Top 21 Substitute Teacher Interview Questions In 2024 [With Answers]

Teaching is considered to be one of the finest professions around the globe. Shaping a child’s future by giving him or her valuable career-related guidance and imparting education, is in itself noble and supreme. Teachers are highly respected everywhere and enjoy stellar recognition in society. If you have relevant skills, educational background, and interests then becoming a teacher is a good career option.

Substitute Teacher Interview Questions

What Is The Role Of A Substitute Teacher?

There are broadly two types of teachers from teaching perceptive, Regular and Substitute. There are several instances when a regular teacher is absent from duty may be due to any personal or official reason. In such a scenario, a substitute teacher plays the role of a regular teacher and serves the class by his or her valuable knowledge until the regular teacher is back on the duty. The most prominent duties performed by a substitute teacher are:

  1. Study and make oneself aware of all the plans and assignments made by the regular teacher for the class.
  2. Take attendance of all the students.
  3. Maintain the decorum of the classroom.
  4. Follow all the school guidelines and principles.
  5. Check, explain and assign homework to students.

Latest 21 Interview Questions With Sample Answers

1) How Challenging Is the Role Of A Substitute Teacher?

This question tests your understanding of the job profile.

Sample Answer

I believe there are challenges in every job profile available all across the globe. A substitute teacher has to pick up from where the regular teacher left in an almost negligible amount of time. I believe, this is a challenge, which can hamper your performance if you are not able to learn the assignments and tasks provided to the students by the regular teacher quickly and hastily.

2) Why You Want To Become A Substitute Teacher?

This question tests your seriousness towards the profession.

Sample Answer

I believe teaching is one of the best professions out there. Guiding and helping a young student, is a noble and decent thing to do. Since my childhood days, I was very impressed by my science teacher and I still idolize her. Further, the respect and recognition that a teacher garners, entices me and attracts me towards this role.

3) What Are Some Of The Best Qualities That A Substitute Teacher Must Possess?

This question tests your own personality and basic aptitude towards the profession.

Sample Answer

In my humble opinion, a substitute teacher must be adaptive to quickly adopt the new classroom, surroundings, and most importantly students. In addition to this, he or she must be skillful enough, to handle the assignments and homework of the students, assigned by the regular teacher.

4) How Do You Handle A Mischievous Child?

This question tests your personality and your way of handling regular classroom circumstances and situations.

Sample Answer

Kids are god’s own creation. In their childhood years, it is absolutely common to be naughty and playful. I am a patient individual who would always deliver long effective speeches in order to guide and counsel the child so that he or she does not repeat the same mistake again. If they still do so, I will have a conversation with the parents of the child. It is my duty to educate good manners to the child, which I will do with all my efforts and wisdom.

5) How Effective Are Modern Educational Techniques?

This question tests your understanding of the various modern techniques imparting education to students in a more effective and efficient way.

Sample Answer

I believe changing with time is very important and crucial. In my opinion, those, chalk and blackboard days are gone, when the diagram of a heart was explained by making a rough image. Now is the time for smart boards and classes, through which you can explain concepts to students using 3D images and diagrams. This helps a student to visualize and understand the concept in a better way.

6) What Is Negative Feedback?

The responses generated through this question tests your attitude towards criticism.

Sample Answer

Evaluation, judgment, and assessments are necessary and important for a teacher in order to perform his or her duties in an efficient manner. I am open to negative feedback either from students or my colleagues. This allows me to improvise and ultimately makes me better.

7) How Do You Prepare A Leftover Lesson?

This question tests your knowledge about the practical working procedure of the job.

Sample Answer

The primary duty of a substitute teacher is to complete the lesson left by the regular or lead teacher. I always follow specific subject-related books and consult other relevant teachers to complete that lesson, with the same or even more efficiency. Also, I use the internet extensively to keep myself aware of the latest developments in my particular subject.

8) What Is Your Best Strength?

This question evaluates your personality.

Sample Answer

I think I have the ability to maintain a positive attitude in all circumstances no matter how adverse they are. This gives me an edge over other candidates, as I always find myself in a better position to hold my nerves and take informative and calculative decisions.

9) How Do You handle A Situation In Which You Were Unable To Answer A Student’s Question?

This question tests your knowledge about the practical work situations occurring in the career of a substitute teacher.

Sample Answer

In my humble opinion, the inability of a substitute teacher to be a professional in a particular subject can lead to such moments. I never get frustrated or irritated because of such a situation. Rather, I respond politely and smartly by requesting the student to meet me after the class in order to solve his specific problem.

10) What Excites You As A Substitute Teacher?

This question tests your loyalty towards your profession.

Sample Answer

The best of a substitute teacher is to explore multiple subjects, meet different diverse classrooms, and handle various subjects. I believe, such a variety helps in the overall development of one’s personality and makes one more versatile and accommodating.

11) How Bad Are You In Accepting An Inferior Position?

This question tests whether you feel your profession to be a second lead.

Sample Answer

I believe, there is nothing as an inferior or superior position. The role of a substitute teacher is almost similar to a lead teacher. The only difference is that we have to take their place and act in their absence which makes our role a bit more challenging and if you allow me to say, ‘superior’.

12) Can You Work Under Pressure?

Lead teachers take leaves for several reasons and you might be required to work in a hectic environment with additional pressure and stress. Employers always prefer employees, who can manage their stress and perform in a superior way. So answer this question positively.

Sample Answer

I can understand the requirements for working under hectic schedules and multiple shifts. I am ready for it and have done similar roles in the past involving high volumes of work and management.

13) Which Is Your Favourite Subject?

This question tests your educational preferences and priorities.

Sample Answer

I am a trained teacher having the ability to teach all the subjects from K-12. Still, if asked specifically, I would pick Mathematics. I have had an active interest in this subject since my childhood and have even done special courses to improve my mathematical skills and knowledge, duly mentioned in my resume.

14) Are You Willing To Perform School’s Administrative Tasks Alongside Substituting?

This question tests your seriousness about the organization and how willing you are to be a part of the workforce.

Sample Answer

Absolutely, I am comfortable in doing administrative as well as clerical duties without hampering my primary role of substituting in place of a lead teacher. Further, I would love to contribute to my workplace with all my skills and knowledge no matter what the nature of the task is.

15) How Do You Handle An Obscure Student?

This question tests your ability to handle students and manage classrooms.

Sample Answer

Students are young and naive. It has been observed that a few don’t like to study and want to indulge in other activities like sports, movies, and arts, etc. The primary reason for such obscurantism is boredom from studies. I would try to care for such a student personally by providing him extra care and attention. Also, I would just counsel him effectively and monitor how he or she responds.

16) Why Should We Hire You?

This question tests your personality and ability to respond tricky questions.

Sample Answer

Being a quick learner, adaptive, and hard-working person, I believe I am a perfect match for this vacancy due to my relevant work exposure and educational background. On selection, I assure you to be an asset to the organization and work with all my zeal and labor.

17) How Do You Handle A Situation In Which You Are Teased By Students?

This question helps an interviewer to evaluate your behavioral aspects and overall emotional intelligence.

Sample Answer

Students are young and they want to engage in amusing activities. I believe, I also teased my teachers and karma will follow me. But, I always remain calm. composed and never lose my temper. I always maintain a positive attitude and quickly move over. This allows me to deliver a good performance.

18) What Is Your Work Experience?

This question evaluates your self expressing abilities and fluent speech making skills.

Sample Answer

I have a collective work experience of 3 years as a substitute teacher. During my previous stint, I have worked with the famous ABC Group of schools as a substitute teacher in the commerce department.

19) Do You Want To Become A Lead Teacher?

This question tests your flexibility as well as commitment towards your primary profession.

Sample Answer

I am very much happy being a substitute teacher, as I understand and can perform this role to perfection. Still, I am adaptive and flexible enough, to become a lead teacher if there is a need and I am approached by my organization for the same.

20) Why You Chose Us?

This question tests your seriousness towards the organization.

Sample Answer

Attractive employee protection policies, benefits, and a lucrative pay package satisfy me as an employee. In addition to this, the state-of-the-art infrastructure, use of modern educational techniques, and huge school building have the ability to lure and entice any employee into joining the organization.

21) Do You Have Any Qurestions For Us?

In almost all the job openings around the globe, the last question, that an interviewer asks is, whether you have any queries or questions for your employers. You must answer this question and look to ask around 2 to 3 job relevant questions from your interviewer. Some model questions are:

  • What are the women’s safety guidelines formulated by your institution for stopping sexual harassment at the workplace?
  • How strict or flexible are the work timings?
  • What are the employee insurance benefits offered to teachers?
  • How do the teachers have to move out of school for training purposes?

Download the list of questions in .PDF format, to practice with them later, or to use them on your interview template (if you want to crack Interview):

Substitute Teacher Interview Questions


Teaching is an art. When you have the responsibility of making someone’s career or future then it is hectic, stressful, and burdensome at times. Still, teaching is one of the most sought-after professions in the world, generating huge competition and job applications for a handful of jobs. Thorough and serious preparation can only make you see through the job interview and secure your dream position. If you like our articles then don’t forget to share them with your family and friends. Also, do let us know through the comments section below, how much you like our articles.


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