Top 15 Best Jobs for Women Over 50

Who can come up with a better experience in different fields from different industries than women over 50?  The hiring managers have now started to hire older women by understanding the value of their experiences. There so a lot of employment opportunities with new job positions coming up in the industry. Finding a job or starting a second one at this age may be a little challenging, but there’s nothing a woman can’t do.

In this article, we have the best 15 jobs for older women who are willing to work in their field or even ready to switch their careers. Choose a career option from the list below and do a job that best suits your skills, comfort, expertise, knowledge, and interests.

Best Jobs for Women Over 50

Best Jobs for Women Over 50

1. Financial Advisor

Financial advice is always taken from the people who have years of experience working in the finance field and people of all age groups want to know the secret to know how to multiply their wealth in the long term as well as in the short term and this is when the need for a financial advisor comes.

The role of a financial advisor is to use their knowledge and expertise to help their clients make investment decisions, creating budgets for them, and also advise them on different financial aspects. More than just executing a trade. These professionals give different advice looking at the financial situation of their clients.

Older women who have expertise in the field of finance are welcomed by the hiring managers to share their experiences with clients. You can even choose to be self-employed as you will have the freedom to work on your own for flexible hours and create your own customized financial plans for your clients.

2. Tutor

Tutoring is a very interesting, exciting, and rewarding career option for anyone who enjoys learning new things and teaching. The role of a tutor is to provide academic education to their students through private tutoring sessions, or working at a coaching institute as a tutor, etc. They provide students with knowledge outside the traditional classrooms in the school.

This job offers considerable flexibility for older women and is also a great way to make good money. In addition to that, it is a very satisfying job opportunity as you get to be a part of a student’s professional life and it is a rewarding job that will make you want to stay in the teaching field for a longer period of time.

As the assistance is provided to the students outside the classroom, a tutor is open to sharing their personal experiences to provide students with practical knowledge of the subject. Your duties being a tutor will include

  • Teaching main subjects as per syllabus
  • Helping the students with the homework
  • Help students prepare for their examinations and other assessments.

Whether you are a retired teacher or whether you come from a different field, you can always make a fresh start by starting your own private tutoring classes.

3. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer can be defined as a self-employed person who writes articles, blogs, and other writing content for a living. They can write for

  • New outlets
  • Clients
  • Companies
  • Periodicals

Older women interested and passionate about writing can land a freelance writing job for a living. To get into freelance writing you can start cold pitching, use online platforms like LinkedIn, start networking with other freelancers, guest post on some other blogging website, or even create your own website. You need no specific qualifications to enter the freelance industry. Once you find your writing rhythm, this career option becomes really fun.  

4. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a person who sells or rents buildings and land for clients to potential buyers. A real estate agent helps her clients to purchase, sell, and rent properties to provide them assistance. It is the most lucrative career option for older women as they can easily get a real estate license as they are fairly inexpensive to acquire and to gain expertise in this field, you can take online courses.

Your demographic location really determines how well you can earn as a real estate agent. The higher the population, the higher the salary. One of the best jobs for women over 50 years old is in real estate.

5. Registered Nurse

A nurse is a medical professional who takes care of a person or persons who is/are sick. They have licensed healthcare professionals and can practice independently or under the supervision of a physician, dentist, or surgeon. This profession continues to grow at a faster pace and will continue to flourish even in the future. You will be glad to know that this career is female-dominated and older women over 50 years of age having their medical license can choose nursing as a viable career option which can even be potentially lucrative.

As employment in this field will continue to grow at a faster rate, the scope of getting success in this field becomes unlimited.

6. Counsellor

A counselor is a trained professional who gives guidance on personal or psychological problems to their patients. The need for these professionals continues to grow with rising cases of anxiety and depression as people have become more concerned about their mental health with the rising awareness of good mental health in society.

Older women over the age of 50 years who are interested in this career option should earn a master’s degree in the field of counseling or therapist. It is a very rewarding and lucrative career option as you get to help your client to develop their own understanding of the situation that is causing them problems and help them explore their emotions and feelings of which they can talk to you about openly and freely without any mental pressure or fear of being judged.

7. Personal Chef

Women are cooking experts. Older women have years of experience in cooking and a lot of them are very passionate about cooking, so why not convert your passion into a source of your income through pursuing a career as a personal chef. It is one of the most financially lucrative career options for women over 50. Why? Because women are blessed with top-notch cooking skills and they have a lot of practice of cooking meals and creating new recipes.

By being a personal chef, you can market your food services by providing your clients with food being cooked by you on a regular basis based on the needs and preferences of the clients. You can even create your own recipe book and earn money for that as well. For a side income, you can even start your own cooking classes and make the best use of your cooking skills.

8. Curriculum Designer

Older women with experience in education can choose to pursue their careers as curriculum designers. Potential employers look for curriculum designers to translate their employee training and development needs to creating engaging educational courses. Women over 50 can prove to be an asset in the corporate world if they have experience developing and implementing a teaching plan.

Being a curriculum developer/designer you get a chance to create a rewarding career for yourself in the field of education to design textbooks or create academic courses and even train new teachers with your experience in the teaching and education field.

9. Senior Accountant

A senior assistant is a business professional responsible for the integrity of all the accounting information. These accountants mostly work for a company or an organization. They are also responsible for preparing for financial accounts and budgets to assist the company with risk management and assessments and financial preparations.

It’s never too late to become an accountant as age is never a defining factor of doing a job, but your determination is. Older women who are interested in this field and who are good with working with numbers and calculations can apply for this job as the hiring managers welcome experience. You may need to learn some technical skills for the same. So, keep your learning mode turned on.

The opportunities can be limited due to age discrimination but if you get a chance to prove your worth then just go for it as it is a very financially lucrative career option.  

10. Entrepreneur

You have invested so many years of your life gaining experience for a particular field in terms of skills, qualifications, knowledge, time-management, networking, gaining an understanding of people at work, etc. So, it is best time for women over 50 to start their own business if they have entrepreneurial qualities in them or if they always wanted to do something like that.

You will require to make investments for the same even if the business is on small scale. You are always free to expand your business through social media platforms. Perks are that you get to be your own boss and you do not have to share the ownership with anyone. Your business will depend upon your interest and passion. For example, embroidery business, selling jewelry or owning your own beauty shop, mentoring young minds and charging for the same, etc.

11. Blogger

You must be thinking, is it crazy to think you can start your own blog at 50? Well, you always find yourself scrolling through social media thinking that you could have made those 6-figures if you started a little earlier. You can start now! Blogging is a very fun way to make money. There are so many women over 50 out there on media platforms who have already started making a career out of it.

You can share anything you want to in your blogs, your lifestyle and fitness journeys, your writings, your knowledge about a particular niche, and so on. You have got the passion and experience, so it is an amazing opportunity for you to start there as there is a space for all the generations on social media.

12. Online Course Teacher

Online education has become a very common and feasible form of learning, thousands of students enroll in thousands of online courses on a regular basis. No wonder online education has become a very lucrative field. Especially for women over 50, you can start teaching online and share your experience and work for flexible hours.

You can even create your own course and share your expertise with young minds. You can ask your friends, family, and relatives to take the course designed by you and get their feedback for the same.  

13. Social Work

Those women over 50 who are not looking for money but job satisfaction and fulfillment and who want to be a part of making a change in society by contributing their skills and experience towards the same can choose to work for charity, or for a non-profit organization. These organizations always need and welcome volunteers willing to work for them.

Perks for getting yourself involved in social work is that you get to work for flexible hours. You can even start to work for a specific cause by creating a team of other women as well. If you need additional qualifications the online courses are always available for the same.

14. Florist

For those women over 50 who are nature lovers, feel like themselves when in nature and open nature-spaces, you can choose this career option. Plants and flowers need care and nurturing and being a nature lover you will feel like having complete leisure while doing so. You can learn flower arrangements and decorations and open your own shop to start your career as a florist. It is a lucrative and happy business both at the same time.

15. Administrative Service Manager

The responsibilities of these professionals are to manage the supportive services of a company or an organization. Other duties include

  • Supervising administrative personnel
  • Monitoring database
  • Setting goals and targets for the administrative department

Women over 50 having administrative experience are the ones who are best suited for this job role. As this job requires ideal management and leadership experience, you need to have excellent communication skills. Examples for some other jobs in the same field are Administrative assistant, human resource manager, travel agent, etc.

Remember you may have a hard time finding a job if you have a gap in your resume but don’t give up as there are certain career options that are still open for you, just keep your job search on and you will surely end up finding a job that you love.


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