Top 15 Best Jobs for History Majors

Whether it was Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo or it is about the brave stories of Alexander’s conquests. Some people are quite fascinated with history and at some point in time do majors in their beloved subject. Though history is not technical like science and maths, it still requires a lot of hard work and perception, which if done properly could lead to meaningful conclusions and outcomes.

It is for this reason that historians are always in great demand and find their employment opportunities in a variety of academic institutions and other public corporates. This article lists the fifteen best jobs that can be done by a history major job seeker.

Best Jobs for History Majors

Fifteen Best and High Paying Jobs

1) Teacher

There is nothing better than sharing your acquired knowledge with young kids and students. History majors can apply at prominent educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, or private coaching centers to teach students. This is one of the best places to ply your trade as you will not only get a high salary and lucrative incentives and but also a lot of respect from the entire fraternity. Hence, if you have excellent communication skills and willingness to share your knowledge, look no further and start applying at the job openings.

2) Librarian

A library is full of books, and as per a recent survey, around 45% of the total books present in a library belong to history or depict stories of conquests and wars. Your knowledge and grip on history as a subject would help a library to update and procure any latest book available in the market related to history. Hence, the library is another good place to start your career and along with getting a superior salary, you get to feel the silence and atmosphere of knowledge and mastery.

However, along with your history majors, you would be required to couple it up with at least a bachelor’s degree in library science to work in a library.

3) Museum Attendant

You must have observed the huge flocks of crowds warming and marching their way towards the famous museum paintings, ancient literature, and sculptures. In order to get a better understanding of the rich historical assets, they avail themselves of the services of an attendant or a guide who would explain each and every fact related to such assets.

These attendants are no less than history majors and along with getting a fixed salary, they earn a commission for attending and entertaining every guest of the museum. Hence, becoming a museum attendant is another lucrative career option for history majors.

4) Historical Site Excavator

With rich historical knowledge at your disposal, and your ability to connect the various facts in chronological order, would certainly get you the job of a historical site excavator. Your primary role in this job would be to analyze, research and spot the location of ancient places for possible excavations of historical remains and leftovers so as to conduct historical research and later on display in a museum. Considering the highly technical nature of this job also marred with low chances of success, you will be granted a huge compensation and salary which will keep you both motivated and committed.

5) Academic Content Developer

With history being an important subject in various curriculums, thesis, and researches, there is always an excellent demand for historical articles. Being a history major you can develop historical content for educational institutions, such as schools and colleges, museums, and libraries. The topics could range from explaining a particular historical event to writing on the biography of a prominent king or queen. Hence, if you have a flair for writing and you maintain a lucid artistic flow, then taking up the job of a content developer could prove really beneficial for you.

6) Scriptwriter

There are a variety of television channels, podcasts, and youtube channels that specialize in displaying historical content through shows, web series, and serials. Being a major in history and with vast knowledge of historical facts and related information, you can contact these production agencies who are always on the hunt and lookout for talented scriptwriters. They can either hire you on a fixed salary or give you a compensation on a variable basis.

7) Museum Consultant

A museum thrives and survives on the basis of the importance and relevance of the artifacts, sculptures, and ancient literature that it possesses. It is for this reason, museums hire consultants, which advise them from time to time about the latest discoveries and excavations. These discoveries are then bid and purchased by the museums to be displayed at their sites.

If you have excellent research skills and a knack for keeping yourself updated with all the latest developments in the field of history, look no further and join as a consultant at a prominent museum.

8) Show Presenter

With the advent of technology and an ever-growing interest of the millennials in historical content, there are several videos, web series, and travel shows that display and explains important historical sites and places. If you have an expressable physique with good communication and presentation skills, you can opt for becoming a presenter or anchor. In this field, you would always have an edge over the non-history major candidates, because of your quick and superior understanding of the historical facts and data, which would enable you to deliver the content in a better manner.

9) Park Rangers

Every historical site entertains several tourists and history enthusiasts all day long. These people are always in need of a park ranger who would explain the even trivial details of historical events associated with that particular historical site. If you have excellent verbal ability and an active interest in travelling, then you can opt for becoming a park ranger.

10) Journalist

Though this profession might require you to have an additional degree in the form of a bachelor’s in mass communications, if you are willing to execute it, the profession of journalism can do wonders for you. News channels and institutions associated with print media are always in need of people with a rich historical background and knowledge to either cover any particular story or uncover important historical memories or myths through their specific and concentrated shows. You will not only get a good salary but also widespread recognition through this wonderful profession.

11) Grant Writer

Most of the museums, historical sites, and ranges, depend and thrive upon government grants for their survival and maintenance. This is the most underrated profession for people with history majors, even though it has the capability to give you a good salary and associated incentives. In this profession, your rich historical background and knowledge would be used to create perfect drafts and communications that would compel and stimulate the government authorities to extend you a grant.

12) Research Assistant

With consistent evacuations and discoveries happening all over the world, historians and excavators are on the money, all around the year. Being a research assistant, you will be the direct aid and help of these busy people. From scheduling appointments to conducting research on a less popular historical figure, everything would be in your daily routine, associated with that specific historical research. Hence, if you have the ability to follow instructions and conduct meaningful researches, this position is up for grabs for some of the brightest history majors.

13) Curriculum Developer

With history being widely taught in almost all the schools, colleges, and coaching institutes, a person with a history major could find employment opportunities at such places for the designation of curriculum developer. This position requires you to create meaningful historical content from prominent books of authors and journals, sticking to the rules and guidelines of the regulatory body operating in the country.

This is a highly responsible job as any non-compliance could lead to penalties and prohibition of the educational institution. Considering the importance as well as the relevance of this job, a curriculum developer rakes in a high salary and respect.

14) Political Speech Writer

A major part of politics is influenced by history. By delivering speeches that engrave and compile rich historical facts that pertain to a particular area or location, a politician is able to appease and influence the masses. It is for this reason, that the role of a history major candidate is huge in preparing and writing such speeches. This not job not only gives you a high salary but also enables you to maintain and create good political connections. Hence, if you have a knack for writing history creatively and an ability to deliver influential content, then this job is right after you, just go and apply for it.

15) Digital Marketer

There are several organizations associated with selling items of historical importance, such as auction houses and antique selling shops. These institutions require the services of a digital marketer who is able to advertise and promote their products by designing advertising campaigns that reflect and present historical facts and information. Being a history major, you can certainly perform such tasks fluently with a high level of precision and efficiency.


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