Top 6 Old Navy Interview Questions in 2024 [With Answers]

I think you should quite well know what an Old Navy is that is why you have probably visited this website. This is one of the most reputed clothing brands in the United States. This company has a very positive rating in the community for its workplace, empathy for its employees. However, you will have to get your interview part done right to get into the job. You might have to give your interview in a group or a separate room, in an online or offline mode. You will mostly receive personal life questions, but there will be some situational ones as well.

Old Navy Interview Questions

Interview for an Old Navy

In the context of an interview for Old Navy, we have shared a list of question and their answer which you can refer to before your interview so that you have a clear idea on how to frame your answer and what should not be told in the interview. Below, are the questions:

1. Why do you think Old Navy is the suitable place to work?

Answer. This is the most common question that you will hear if you interview for this company irrespective of the post you apply for be it a sales manager or store or inventory manager. You can answer in two ways. You can mention their reputed brand and the morals they try to promote such as equality and happiness. You can say that these values are highly in line with your values and hence, it would be a brilliant answer to impress them. It would be great if you could refer to their customer service about their organisation and their employees on how they served them.

Also, if you think you know someone who had recommended you this organisation to apply for, appreciating their working environment, then that would be a very good option which you should mention in your answer with the name of the person who told you so. Also, show how enthusiastic you are about this job so that it puts an impression that you are quite interested in the job and not only the money factor.

2. Can you define an astounding customer service?

Answer. Nowadays, shoppers do not only expect a reasonable price for any good but also expect a lot more complimentary things that will come with it. They want to have a good time with their shopping and would also like to get in touch with a sales person who is friendly. Old Navy is a renowned organisation for its excellent customer service and this is a very common question in any retail shop you interview for.

There are lots of definitions of astounding customer service. If the customer is satisfied with the welcoming of the store to excellent service while they are in their shopping process from the moment they step into the store till the time they leave out, you must be sure that they have received an excellent customer care service. However, it is not important whether they bought anything or not.

There is another indication of a great customer service your store is providing. that is, if you see that the customer visits your store almost daily for their shopping, then it is quite certain that they are satisfied with your store in terms of product quality and also the customer care service.

3. Do you have an experience of a fight between your co-worker?

Answer. Hiring team will always be interested in your personality and your attitude while dealing with certain situations. Are you ready to admit a mistake? Can you solve conflicts patiently? How well do you get along with your colleagues? Would you prefer co-operation or competition? Conflicts are a part of every job and they occur due to differences in opinion because all people have a different mindset and tend to react differently in situations.

If you tell them that you have a patient attitude while solving conflicts and do not get affected by bad words that much, then that will a convincing way to impress the hiring team. However, if you are not experienced with workplace culture, then you can honestly state to them that you always have a friendly attitude while solving any issue with your colleagues.

Say to them that, you are interested in fulfilling their needs, listen to their opinion, assist them in their work and do as much as possible to become a good team member. If you work with this attitude, there should not be any conflicts that will crop up.

4. When are you available at the latest and what are the suitable work hours?

Answer. Old Navy stores work like an ATM, which is almost always at service and they hire for all types of jobs as part-time, full time and seasonal also. So, if you feel comfortable working on the weekends, then you are welcome to do so or just 18 hours each week because you might be a student or a part-time worker. Do some homework and try to schedule your week with what kinds of jobs you are required to accomplish.

Make a to-do list and also, if o=you want you can take help from it during the interview and specify which days you are available to work and how many hours a week. However, flexibility in hours might make the hiring team more interested in your application. You will have to always showcase your answer in a way in which they will get this idea that you are not only here for the money or as the last priority, but for your career advancement. You might have other priorities before this work, but this job should always be your second priority.

5. What is your motivating factor in your work?

Answer. If you are expecting that your manager will come and motivate you on days when you do not feel like doing anything, in any case, that will be a short-lived one. Put forth a valid reason why do you wake up for work and this should always put more stress on your job interest rather than the money. You should have a fixed target on which you can work, that will push you through your difficult times. Let us take a look at some o the examples below:

  1. You might want to complete your studies but you will need a regular source of income for affording the fees. Hence, this is the motivating factor that keeps you going to accomplish your target of earning your desired degree and have greater reach to career options.
  2. You love everything about fashion and you are more than just excited to join an industry that will give you such scope to fulfil your dream. That becomes your motivation to work. You do not get how time flies when you are in the store.
  3. You have a strong passion for making your children educated so that they can have a better standard of living and it is necessary for you to work hard to be able to afford such fees.
  4. You treat every retail shop as a living structure. Once one organ starts malfunctioning, the whole body does not make for a healthy body. So, you strive hard for the appreciation of your colleagues and do not let them down for their downfall in performance. Besides all these, a good team will always make up your mood when you are just feeling down.

6. What are your salary expectations from this job?

Answer. you might think that this is good to go question, but this is a very tricky question and can make or even break the job interview. Do not bring your impulsive behaviour and state any amount that you find is relevant enough to demand. Go through the company’s website and research their salary ranges that will match your job position because a full-time worker will always be paid more decently than a part-time or seasonal worker.

You can always specify a salary range, however, you should be comfortable with the lowest range as well. But if you think that you want a specific amount and is qualified enough for that with the company who would be able to provide such an amount, then you can go for it.

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Old Navy Interview Questions 1


So, we have mostly all the common situations that you can be put to during the interview that you can refer to while you are framing your answers. Also, keep in mind all the necessities while answering the questions because otherwise, it might lead to disqualification of your selection if you do not answer accordingly because this job does not only require communication but requires to provide quality products and customer service is indeed the game-changer.

Also, you can feel free to let us know, how helpful this content has been to your career and do not hesitate to give any suggestions or ask questions in case you are having any doubts regarding this topic. Please feel free to drop your comments in the comments down below.

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