Describe In Detail Your Definition Of Outstanding Customer Service? (With 10 Sample Interview Answers)

Imagine a world without customers. It is hard but just try. Trying a lot. Let us help you. Without customers, there will not be a single business organization offering its goods and services. There will be no advertisements and marketing enthusiasts would most probably be resting at home, cooling their heels. This would also probably mean that there is zero demand for goods and people are self-sufficient. This sounds ridiculous and can exist only in theory. However, in a practical world, there will always be customers and the organization serving them better would always get an edge over its rival organizations.

Describe In Detail Your Definition Of Outstanding Customer Service

Relevancy Of This Question In An Interview Session

Corporates lay maximum effort and spend a lot of time and energy in order to satisfy the customers of the company. For this purpose, they hire a specialized professional, whose primary duty is to serve the customers of the company in the most embracing and professional way, so that the customers feel like they are the true king. Hence, it is common for interviewers to ask this question while holding interviews for a position similar to that of a customer service executive.

Two Best Ways To Effectively Answer This Question

1) Avoid Generic Answers

Every individual has hir or her own style to perform and execute a particular task. In order to answer this question effectively, always mention your own unique way or method to handle a customer. Always lay importance on the satisfaction of the customer throughout your answer. Avoid generic answers, as after listening to such a common response, a veteran interviewer can, at the most, judge only your communicational skills whereas the sole focus here, is upon your creativity, innovation, and artistry.

2) Focus On The Customer Importance

In case you are short of words and do not have huge practical work exposure, as a filler, instead of using the generic answers, you can stick to the importance of customers in the life of a business organization. Post this, just align your importance with your own strategy and structure your answer.

Ten Best Sample Answers To Study

Sample Answer One

In my humble opinion, outstanding customer service has to be a service, in which a customer feels like he or she is really valuable to the organization and all his complaints or issues are getting listened to and are actively worked upon. A customer must not feel that he or she has been cheated by the organization and the customer service representative is just buying time.

Sample Answer Two

Customers are the most vital aspect of any business organization and must be served in an exceptional manner. If you ask about my personal preference, I would say, the best a customer service representative can do is to not let a customer feel like he or she is ignored and his or her complaints are not getting adhered to. A customer service representative must strictly follow the guidelines related to ethics and should try to give an amicable resolution to the customers of the organization.

Sample Answer Three

The success of any organization depends upon how satisfied the existing customers of the company are. In order to provide an exceptional customer experience, I would always first greet them in the best possible way. Post this, a customer must feel like he or she is connected with you and you are really here to help him or her out. Even though a customer is like yelling on the phone, a customer service representative must never lose temper so as to provide outstanding customer service.

Sample Answer Four

Customers are the very basic existence of any business organization. As per a general rule, the higher the customer satisfaction, the higher would be the market share of the enterprise. Hence, it is pivotal to satisfy them. In my opinion, an exceptional customer resonates with a service that makes them feel like they are a part of the organization and we are really grateful to have them doing business with us. In addition to this, all the complaints of the customers must be solved in a time-bound manner, by extending the best possible customer resolution.

Sample Answer Five

Business organizations incur a huge cost in order to acquire customers for their business. Hence, it is necessary to retain them which is possible only after providing exceptional customer service. In my opinion, a service would be rated as exceptional, if it ends up with superior feedback and rating. Usually, customers do not give feedback, but if they are really satisfied, they would voluntarily, give positive feedback. Such should be the level of satisfaction for a customer and the ultimate goal of a customer service representative.

Sample Answer Six

While delivering a resolution to the customers of the company, it should be the prime responsibility of a candidate to ensure that the customers of the company and the customer service representative are on the same page. The customer being in a dominant position must always be honored and respected. All his or her queries must be handled and solved in an exceptional manner.

Sample Answer Seven

Outstanding service, in my opinion, is the one which, utterly satisfies the customer of the company. This in no way means that we even agree and bound ourselves with the unethical demands of the customer. A customer must be handled in the calmest and composed manner, without getting frustrated or irritated. A customer service representative must understand the problems and issues of the customer actively and must not rush with a resolution. It is true that no customer likes to wait, but it is also true, that no customer wants to get a defective resolution. A proper balance should be made.

Sample Answer Eight

Customers must be served smartly. This was taught to me during my previous tenure. Whenever I get a call, I first greet them and if I get a friendly response, I even enquire them about their health. This gives them a sense of belongingness and attachment. Post this, I try to understand the problem of the caller completely and try to extend a perfect resolution or answer to his or her query. I always try that the customer feels special and the chosen one.

Sample Answer Nine

Customer satisfaction is necessary for the survival as well as the success of a business organization. In order to do so, a customer service representative must try his or her best, that the customer of the company, feels like his query would be resolved in the best possible manner. Such should be the hold on one’s communicational skills, that the customer does not even get an iota of doubt upon the integrity of the organization. This, in my opinion, would help a business organization, to even negotiate upon a less favorable outcome.

Sample Answer Ten

Customers are the king, and it should be the primary duty of a customer service representative, to let them feel like a king. The employee must at all costs, never ever lose the temper. He or she must understand and accept the fact that a disgruntled customer tends to get angry and even yell at times. A customer service representative at this juncture, must remain calm and polite and use active listening skills in order to understand the problem of such customers to its core. Post this, give a perfect resolution. This is in my opinion is the best way to provide outstanding customer service.


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