Top 15 Best Jobs For Former Teachers

There are some professions in this world that command huge respect and social recognition. ‘Teacher’ is one of that professions, that enjoy profound appreciation and admiration not only from students but also from a community at large. After serving some wonderful years in one’s teaching profession, one might look for a job change or get retired from service. Whatever the case may be, being a teacher you are one of the finest epitomes of knowledge and deserve some better and high-paying career options that use your teaching experience as well as wisdom.

Best Jobs For Former Teachers

Difficulties In Finding A New Career

Switching one’s profession or getting a second job at an older age is an uphill task that requires excellent persuasive and communication skills in order to impress an interviewer. All the learnings that you gathered while teaching students in a classroom are undoubtedly precious and valuable, but you are required to present them in an efficient and lucid manner in front of your interviewer so as to improve your selection chances. Further, you would most probably be facing tough competition from younger candidates with precise specialization and relevant work experience.

How To Impress An Interviewer?

Impressing and influencing an interviewer should be the primary task of a candidate appearing for an interview session and that applies to you as well. Any strand of arrogance or stubbornness can ruin your chances of selection. Being a teacher you most probably would have acquired these three skills:

1) Mentorship

The ability to extend valuable advice so that a young kid is able to shape his or her career in an adorable way contributes to the skills of mentorship. A teacher is synonymous with a mentor, and this ability of yours could open you to a vast plethora of opportunities.

2) Communication Skills

Delivering lectures in a classroom full of students and replying to their quirky queries in a patient way, must have developed your communication skills. You now have the ability to use the ebbs and flows of speech, in order to influence any listener.

3) Administrative Skills

During any point of your career as a teacher, you must have been the in-charge of at least a particular classroom. This must-have honed your administrative skills and your ability to manage people.

It should be the duty of a former teacher to explain and express, at least the above mentioned skills to an interviewer.

Fifteen Latest Jobs For Teachers

1) Career Counsellor

The best career option for a former teacher could be counseling young students and adults into choosing an appropriate career option. This would not only allow you to use your gained knowledge but would also enable you to use your effective communication skills, which you honed while being a teacher. There is nothing better than guiding a young kid so that he can make his future and contribute to society in a positive way. Since you were a teacher your opinion would also be valued and weighed more as compared to the opinions of other counselors with a different professional background.

2) Academic Content Writer

With the advent of technology and rise of educational technology companies (Ed-tech) offering coaching classes, tuitions and assignments using the online mode, there is a rising and constant demand for academic writers who can prepare educational content as per the needs of the students. While being a teacher, whatever subject you had a mastery in, you can prepare notes and articles in that particular subject. Further, if you have the ability to teach via video platforms, you can register yourself as a teacher with these ed-tech companies.

3) Administration Officer

Managing students and young adults are most probably in the blood of teachers. After all, teaching is all about imparting discipline and knowledge. If you have the ability to manage students as well as teachers, then joining any educational institution as their administration officer can be a good option. This would not only allow you to fetch a high salary but would also provide a sense of satisfaction since you will be in charge of the entire educational institution. The administration officer is a commanding post wherein you will have to make several decisions, the accuracy of which will decide the longevity of your career.

4) Student Transformer

This is one of the unique professions, that is highly suitable and recommendable for former teachers. We all know, after passing out from a school, a student is not corporate ready and lacks the technical as well as presentation skills required in order to make a successful corporate career. The role of a student transformer is to bridge this gap and educate a young school/college pass out, so that, he or she becomes equipped and prepared to join an employer organization.

5) Curriculum Developer

Being in the teaching profession for years, you might know the needs of a student better than anyone else. There are glitches and shortcomings in the syllabus and curriculum designed for students. Sometimes the syllabus is not updated and lacks modern teachings which in turn is unable to groom a child completely. Teachers and professors are well aware of these shortcomings but are unable to make changes while being in employment. Now is a perfect time, to join any educational institution as their curriculum developer and make suitable changes.

6) Publishing Author

You have a perfect knowledge of accounting, or maybe physics. If not these, then maybe library science. Whatever the subject might be, in which you hold your mastery and expertise, just apply to the relevant opening with a publishing house, which is in constant need of learned and scholarly authors that can provide some impeccable writing pieces for their knowledge starved customers. The pay offered can be variable, if you opt to work part-time and can be fixed too, in case you join the organization full time.

7) Private Tuition Teacher

It takes years of handwork in order to gain mastery over a particular subject. It will not be wise, to just let that expertise go away, rather you are advised to remain in constant touch with your subject. You can do so, by becoming a private tuition teacher and teach students at their own premises. This way you earn some handsome hourly payments. With an effective way of teaching and good communication skills, you would slowly and gradually see more and more students, willing to opt for your services.

8) Freelance Content Writer

Rarely there are people, who are as learned and erudite as a teacher. The grip that a teacher possesses on the words and the manner in which such words are utilized, reflects supremacy and lucidity in a piece of writing. Former teachers willing to write content can join online websites, mobile applications, and educational institutions to cater to their content writing needs. Since you are a freelancer, there are low chances that you will be paid anything as fixed, however, you can surely expect some attractive variable compensation.

9) Event Manager

Managing young students is an uphill task, and since you have been doing this for several years, there are a hundred reasons to believe that you have most probably developed your organization and coordination skills, which are pivotal and mandatory in order to become an event planner. Being an event planner, you would have to coordinate everything from the entry of the guests to their exit. Event planning is a hectic task in which you would most probably be required to have lots of conversations with different sets of people. Hence, opt only if you are an extrovert and have excellent interpersonal skills.

10) Financial Planner

Teachers are the guiding lamps that have the ability and skills to mentor anyone from a young adult to a pensioner. Being a teacher, your thoughts, opinions, and approaches will always be valued and considered more. Opting for the role of a financial planner is not at all a bad choice for former teachers and they can use their vast knowledge of financial literacy in order to make people more financially sound and healthy. If you were a teacher from a commerce background, then look no further and send an application to any financial planning organization.

11) Fitness Enthusiast

One might feel, that a teaching profession and a profession related to fitness, are like two poles apart. It is common for people to change their regular professions when they feel they are done with it or are struck by unavoidable monotony. If this is the case with you, then getting into any allied education-related career option, will not come in handy for you. Rather, look for something offbeat. A fitness trainer/enthusiast can be the perfect option for you if you have an active interest in, bodybuilding, physical grooming, and personality development.

12) Motivational Speaker

When a teacher spends years in a classroom, he or she hones the communication skills so well, that you gain the ability to influence and motivate people. There are numerous instances in the life of a teacher, wherein he or she is expected to motivate a young adult and prevent him or her from going in the wrong direction. If you feel, you can motivate people and positively manipulate their mindset so that they become more hardworking and energetic, becoming a motivational speaker is a perfect career option for you.

13) Hiring Manager

Being in the teaching profession for years, you might have gained an insight into the mind of a teacher. You are most probably in a position to analyze and read every movement of a budding teacher. If you feel so, then send an application to any educational institution that hires teachers and professors. Due to your vast teaching experience, your candidature would be strong enough to give you an edge over the other candidates.

14) Psychological Trainer

A teacher explains several concepts and tricks in a classroom to a bunch of young students and adults. These people, in their afterlife, get stressed out and fall into the traps of depression and an endless loop of monotony. Since, you have studied the mindset of a person, since they were a child, you are always in a better position to become a psychological trainer. Your advanced communication skills and developed interpersonal skills can help a patient recover from such a devastating mental impact, such as depression.

15) Parents Counselor

Parents of young kids (aged 8 to 15 years) are in a dilemma as to what career option they must choose for their young kid who is still not in a position to decide for himself. The role of a parent counselor is simply to analyze the skills of their child on set parameters and then advise a suitable career option that could be followed. The path suggested resembles and uses the inherent as well as acquired skills of a kid. This role is a highly recognizable profession and can fetch you high salaries.


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