Top 21 US Postal Service Interview Questions In 2022 [With Answers]

A fifty year old organization, with more than 600,000 employees and the heart and soul of the nation, joining USPS or United States Postal Service, is a dream for every candidate. Passing a challenging USPS exam is in itself tough and requires a lot of preparation. But, if you are reading this article, then most probably you have passed it and eligible for the interview stage. There is nothing that can’t be achieved with proper preparation and hard work.

Three Tips To Excel In Your Interview

1) Prepare Current Affairs

It has been observed that there is a good proportion of questions asked from the latest developments, events, and circumstances related to The United States postal service. Hence it is vital to prepare for them through, newspapers, magazines, or simply online websites.

2) Complete Knowledge About The Department

Preparing for an interview conducted for a vacancy at The United States postal department requires you to have complete knowledge about the same. There are high chances that there would be questions testing your factual knowledge about the department. Here are some key facts that you must remember:

  • The United States postal service was established in 1971.
  • Prior to this, postal services in the country were affected through the Post office department founded in 1792 by the Postal Service Act.
  • The United States postal service is a constitutional body and is authorized by the US constitution.
  • The first post-master general of The United States postal service was Sir Benjamin Franklin.
  • There are more than 30,000 post offices in the country handling more than 660 million mail packages daily.

3) Prepare For General Interview Questions.

There are several common questions asked for almost all the vacancies around the globe, that are general and not job-specific. They basically judge and evaluate your personality and interpersonal skills. Always prepare for them in order to generate positive traction towards your resume and job application.

Top 21 Latest USPS Interview Questions

1) Do You Prefer Privatization Of The United States Postal Service?

Recently, the Trump administration has proposed the idea of privatizing The United States postal service. This is a question related to recent developments and tests your awareness and understanding of the latest events.

Sample Answer

I believe, if privatization can help the organization to achieve more efficiency in its operations and effectiveness in delivering mails in fewer days, then it should happen. Otherwise, if this is purely a political move, then the sanctity of The United States postal service must be maintained, and instead, reforms must be made, for its smooth and appropriate functioning. It is a national asset and must be properly taken care of.

2) Explain Briefly Any Two Issues Related To The United States Postal Service?

This question tests your current understanding of the problems and issues faced by the The United States postal service.

Sample Answer

Every great institution has some problems. Prestigious The United States postal service is also having a few. First and foremost, there is a consistent decline in revenue which is a big reason for worry. Further, there have been a few payment defaults too, indicating dwindling finances of the organization. But, a few reforms can be made, and we would surely see a healthy and financially sound postal service once again.

3) How Will You Deal With An Unsatisfied Customer?

You can’t make everyone happy with the service and you would probably find disgruntled customers. The responses to this question show your behavioral aspects and personality.

Sample Answer

I believe there are a few such instances. But, whenever I will find myself in a similar situation, I will try to calm down the customer and use my active listening skills, to completely understand the problems of the customer. Post this, I will try to give an appropriate response and if the resolution is beyond my authority I will just forward the complaint to my boss.

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4) What Reforms Can Be Made To Better The United States Postal Service?

This question tests your problem solving ability and your ability to generate solutions.

Sample Answer

In my humble opinion, door-to-door delivery must be scrapped and replaced with cluster boxes. This will help the cash-strapped organization to save huge sums of money. Further, I would suggest, that the current rates charges by The United States postal service, are way too low for affecting mail deliveries. These can be increased and can be made at par with the private operators, to support the declining revenue.

5) Who was The First Postmaster General of The United States Postal Service?

This question tests your factual knowledge about The United States postal service.

Sample Answer

Sir, The first post-master general of The United States postal service was the great Benjamin Franklin.

6) Who Are The Prominent Competitors of The United States Postal Service?

This question tests your understanding of the business environment in which the The United States postal service operate and perform its operation.

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe there are two prominent competitors to The United States postal service express mail and package delivery service. These are FedEx and United Parcel Service(UPS). Although these are not allowed to deliver non-urgent mails and are also not allowed to make direct deliveries to the US mailboxes whether commercial or residential.

7) Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

This question allows an interviewer to know your perception and attitude towards the postal department.

Sample Answer

Being a historical department, offering excellent compensation, permanent long-term employment along with a work-life balance, I believe it fulfills and satisfies all my requirements and prerequisites. The United States postal service is the pride of the nation and working for it will be a dream come true for me.

8) What Is The Primary Role Of The United States Postal Inspection Service?

This question tests your understanding of the various measures employed by the country, to protect the sanctity of The United States postal service.

Sample Answer

The United States Postal Inspection Service was founded by the first postmaster general, Sir Benjamin Franklin. It is one of the oldest enforcement agencies and protects the interests of the postal employees and prevents the mail system from instances of possible misuse by criminals, terrorist groups, or simply notorious people.

9) What Are Your Two Biggest Strengths?

This response to this question will help an interviewer to make a thorough self examination of your personality and attitude.

Sample Answer

I believe I am hardworking and punctual. Punctuality is something that a mail delivery personnel must always possess and hard work is to be done in almost all the job profiles. Both these strengths of mine make me worthy of joining prestigious The United States postal service.

10) What Is An Office Of Inspector General?

This question tests your understanding of the various posts or senior positions related to The United States Postal Service.

Sample Answer

Authorized in 1996, it primarily supports and oversees the activities of The United States Postal Service. It also prevents and detects any possible frauds happening in the organization along with implementing measures to improve the efficiency in operations.

11) How Do You Handle Long Working Hours?

There are thousands of mail to be delivered every day. Hence, all the employees of The United States postal service, are expected to work for long hours with hectic schedules. Always answer this question positively, to boost your selection chances.

Sample Answer

With high volumes of mails to be handled every day, I completely understand the need for long working hours. On the physical aspect, I do regular exercises to keep myself fit along with having a balanced diet. On the work front, I always do deep breathing to improve my focus and take regular short breaks of 5 minutes every three hours, to rejuvenate my mind giving me the ability to work regularly with high concentration levels.

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12) What was the foundation year of The United States postal services?

This question tests your factual knowledge about the department.

Sample Answer

Sir, it was founded in 1971. It took over the mail delivery operations from the previous Post Office Department which was founded in 1792 by the Postal Service Act.

13) Are You Willing To Perform Clerical Duties?

Clerical duties are a part and parcel of a job at The United States Postal Service. You must say a yes to this answer as every employee working in the postal department is expected to perform clerical duties.

Sample Answer

Being a team man, highly flexible, and adaptive, I am willing and ready to perform any task related to my job, no matter it is clerical work or administrative work. I understand the need for performing clerical work in the United States Postal Service and will be more than happy to execute it with perfection.

14) What Is The Relevance Of Return Address?

This question tests your understanding of the modus operandi or operating procedures followed by the mail delivery agencies.

Sample Answer

Mentioning a return address on every mail package is a mandatory and compulsory requirement. It tells a mail delivery agency, that where the sender of the mail wants the mail to be returned in case it is undelivered.

15) What Are The Various Ways Of Paying Postage?

This question tests your understanding of the practical work procedures involved in giving effect to a mail delivery.

Sample Answer

There are several ways to make payment for postage stamps, such as:

  • Pay online at
  • Purchase prepaid envelopes
  • Pay at a post office
  • Purchase the shipping label online, later on, printed by the customers on an A4 paper sheet.

16) What Attributes A Mail Clerk Must Possess?

This tests your understanding of the job profile.

Sample Answer

A mail clerk must be:

  • Accurate for the correct delivery of the mail packages
  • Meticulous and detail-oriented to deliver the package in the least time as possible and
  • Must have excellent sorting skills

17) How Efficient Are You While Working In Teams?

The United States Postal Service, requires all its employees to work together in a team environment. Answer this question positively.

Sample Answer

In order to give effect to successful delivery of mail, there are several people working in a cordial and coordinated manner. I believe the various operations of mail delivery are intertwined and working in a team setting is inescapable. I am up for it and very much comfortable doing the same.

18) Name At Least Three Types Of Postal Facilities?

This question tests your knowledge of the mail delivery infrastructure.

Sample Answer

There are several infrastructures, related to postal facilities, namely:

  • Main Post Office, the apex postal facility in an area or community
  • Sorting facility, to sort the various mail packages.
  • Village Post office, located in rural areas.

19) What Is Your Salary Expectation?

This is a common interview question, that must be answered post thorough analysis and research. At The United States Postal Service, no negotiations are offered, which further increases the relevance of conducting proper research for similar salaries offered for similar roles in a particular area of service.

Sample Answer

Sir, I believe becoming a part of this prestigious institution is enough for me. Still, I have a family to feed. I have made a thorough investigation in relation to prospective and past salaries offered in a similar role and capacity. On the basis of that analysis, I am expecting anywhere between, (___share your expected salary bracket______)

20) Which Book You have Read Recently?

This question tests your interests in books, literature, and other similar intellectual areas. Never mention a sci-fi, horror, or romantic book, no matter how much you love them. Always rely on informative and behavior-changing books.

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Sample Answer

Recently I have read (____name the book____). I believe it was an interesting read thoroughly influencing me to look towards bright side of things and helped me immensely in framing a positive and problem solving attitude.

21) Do You have Any Questions For Us?

There have been instances when a candidate tries to skip or avoid this question by simply saying ‘No sir’. It is highly advised from our side, that you don’t try to skip this question, rather frame a few questions for your interviewer. Avoiding this question, generally gives an impression, that you were not engaged or not involved in the entire interview process, severely hurting your chances of selection. You can ask such questions:

  • What are the promotion criteria in your organization?
  • What are the work timings?
  • What employee benefit schemes are offered by The United States Postal Service?
  • Will I be compensated for the travel expenditures made on behalf of the services?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):


The United States Postal Service is approximately a 50 year old government institution confiding thousands of glory and pride stories. Working for such a premier institute is a desire of every growing kid in the country. Hence, the interview must be well prepared by consistently revising the frequently asked interview questions. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.



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