Business Analyst Job Description (Duties, Skills, Salary, Certification & More)

Business Analyst is a very unique job that is related to business. A business analyst is a person or an individual whose main work is to analyse an organisation also documents its business processes, systems, rules and a few more. Business analyst has a very difficult time organising any type of business organisation the job might just sound easy but it is not as easy as it sounds.

Business Analyst Job Description

Job Description Of An Business Analyst

Business Analyst has a huge and very heavy duty and responsibility to fulfil in the organisation. As per few resources, they have explained the work of a Business Analyst as it involves understating well how an organisation works and how it should function to meet the targeted goals to have a good profit margin at the end of the financial year.

Duties and responsibilities of a Business Analyst

Many of us might not know where exactly a business analyst is required in any organisation or firm. These individuals primarily work on important project teams within the company and they perform many tasks in their everyday life. They need to follow so many lists in their everyday working environment and have a great responsibility to fulfil for a better profit margin of the company that they are working in. Below are some of the duties and responsibilities of a business analyst.

  1. A business analyst works more in more than one project at a time and he or she must complete each of them before the deadline
  2. A business analyst should work in cooperation with his or her team members or their project managers
  3. He or she might come up with different solutions for a problem that the company is facing
  4. He or she should understand both the business side and the technical sides of the company
  5. A business analyst should plan accordingly and monitor other workers or employees working under him.
  6. He or she should take care of the budgeting part for a company and forecast what could happen in the future
  7. A business analyst should keep expenditure at a minimum nothing extra expenditure should be done

We can clearly see here that the duties and responsibilities of a business analyst are not easy. He or she has to check regularly if the company is working well or not.

Skills of a Business Analyst

Having good and relevant skills related to the field of business is very important to handle situations. A business analyst should have knowledge of all the required areas that he or she should have to fulfil the job position. Handling such a heavy task in a daily case needs excellent skills and one should be mentally very strong to overcome any tough situations. Below are some of the skills required for a good business analyst:

  1. Good communication skills– In the field of business we all need good communication skills and so does the business analyst. They need strong communication skill to attract customers while making speeches in public.
  2. Mathematical skills– It is very necessary for a business analyst to have good mathematics skills to make a good financial report of a company. They should know how to use spreadsheets, excel sheets or other software related to mathematics or accountancy.
  3. Analytical skills– It is the job of a Business analyst to analyse every part of the business department. They need to go through a wide variety of company-related information, evaluate the profit and loss margin and solve complicated business problems.
  4. Latest technological knowledge– In this current era companies should not be lacking with technologies and so does the business analyst. He or she should know everything about the technological world.

Expected Salary Of A Business Analyst

It is no difference in the field of Business Analyst. If you are in the position for more than five or six years then you will be falling under the ‘top earners’ category and vice versa. The average salary of an entry-level business analyst is between $45,000-$55,000. But, as we know that there are different types of analysts in the business world so of course, they do not have the same salary.

It is obvious if you start having experience in this field then the salary will be starting from $80,000-$90,000 annually. So, if you want to fall under such categories then start gaining experiences related to the field.

Qualities or Certifications Needed For A Business Analyst

To become a business analyst initially there are very simple requirements but as you move on you need to gain a lot of knowledge related to the field. It includes some basic requirements such as a completed bachelor’s degree in areas such as finance, financial accounting, business administration, economics, mathematics, statistics, political science or sociology.

Then as for the experience part in becoming a business analyst you need to go through a lot of training in the field and find a related job. In some cases, you do require experience as a junior business analyst. As for the certification part in this field, you need to have a Certification of Competency in Business Analysis along with the Certified Business Analysis Professional. Interestingly, they both are graduated certifications for being project managers also so that opens up two career options if you are willing to go for any one of those.

If you have all of these courses and certificates with you along with the experience that is needed to the minimum for a good placement then there is no one stopping you to achieve your dreams. You could expect a good starting salary if you are very much fit for the job and do well in your interview for the particular field.


To become a business analyst is not an easy job to do you need to go through a lot of hard work, complete your certifications and also need to gain job experience in the particular field. They have to see everything in a business or a company so that the company is running well and has a good profit margin at the end of the financial year. If you found the article interesting then please do share it with your friends or families, comment below and do not forget to leave your precious feedback.


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