Top 21 Teacher Assistant Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Teaching undoubtedly is one of the most productive and essential professions garnering wide recognition and respect all over the globe proven by the fact that every successful person owes to his or her mentor. If you have relevant skills and interests, then opting for this profession is a good choice. The interview process for this position is a hard nut to crack which can only become lucid, after thorough and serious preparation.

Teacher Assistant Interview Questions

Four Best Tips To Consider

1) Be Honest

If during the interview process, there, arises a situation wherein you have to explain something using your past experiences then it is highly advisable that you remain honest and true and just don’t concoct any story. As the chances of getting caught are pretty high, and thereby depleting your reputation.

2) Don’t Exaggerate or Be Arrogant

It has been observed that candidates boast of their achievements in an arrogant and haughty manner. This is a big no, from our side, and we recommend never to show any arrogance in front of your interviewers no matter how excellent your academic performances are or how valuable your work experience is.

3) Understand The Question Completely

Be an active listener and understand the true meaning of the question before making a reply. The reply must be logical and well reasoned. Using fluff words or fillers is not recommended.

4) Dress Properly

In order to garner respect and appreciation, it is highly advisable to wear a proper, neat, and clean dress. If you are dressed inappropriately then this would imply you lack self-confidence and hold a low opinion of yourself. This would hurt your chances and job prospects severely.

21 Latest Interview Questions With Answers

1) How Do You Identify Yourself?

Through this question an employer wants to know about you, your educational qualifications and some informal stuff like your hobbies.

Sample Answer

I am ABC, based in XYZ City. I have completed my schooling at YYY Modern School and owing to the good grades that I was able to fetch, I got admission to VVV College of Teacher Training. I have worked as an assistant teacher with the UUU Group of schools for 18 months. Further, I love music and can play a variety of musical instruments.

2) Teaching Is A Boring Profession

This question will test your seriousness towards your profession.

Sample Answer

In my humble opinion, teaching is the most adventurous and eventful profession, wherein you meet young students hailing from diverse backgrounds, possessing multiple interests and skills. To hone, those skills are not boring at all, rather so entertaining.

3) Why Children Don’t Like To Study?

This question will test your understanding of a child’s mind, his or her attitude and behavior.

Sample Answer

This is not true for every child. Yes, there are a few kids, who don’t like to study as they feel they are meant for something different, like sports, music or drama. But still, education is essential and inescapable. One, must counsel these students and draw them towards education by making learning a game or fun for them.

4) How Beneficial Is Rote Learning?

This question tests your basic knowledge of teaching principles and ethics.

Sample Answer

Most people are against rote learning and prefer meaningful learning. I am one of those. But still, rote learning can be beneficial in learning factual data, which has nothing to explain or understand. For example, If Napolean was defeated in Waterloo in 1815 then there is nothing to be explained here as this is just a plain fact that must be remembered.

5) How Do You Perceive Favouritism In A Classroom?

This question tests your practical classroom ethics and your preferred way of handling students in a class.

Sample Answer

It is true, that some kids do better than others in terms of academics and extra-curricular activities. But, giving someone extra attention on the basis of this is absolutely wrong and wide of the mark. Favoritism must be avoided all the time, and every child must be paid due attention and observation.

6) How Much Proficient Are You In Your Subject?

This question tests your confidence level in your primary subject, which you want to teach.

Sample Answer

As evident from my report cards and grades, I personally believe that I have expert knowledge in my subject and I am capable enough to impart this knowledge to a young child. Further, I explain and teach things in a lucid manner, making me a strong candidate for this vacancy.

7) What Is The Role Of Parents In A Child’s Education?

This question tests your understanding on the overall development of a child.

Sample Answer

It is said, Charity begins at home. The role parents play in the development of a child’s behavior, attitude, and perception is un-matchable. Hence, parents must maintain a positive environment in their homes and we will make sure that the decorum of the classroom is maintained. This helps a child in wonderful ways and evolves him or her completely.

8) How Involved Are You With The Parents Of A Child?

This question tests about your willingness to interact with the parents of a child.

Sample Answer

The role that parents play in the development of a child is extremely important and pivotal. I have personally observed a few parents, who are negligent and lethargic. I usually, counsel them and tell them about the benefits of active parent participation in the grooming of a child. Hence, I believe I am pretty much involved with them.

9) How Important Is Technology In A Classroom?

This question tests your understanding of the various modern education techniques.

Sample Answer

Gone are the days, when we used to make diagrams of say, the structure of a human heart or the course of a long river. Technologies are marvelously developed and truly helps in the better understanding of a concept, thereby improving the skills and knowledge of a kid exponentially.

10) How Do You Handle A Child Opposed To Learning?

This question tests how willing you are and what steps you will take, to help a child, not willing to study.

Sample Answer

An obscure child, who always ignores every class and lectures, is also a special child, needing some extra attention and counseling. In 90% of the cases, such kids find education boring and repetitive. By adopting creative and unique methods, one can generate his or her interests in studies and a positive attitude towards education. Technologies can play an important role in this.

11) How Important Are Games For Kids?

This question tests your knowledge about the mindset of a young child.

Sample Answer

Children tend to lose their concentration quite thereby impacting their academic performance. I believe, with games and recreational activities, a kid can refresh his mind and be ready again to understand a deep concept or maybe a knotty mathematics problem.

12) Will You Be A Good Teacher?

This question tests your self belief towards your profession.

Sample Answer

I have expert knowledge of my core subjects and I have extensive knowledge of the various modern educational techniques. In addition to this, I always give proper attention to each and every pupil, and make them learn new things in an interactive way, This way, I believe, I can contribute towards a better society and become a good teacher.

13) How Do You Handle A Troublesome Kid?

This question tests your understanding on how to handle and deal with kids.

Sample Answer

Kids are young and don’t have that maturity level. But, if explained properly, they have the ability to understand things quickly and swiftly as compared to fully grown adults. Hence, I would counsel that kid properly and would warn him, not to do that mischief again. If he repeats again, then I would surely, consult with his parents.

14) What Is The Most Important Thing While Preparing A Lesson?

This question tests your understanding of teaching methodology.

Sample Answer

Using lots of charts, diagrams and figures makes the content interesting and more engaging. Simple plain texts are boring for students and they simply ignore them. Further, making crisp and to the point, if summaries are also very beneficial for kids.

15) What Is Your Favourite Classroom Activity?

This question tests, how much importance do you give to recreational activities meant for kids.

Sample Answer

Any activity that involves a useful application of mind and thought process is my favorite. This includes scrabble, puzzles, or maybe chess. I don’t prefer kids seeing cartoon movies or simply play games in which they have to run.

16) How Do You Handle Bullying?

This question tests your ability to manage and handle a child.

Sample Answer

Kids are immature and they always need something funny and amusing. Calling names or abusing someone is just not acceptable and I will counsel the particular kid in person. If one apologizes and accepts one’s mistake then it is fine, otherwise, I will make a call to parents of him or her.

17) How Much Your Students Admire You?

This question is basically asked to check what is your perception of yourself. Don’t exaggerate or get carried away and try to keep your answer simple and short.

Sample Answer

I am lucky enough to have taught some really bright and wonderful kids. They always compliment me about my teaching methodologies and the way of handling complaints.

18) Are You Disciplined and Patient?

This question tests your personal behavior and aptitude.

Sample Answer

The profession of teaching is incomplete without these two attributes. I am fortunate and happy enough to have both these skills in ample quantity.

19) Can You Provide Emotional Support To Kids?

The answer to this question must be a yes, as no employer wants to hire a teacher lacking this valuable skill.

Sample Answer

I am a trained teacher and completely understand the importance of providing emotional support to the kids as well as their parents. I am very much willing and ready for this.

20) How Important Is Having A Good Sense Of Humour For Teachers?

This question tests, whether you have desired skills for teaching kids.

Sample Answer

Teachers having a knack for making kids laugh by making meaningful conversations are always rated highly in the eyes of students. This way, teachers are able to gain respect and students pay more attention to the classes of such teachers. This is also an effective tool for making a complex concept easy and lucid.

21) Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Leaving this question unanswered, would simply imply, that you were unattentive and unengaged during the entire interview process thereby hurting your chances of selection greatly. Hence, always reply to this and ask them 2-3 questions.

Sample Answer

Yes Sir, I would like to ask:

  • What are the work timings?
  • How is the work culture of this organization?
  • Is there a separate washroom facility for teachers and staff members?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Teacher Assistant Interview Questions


Teaching is one of the oldest professions and is in existence since time immemorial. Shaping the future of a young person is in itself humanitarian and generous. That is why teachers always receive huge respect and acknowledgment for their work and duties. Interviews may seem daunting and tough, but a serious candidate always aces them. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do comment in the section below.


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