How To Write A Customer Service Resume Objective (With 2024 Relevant Examples)

It is widely said that the most catchy and attractive part of a resume must be its objective. As this is the first thing that an employer reads. If you are able to create an impeccable and flawless objective that is both informative and communicative than you are always in a better position to crack your interview and secure your dream job. Preparing objectives is an art and you must learn in thoroughly.

How To Write A Customer Service Resume Objective

Five Best Tips for Writing Your Objective in Resume

1) Never Forget To Mention These

A resume objective of a candidate must have the following things:

  • Key skills that make you worthy of this job
  • Your work experience
  • Any special ability that you possess, which gives you an edge over other candidates.

2) Don’t Use Plain Text

The language used in an objective should be catchy and attractive. It must also be engaging and informative allowing an employer to have complete knowledge about you in brief. Merely saying that “I like this job or I want to do this job” won’t help.

3) Don’t Use Confusing Language

Every word used in an objective matter because they are very short (mostly two to three lines) and crisp. It is a usual mistake of the candidates that while condensing the data, they tend to frame such a language that is vague and ambiguous capable of giving more than one possible meaning. Hence, one must spend a considerable time, while framing his or her objective.

4) Well Drafted

The resume objective must be well drafted and grammatically correct. No employer wants to read an objective that is poorly framed and lack basic grammar.

5) Must Be Based On Job Description

Here one size won’t fit all. In this era of cut-throat competition, you must strive to achieve excellence and for that, you must work hard. It is advisable, to frame separate resume objectives, that are custom-made for every job. Your objective must be in line with the job description issued by the employer.

Ten Best Examples

Example No. One

Desirous for the post of Customer service representative at your prestigious institution, which involves critical thinking and persuasion skills. Able to handle high volumes of calls and files along with clerical data. Have valuable experience of 5 years with a reputed company which further sharpened and enhanced my communication skills and developed a positive attitude in me.

Example No. Two

Looking forward to working as a Customer service representative wherein superior soft skills and communication skills are required. Being a team player, I am willing to assist the team and achieve all the goals and targets in a time-bound manner with 100% accuracy and thereby efficiency.

Example No. Three

A customer service representative for the past 2 years, working for a reputed organization, wishes to work on a similar post and execute similar roles. Have the ability and willingness to work on overseas projects as well as tasks involving hectic scheduling and challenging work environment. Can prove to be an asset for the company.

Example No. Four

Seeking to work as a Customer service representative in your company. I am in possession of superior soft skills and an ability to use persuasive language with a go-getter attitude and a positive frame of mind. Can serve the organization with all my zeal. My work experience of 3 years, can also come in handy, which will allow me to serve your company in a more smooth and facile way.

Example No. Five (For Freshers)

Being a fresher I wish to work as a Customer service representative at your reputed institution in order to garner valuable experience and hone my communication skills as well as critical thinking along with serving the company with all my enthusiasm and energy. Looking forward to kicking start.

Example No. Six (For Veterans)

A Customer service representative, serving and contributing to the industry for the past 15 years, wishes to apply for the vacancy at your honorable company. With developed interpersonal skills, self-control, and a proven ability to persuade people I believe I am the perfect match for all your corporate needs. My work experience of 15 years is quite versatile and I have worked in several prominent roles and have performed all types of duties and tasks.

Example No. Seven

Being a modern individual aware of almost all the latest software used in the field and with perfect knowledge of the consumer market and customer’s mindset, I wish to work as a Customer service representative at your prestigious institution. I am a responsible and patient person with developed listening and communication skills.

Example No. Eight

Seeking the job of the Customer service representative, which includes heavy workloads and strict targets. With a proven ability to handle customer’s complaints with calmness and composure and willingness to work in rotational shifts, I assume myself apt and a perfect match for such a vacancy.

Example No. Nine

A young individual, with excellent soft skills and astute thinking, having superior knowledge of entire MS Office, including MS Excel and Microsoft Outlook, I am a perfect fit for the role of a Customer service representative. I have the ability to remain calm and composed in almost all situations and provide excellent customer resolutions.

Example No. Ten

With fast typing, the ability to generate customer-centric ideas, and active listening, I wish to seek employment for the post of a Customer service representative. In addition to this, I am willing to work and serve my prospective employer by performing clerical tasks as well as field sales. I believe, my work experience of 18 months, would help me in achieving efficiency and accuracy.


The importance of a resume objective is pivotal and supreme. By crafting an informative and enticing objective, you not only showcase your writing skills and abilities but also your astute thinking and quick wits. Both of these are very important in a customer service job that involves lots of soft skills. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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