Top 21 Labor and Delivery Nurse Interview Questions in 2024 [with Answers]

A labor and delivery nurse is a nurse who assists and guides a woman from her early pregnancy stages till the birth of a child. They may continue to serve for the mother after pregnancy days also because they go through medical reports of the mother and analyze their body to see nutritional demands and diets that the body is demanding for mother and children to be safe.  

A labor and delivery nurse takes complete care of the woman and it is a very responsible and important job. The job of being a labor and delivery nurse is very hectic and tough. Labor and delivery nurses are available in hospitals and medical care unit centers in several places and also in delivery wards of healthcare sectors. Moreover, a labor and delivery nurse assesses and maintains every aspect to make the mother live a healthy lifestyle. 

Labor and Delivery Nurse Interview Questions

Top 21 Interview Questions For Increasing Chances of Selection

1. What do you know about a labor and delivery nurse?

Sample Answer

A labor and delivery nurse is someone who looks after a pregnant woman and helps her in every step of her pregnancy to deliver a healthy child. She also looks after the nutrition and body requirements of both the child and the mother. 

2. List some parameters on which a labor and delivery nurse makes decisions.

Sample Answer

A labor and delivery nurse makes decisions only when there is no risk involved in any type of medication or treatment that the child and the mother tend to have. It is a very responsible job and I think that every aspect of a problem and then monitoring the mother and the child after any dose of medication is a must. 

3.Are you confident enough to be eligible for this job?

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I think that I have worked and experienced things practically enough to say that I am confident in monitoring and treating pregnancy and its plans. Being in the job of a labor and delivery nurse requires a lot more effort and dedication. 

4. What are your strengths for this profession?

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I believe that maintaining confidence and not panicking about things during parturition is my biggest strength. I believe that this profession requires big responsibilities and high dedication. I can handle things calmly and efficiently. 

5. Why does childbirth or parturition not scare you?

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As I was a beginner in this profession, it was a little hard for me to accept and believe that such dangerous situations and scenes can be handled by me effectively. But as I practiced more and made myself prepared for this job, I came to believe that I should not panic or fear anything during my job hours as it may even lead to any mishap. 

6. How do you look at nutrition for mothers in this profession?

Sample Answer

It is very important to take proper care of the nutrition and diet of the mother and baby after delivery. Nurses must look into reports of patients and decide the best nutrition for the deficiency of any important element in the body. 

7. Share your weaknesses as it is also an important part of this profession.

Sample Answer

Not getting biased, I believe that getting tired and experiencing an incident that degrades my productivity is my biggest weakness. If I handle cases beyond expectations or I indulge in a serious issue, then it lowers my work efficiency. 

8. What according to you is the biggest moral character of yours is reflected in this profession? 

Sample Answer

As labor and delivery nurses, we serve labor women and help them live their life for nine months and further after with fewer hassles and more love. It is a service more than a profession or a job to get paid because we are trying to free someone from their pain and impart happiness.

9. What were your previous job and your experience?

Sample Answer

I worked as an assistant nurse to a labor and delivery nurse for five years and I learned a lot from that experience. Now, as I get to understand almost all angles of this profession, I believe that I can handle this job very well. 

10. Share the worst and most tragic incident you had during your earlier job.

Sample Answer

While delivering the baby, I saw that the newborn had come out of the womb dead. That was a very tragic moment and I almost had shivers and chills after this dangerous incident. Thereafter, I decided that utmost care and a look through every angle of a case is necessary to be an L&D nurse. 

11. How important are communication skills in this job?

Sample Answer

The communication skills of an L & D nurse must be good enough to work well whether the patient does not communicate effectively. Patients must realize that L&D nurses are their partners during labor and delivery. Besides this, an L&D nurse should explain each and everything to the patient timely and clearly and so, with better communication skills. 

12. What is the importance of time in this profession?

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I think that time is very important as every second decides a newborn during parturition. Actions and the right timings should match in this profession. 

13. How should you work with your assistants and seniors for best teamwork?

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Better communication skills and working as a team is the biggest part of this profession. It becomes easy to handle the situations and avoid any mishap while delivering. 

14. How will you deal with a serious situation like perineal tears?

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It becomes really important to take proper medication treatment and plans during serious issues. The perineal tears must be treated well with stitches and operation also because as it pains, it may create further complications that may hinder any progress during parturition. 

15. How will you address someone that they had a miscarriage?

Sample Answer

I believe that It is all up to God to make decisions. In the same way, I will communicate with my patient and inform them calmly that they had a miscarriage and the fetus is lost. It will be shocking at first but will turn out fine eventually with time. 

16. What are your plans?

Sample Answer

I would like to continue to be a labor and delivery nurse in your hospital and will stick by my profession. As I progress and take more skills and experience with time, I will eventually grow out to be a good doctor. I have no more demands but to pursue this career for the rest of my life and work well being an L&D nurse.

17. Will you manage to work extra if there comes an emergency? 

Sample Answer

I have left my comfort zone when I was in my previous job. I will stick by my work and will serve pregnant women even if they need me at my most important time because we must believe in humanity first. Moreover, a labor and delivery nurse is for the safe delivery of a child and to make the mother and the child feel better throughout their lives. So, this job has no time or hourly limits. We must assist the patients every day with their health and nutrition concerns. 

18. How will you look into your personal life during the service?

Sample Answer

I will live my life when I am off my duty. As I already mentioned, humanity and the job of a labor and delivery nurse is the most important factor to lead a good track record in the profession. I will be committed to my work and will look after my personal life too. It requires dedication and hard work to be good in this profession. 

19. What is the value of smart work in this profession with an example?

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Smart work is a very important skill besides hard work. It can be managed by time blocking, time management, or through piling difficult tasks first. While making the best possible decision to benefit the patient and the child, smart work is the key to delivering the best solution for every pregnant woman and the health and growth of the child. 

20. Will you ever leave your job or will you carry it for the rest of your life?

Sample Answer

I have got to know that I am passionate about nursing and treating childbirth complications. However, I think that I have come to the right path in my career and I could easily see myself pursuing the work of being a labor and delivery nurse for the rest of my life because it gives me happiness to see my patients happy and to work with this for the rest of my life. 

21. Describe your practicing days when you were an intern?

Sample Answer

While I was working as an intern and during my practicing hours while I was looking after labor and delivery nurses as an assistant to them, I believed that being skilled is the most important aspect to be a labor and delivery nurse. Any mistake that we may commit can be a huge issue for the patient or the child, so I think that taking this responsibility is the biggest experience I had from my previous experiences. 


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