in next few years?”

This question shows that you have an insight for helping the company grow and achieve success in the long-term.

Sample Answer 9

“How do you raise employee morale in this company if they fail in some project?”

This question shows your concern about the job and about what will happen if you make a mistake in the future.

Sample Answer 10

“Is this a new position in this company or a replacement for some candidate working earlier for you?”

This question shows that you want to know why the position is vacant and what factors made the former employee leave that position. It is a fair question to ask in an interview.

So those were a couple of valid questions that you could ask when the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for us?” These questions may vary as per individual’s concerns regarding the field of job they apply in.


It is important to ask questions in an interview as this is your chance to know more about your future job and learn more about the company, this is also a chance to leave an impact in an interview so that the employer remembers you from the questions you asked out of hundreds of candidates. By asking insightful questions, you will leave your mark in the whole hiring process.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, let us know in the comment section what you liked about this article, and keep sharing insightful information with your friends who are aspiring to give an interview.

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