How To Write Simple Salary History Templated (with 2024 Relevant Examples)

A salary history template is a type of template used by the candidates for process application, it could be one of the necessities that had to pass with the aid of using the Employee Timesheet and with the aid of using maximum company of the distinctive corporations or organizations. A revenue records template is used to give specified records of one’s earnings. This template will display the beginning of the 12 months you’ve labored till present the revenue that you have obtained out of your company.

How To Write Simple Salary History

Tips to provide a good salary history template 

There’s no single manner to offer this information, and it could be advantageous to select the approach that you’re most comfortable with and that positions your candidacy best. These tips include:

Provide an actual salary, such as “I earned $82,500 at XYZ Company.” 

Providing the salary information tells the hiring supervisor if they could come up with the money for you. If the applicant’s present-day salary, benefits, and overall reimbursement surpass what’s to be had in the budgeted income range, the record saves the business enterprise and the applicant time and energy.

Additionally, the business enterprise assumes that you anticipate an improvement in case you alternate employers, so this record tells the supervisor if they could come up with the money to satisfy your expectations. These records may make an applicant extra desirable in a business enterprise’s eyes.

Provide a range, such as “I earned between $60,000 and $80,000 at my former engineer position.” 

This is beneficial while demonstrating upward motion in a company. A salary range offers agencies a system to pay employees constantly for the work they do in a given position. The range normally permits for variations in education, experience, or performance. The advantage of getting a selection in preference to a single, set pay is flexibility.

This offers corporations the possibility to provide a bit extra cash to get a worker with a more potent background. Along with selling inner fairness and consistency, abased income variety offers corporations a higher capacity to evaluate with competing organizations. HR specialists can go to competitor websites or acquire different assets to evaluate salary ranges.

Personalize your expectations for the job

Since your salary expectancies may also extrude based on the placement you are making use of, take into account converting your salary expectancies for each company. For example, in case you are making use of both big and small organizations, you may request a better income from large organizations which can have a bigger budget. You also can take into account the kind of role you are making use of and the place of the process whilst updating your salary expectancies.

Keep the salary template short

When speaking about your salary expectancies, it is beneficial to maintain them briefly. Your template’s main focus may be to share your experience, qualifications, and hobby withinside the position. Consider which includes your salary expectancies in a segment of your template. If your potential employer has questions on your income expectancies, do not forget to answer them at or after an interview.

Important points to include in a salary History Template

If requested to offer salary history in written communication, it could be simplest to apply a template to offer these facts. Some packages offer one for you so that you can effortlessly fill it in. If one isn’t provided, you may use the subsequent template, which documents a particular salary:

Your good Name

Your permanent address

Direct Contact Information

Job Salary History (Confidential )

The name of Company

Your Job Title

Dates of work 

Salary earned at the start of the process

Salary earned on the cease of the process

Additional repayment details (commissions, bonuses, or perks—including vehicle allowance)

Continue to list out every one of the roles you labored which you would like to include. If you don’t need to list one, because of it being a brief painting possibility or lower-than-common pay, you may select to depart it out. Note that in case you indexed an employer in your application, CV, or resume, you’ll be requested to offer earnings facts for that position.

If you’re now no longer cushty sharing precise earnings, you may additionally offer a range, the use of this template:

Your good Name

Your permanent address

Direct Contact Information

Job Salary History (Confidential )

The name of Company

Your Job Title

Dates of work 

Salary earned on the cease of the process, rounded to the closest 5 or 10000 dollars, and proven as a range (example: $55,000 – $65,000 in keeping with year)

If you’ve got a big distinction between your place to begin and your profits while you left a process, experience unfastened to listing simply the quantity you need to be taken into consideration on your process offer.

Sample Salary History 1

It’s a pre-based template that allows you to provide your salary records with complete statistics of preceding offices & designation.

Karl Wilson

7 Shawnee Road

Short Hills,



Corporate Communications Associate (2017-present)

The Hartford

Hartford Plaza

Hartford, CT 06114

Salary Range: $20,000-$27,000, with full benefits package

Marketing Assistant (2012-2016)


101 Columbia Road

Morristown, NJ 0676

Salary Range: $12,000-$15,000, with full benefits package

Sample Salary History 2-

This salary history template will permit you to present your preceding income structure in three corporations according to the page, together with statistics approximately each of your starting annual profits and ending annual profits.

Danielle Smith

123 University Drive, St. Louis, MO 6722

(312) 975XXXX

[email protected]

Salary History

Director (2018- present)

Serenity Healing Centre, St. Louis, MO

Present Annual Salary: $35,000

Beginning Annual Salary: $30,000

Family Counsellor (2014-2018)

Serenity Healing Centre, St. Louis, MO

Ending annual salary: $28,000

Beginning annual salary: $25,000

Substance Abuse Counsellor (2010-2013)

Missouri Department of Public Safety, Columbia, MO

Ending annual salary: $22,000

Starting annual salary: $20,000

Sample Salary History 3: The template starts with an area for records approximately your self after which the listing of annual salaries you’ve earned in each company you’ve got worked, beginning out of your present company.

Sample Salary History List

Your good Name

Your permanent address

Direct Contact Information

Email for use

Salary History

Benefit Representative

New formed  Medical Hospital, Little stone, AR

12/2012- Present

Annual Salary: 54,000$

Account Salary Analyst

New formed  Medical Hospital, Little stone, AR

1/2008 to 12/2012

Annual Salary: 88,000$

Account Analyst

4/2006 – 12/2007

Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, AR

Annual Salary: $28,000 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What does a salary history page look like?

A salary history listing consists of the name of every organization labored for, activity title, and the earnings the candidate has earned whilst operating on the employer: List your activity title, organization, and earnings for every activity in opposite chronological order together along with your cutting-edge or maximum latest activity on the pinnacle of the listing.

2. What do I have to do for the maximum current salary?

If the hiring manager asks approximately your maximum current salary, it is fine, to be honest. But make it clean in case you accept as true that you have been underpaid to your preceding function so you have cause to justify a tremendous bump in compensation.

3. Can employers take a look at salary history?

Employers are free to ask you approximately your modern-day and beyond salaries below federal law.

4. Should I inform my current income in an interview?

You may also want to be persistent, however, do now no longer again down. Do now no longer, below any circumstances, expose your modern income or your predicted income. This will set you as high as possible.

5. Why do companies ask for salary history? 

Employers ask for approximate salary to gauge the marketplace to your role. If you are interviewing for a role this is like what you’ve been doing with withinside the past, an organization may examine your reimbursement at an aggressive rate.

6. Do employers verify salary records?

In maximum cases, yes! Some employers might also additionally determine to confirm your income statistics through contacting your preceding employers. Therefore, it’s crucial now no longer to lie approximately your income records because the corporation might also additionally determine to confirm the statistics earlier than thinking about you for the position.


Before offering your company your salary history it’s far essential that you evaluate your country’s legal guidelines on what kind of records you’re required to percentage together along with your company. 

While different states don’t have any guidelines on what employers can also additionally request from their employees’ others have strict guidelines to assist save the company from perpetuating salary inequality among ladies and different marginalized persons. 

It is essential to additionally observe that offering your company together along with your revenue records does now no longer always imply that the revenue blanketed therein maybe your revenue at your subsequent job, nor does it restrict you from negotiating a better revenue amount.    


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