Top 15 Best Jobs for Introverts (Salary Info Included)

In this world, full of almost 800 billion people, there are opulence types of people who live and survive. Especially in this era where everyone thrives on excelling in their lifestyle by acquiring fancy qualifications and careers. That turns out to increase the enormous level of competition. It’s needless to mention that where the jobs are concerned and especially the ones with higher perks, involve cutthroat competition.

Hence apart from academic success, one should also need to be strengthened in soft skills such as communication skills which is the most important thing, leadership skills, sales, and many more. Moreover, these soft skills are what truly matter and play an enormous role in this world of competition more than just academic success.

Best Jobs for Introverts

Soft skills are inherent to some people but not for everyone but the good news is soft skills can be learned. The people who are good at communication skills their job gets easy as they are inherent but the ones who need to learn to thrive a little more. Many times people don’t care to improve their soft skills and ignore it but either or how it affects them.

Such people who are free and easy with communication skills are denoted as ‘Extroverts’ and the others who don’t get so familiar with other people easily, are denoted as ‘Introverts’. Extroverts and introverts are completely inverse in thinking, that’s the reason they are frontal in many ways such as behavior, thinking process, decision making, etc. Extroverts like to be surrounded by new people and work with them, whereas introverts are frontal and like to be surrounded only by the known ones.

So is being introverted a disease or an issue? Not at all, it’s completely human to be so. It depends more upon our upbringing or post which makes us an extrovert or an introvert. It’s also our choice to be one, either an extrovert or an introvert because as I said earlier all skills can be learned such as communication.

So if you are an introvert you might be wondering, is there no way under the sun that we can get a good job and make a decent career and very importantly sustain in this highly competitive market? Well. Relax, quite the wheels of your mind, because if there is a will there’s away.

The good news is there are many such jobs where the technical skills or specific skills are what matters and you as an introvert are good at it, then there you go, you have opened up a new door.

Most introverts perform better in workplaces with fewer external distractions. Regardless of which theory of introversion you subscribe to, being an introvert doesn’t limit the career options you can choose from many exciting careers.

Hence, we have come up with the 15 best jobs for introverts with salary included. So without any further adieu let’s get started.

Top 15 Best Jobs for Introverts:

1. Graphic designing

Graphic designing is a field where professionals have to work on graphics and creating advertisements, posters, flyers, etc. Graphic designing helps to create graphical picturization which can be displayed on television, social media handles, OTT platforms, etc.

Usually, this work is more on computer/laptop and skilled brain individuals. Graphic designing doesn’t ask or demands to work in a team instead it’s an individual job. These are all things that make this job suitable for an introvert.

The average salary for a graduate graphic designer: $52,000 per annum

2. Social media executive

A social media executive is a person who handles the social media account of a firm or an organization. In this 21st century, the era is of modernization hence everything is getting online. Companies like to be connected with their existing clients and other peers via online social media and also promote their products or services.

Therefore a career in social media executive is vast even the demand for this particular field is increasing day by day. Social media executives work on their laptops or PCs and that’s all that this field demands, a laptop or a PC and a creative mind and that’s what makes this job very suitable for introverts.

The average salary for a social media executive: $41,000 per annum

3. Accounting

Accounting counts under one of the most versatile jobs ever. Almost every company needs an accountant. An accountant is a person who keeps a track record of the company’s finances, balance sheet, liabilities and assets, balance sheet, etc. A person must be good with numbers and calculations to be a better accountant. It’s a very stable job and is always in demand. Eventually, every firm needs an accountant.

The average salary for an accountant is approximate: $75,500 per annum

4. Video editing

In this fast-moving world, we are getting digitalized the demand for good video editors is growing insanely fast. Making a video is ok but when it is about editing it takes more than 5 hours to edit a 10 min video. It’s, of course, a difficult and hectic job but not for everyone, for some individuals is a job of fun, as it’s the job of their taste. Usually, the people who like to be along with themselves and enjoy their self-company it’s a desirable job. All that to need is a laptop or a PC, good editing software, and a good internet connection and you are good to go.

The average salary for a video editor is likely about: $38,300

5. Coding

As we mentioned before in his modernized era where the company’s priority is its website. Especially the companies which deal in selling software and applications, they are highly filled with competent coders. These coders code for their company’s software and other services. These coders have their desks and usually, they spend the entire time coding on their laptops or pc this makes this job very suitable for introverts.

The average salary for graduated coders: $63,800 per annum.

6. Researcher.

Introverts are the ones who have many hidden skills and some also keep sharpening them regularly. Research is something which most of them like to do in their spare time. Especially, people who like to be among themselves, they keep researching about enormous things, that’s the reason this job of being a researcher of any specific sector could be a good choice, researcher of any particular field researches about it and gives the data to its reporter.

The average salary for the graduated researcher is $72,664

7. Blogger

When you give more time to yourself and spend quality time with yourself it’s too much stuff from your inner self which can be penned down and be shared with the ones who are like-minded. One fun fact is most introverts like to read as they like the company of some pages and solitary. Books become their best friend and the love for reading increases gradually. In this modernized era apart from books an individual can also share their thoughts, daily routine, their perspective online on websites which are called blogs.

Blogs are not only for personal article writing nowadays many companies also hire bloggers to write reviews and information through blogs. Apart from jobs you can also be a freelance blogger or create your website and publish blogs frequently and market it, bloggers are in high demand.

The average salary for a blogger: $3,600 per an8num

8. I.T Analyst 

If you are a tech geek and just like to work with technology then I.T analyst will be a good job for you. I.T analyst is a job where you have to work on a given project alone and no need to get involved in group communication or support roles or anything else. It’s a suitable job for people who like to work alone. So if you are that type of person then this job will be better for you.

All you need is your laptop and a skilled brain to work upon your project and then you are good to go. I.T is an information technology and I.T analyst works upon the technical side of the company and makes sure all the glitches and technical errors are made clear and tries to make the technical side of the company more effective.

The average salary for a graduated I.T analyst: $70,880 per annum.

9. Data entry 

Companies have loads of scattered data lying in their files, paper, and online portals. They need someone who can manage all their scattered data in a properly organized manner in excel or any other way they expect. Here the work of a data entry person comes into the picture, if you are appointed as a person who has to look upon the data entry then you are expected to put the entry of the given date on their respective portal and organize it well.

A data entry person has lots of data in hand and has to put it online hence all they need is a PC and a given data, therefore this job makes it suitable for introverts or for the people who don’t like to communicate more.

The average salary for data entry: $31,601 per annum.

 10. Librarian

Leaders are readers, as we discussed before that introverts are thinkers who also have much interest in writing and reading, not all though but most of them for sure. A library is a place where many intellectuals and readers like to visit and as we know it’s a place which is quieter than even a religious place.

Introverts like to be in a quiet place doing their stuff all alone and especially no one to disturb them. Think you are getting paid to be in such a place? Yes, a librarian. Having a job as a librarian is a good deal if you are this type of person.

The average salary for a librarian: $53,326 per annum.

 11. Mechanical engineer

Every introvert is an innovator in itself of either the things, they don’t like to socialize more so they get to socialize with the stiff they like and love, for example, mechanical parts, electric parts, etc. If you are interested in automobiles and like to understand how the parts work and also love to work upon it then being a mechanical engineer is a very suitable job for you.

Here you can follow your passion and work calmly without any disturbance or any interference. You can even excel in your career in this field and make a sustainable happy career. 

The average salary for a graduated mechanical engineer: $88,430 per annum.

12. Veterinarian

We all love pets. The people who like to surround themselves with furry animals rather than talking to humans, then being a veterinarian is a very good option. Veterinarians are the ones who treat pets or animals in their clinics. Many people have pets and all of them need someone to treat their beloved pets. In unexpected situations, as they can’t speak, it’s difficult for the pet owner to understand what’s going on.

Therefore, if you are a veterinarian and love pets you can treat them well and also gain love from humans. It will be an interesting job for you as you can experience various types or breeds of animals you will come across.

The average salary for a graduated veterinarian: $93,830 per annum

13. Content writer

As we discussed for the job of a blogger, even content writers are almost the same here; the content writers are the ones who write the content for some particularly centered website. There are many specialized websites which are concentrated to various cores for eg, educational website, career website, Automobile website, fashion website, etc.

The content writers write the content related to the topic for such particular websites, they are similar to blogs they write an article for their respective sites. Here one has to just sit quietly, think about the content, and write it appropriately. Therefore this makes this job very much suitable for introverts.

The average salary for content writers: $33,890 per annum.

14. Artists

Every person is an artist in their way but some exceptions are exponentially brilliant when it comes to painting, sketching, and drawing. Usually, these are the people who like to be alone, think of all the illusions their mind helps to create and then they illustrate it on paper which turns out to be something exclusive to see.

If you have an art of painting, sketching, and drawing you must give a try to make such art pieces and sell them as a freelancer. You can also join a firm where you have to make such pictures or arts for the firm and create a side income too.

Average earnings for artists: $44,898 per annum.

15. Film editor

Acting in movies will be the worst job especially for introverts, but if you are a person who is willing to be a part of the glorious industry of film and movies, then there is one skill you should learn and that is editing. When a film is shot entirely then it needs to be altered as per the director’s expectations.

Here the real work of a film editor starts, he needs to cut and alter scenes from the film in such a way that it should not be recognized. It’s a skill, indeed but a skill which can be learned. So if you are an introvert and want to be a part of the movie industry then this can be a suitable position for you.

The average salary for film editor: $63,780.


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