Top 15 Best Jobs for English Majors

So many students and newcomers in the industry choose a lot of courses in the area of English majors and this helps them in developing concentrations in a lot of different fields. An English Major is a degree option in the field of humanities that comes with so many new opportunities for people who want to explore more about this subject and come across different styles of expression. A professional who has an undergraduate background in English Majors can enter other programs in their post-graduation in different fields like law, business, fundraising, public relations, entertainment, creative writing, and journalism.

Being an English Major, you will develop a lot of creative writing, and critical writing skills along with the close reading of the critical theory part and perks of being an English major is that you get to create your own personal brand while you get to spend time in building your own voice.

As so many fields are got covered under the English Majors program, there is a long list of opportunities that an individual can grab to make money out of their talent which will pay them a very steady amount of paycheck and will give the job security the needed. There are a variety of rewarding career paths that you can consider that best suits your skills and interest. In this article, we will discuss 15 such English Majors jobs that you can choose to build a career in this field.

Best Jobs for English Majors

Best English Major Jobs

1. Blogger

Blogging means writing that is self-published online. There are so many individuals out there who have a lot of knowledge to share with this world and being an English Major gives you a golden opportunity to write and share your insights with people and being a blogger, you also get to be a part of huge business companies as this field has become a major part of the business world in the form of websites.

You get to make money of all kinds through this field and when you become a successful one, there are chances that you hit that seven-figure money and generate great revenue through your blogging.

To start your blog, you just have to figure out the niche that you have expertise in and just work on it. Understand your audience and see what they are looking for and grab that opportunity and start your blog with passion and execution.

2. Social Media Marketer/Manager

Social Media Marketing means using various social media platforms to promote a company’s service or products. English majors give you a creative mindset and writing skills, and if you are someone who always is on top of them and keeps up with the latest digital marketing and social media trends, then it will be a very rewarding field to opt for.

The skills that you learn in your English majors play a crucial role in almost every part of this job, for example, presenting your thoughts in a professional manner, writing persuasively, and looking at situations from each and every angle.

While pursuing your career as a social media marketing manager, you will find yourself reading books, doing internships, and keep up with the era of social media. As you get more experience and expertise in this field, the pay that you will be earning will keep increasing.

To become one, you may require a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communication, or public relations, or even marketing. Some employers also look for previous work experience and working in this field can be fun as well as challenging.

3. Writer

A writer as the word itself states refers to a person who has written something or who writes in a particular way. This person engages in writing books, articles, or stories. They could be an author or a journalist who expertise in writing on various topics of fiction, and non-fiction, and other areas through their ideas and writing skills. This field has a wide scope.

A career in creative writing and writing offers you excellent monetary returns if you have something valuable and knowledgeable to share with the reader and the audience.

Coming from English Majors, you have the perk of having both creative and language skills to excel in this career. A lot of research and hard work is involved in the field of writing, so it is very important to study the readers and already existing artistic work, in order to become one yourself. It is a viable career and it gives you an opportunity to stand out.

4. Editor

The role of the editor is to review the work and the writings of the writers and suggest to them the changes improve their writing style, grammar, and punctuation to make their piece of writing more appealing and error-free. The tone of the writing is suggested by the editor.

Being an editor, you get to work with minimal to no supervision. You can choose to become a freelance writer as well. Editors make a great amount of money as the editors are paid more than the writers, being more experienced and knowledgeable coming from an English major.

The quality of a good editor is that he writes well too, which has given him more experience in the field. So, it can also be a very rewarding career option after your English majors.

5. Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist is a person who works in the PR department and creates and maintains a favorable public image for their client or their employer. The perk of being an English major student is that it involves writing material for media releases, and coming from one already gives you great writing and reading skills. They post on social media to build an image of a particular brand.

A person with great communication skills, writing skills, social media skills, multimedia skills, and creative skills will surely make a perfect public relations specialist. This field will keep bringing our new opportunities to flourish as it is becoming a very important field to the marketing industry as well, so we would suggest you go for it as it will be beneficial in long term.

6. Lawyer

An advocate, barrister, attorney at law, canonist, counselor, legal executive, all come under the head ‘lawyer’. A lawyer can be defined as a person and a licensed professional who practices law and advises and represents others in legal matters. You become a lawyer with a degree in law and the employers will hire a candidate with a huge variety of majors under this field including English majors. There are so many English majors who pursue law as studying English can prepare you for a diverse range of professional fields.  

English majors in law give you a lot of comprehension and writing skills. Law is a very rewarding and financially lucrative career and it is also intellectually challenging.

7. Librarian

A degree in English majors will prepare you for a career as a librarian. You come to a librarian after pursuing graduation in library science but this subject of library science is completed by a degree in English. This job is expected to grow at a great rate in the future, but the opportunities for you can slightly be limited due to digitalization as the field is transforming rapidly but even in the digital world, the library plays an important role and are essentials.

An English major degree can provide a very solid foundation in this job especially in the literature and the fictional/non-fictional part of the job.

8. Advertising Manager

Opting for an advertising manager job can get you a lot of money with your specialization in the English majors. The field is challenging and exciting as these managers have fast-paced and creative jobs. Their responsibilities include planning, generating ideas, and directing advertising campaigns for companies and clients.

To become one, a bachelor’s degree in advertising, or journalism is preferred in which an English major plays a very important role.

9. Tourism Manager

The tourism industry is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the future and all the related sectors contributing to this field are expected to grow as well. A job as a tourism manager pays well as well as it is a very adventurous and exciting job that one could ever choose to work in as a career path. To be a part of such a field requires you to have excellent communication skills. History, geography, and business studies are important subjects for tourism management which can be covered through English majors.

10. Technical Writer

A technical writer can be defined as a professional information communicator who is responsible for taking care of the transfer of information between two, or more parties, through different mediums, so that the information can be easily interpreted and comprehended by the party who receives it. These technical writers work in NGOs, Business Corporations, and other companies associated with it. The job is similar to the job of a technical editor, technical correspondent, and documentation writer.

To become one, you need to have a degree in English literature, mass communications, or print journalism, as specialization in these courses and getting these degrees can help you land on to a better job and can improve your chances of being hired for the job.

11. Grant Writer

The writing field has a very wide scope and to become a grant writer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, marketing, or communication. A postgraduate degree is not that essential for the job of grant writing.

The role of a grant writer is to research, draft, and submit proposals that help companies and organizations to receive funding. These writers mainly work for non-profit organizations and charitable trusts or organizations. This writing gives managers and professionals to develop a sense of perseverance.

12. English Teacher

English major helps you develop a strong foundation and solid command over the English language, including reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and critical theory. Teaching English as a language or a subject in a school, college, or a coaching institute can help you earn a great amount of money as these English professionals are in great demand by the education industry.

It will be a wonderful career choice as a lot of students major in English so as to become a teacher or a professor in the future. To become one, you will require a bachelor’s degree in education along with a major in English.

13. Production Assistant

A production assistant, popularly known as a PA, is one of the members of a film crew who is responsible for various aspects of production. This job requires excellent communication skills, organization skills, perseverance, and so on. Working as one is a great way to make the best use of your English majors and is also a great way to make your mark in the film industry as it is an entry-level position in the filmmaking career. This job can be based on the set or it could be an in-office job.

14. Marketing Associate

A marketing associate is a professional who is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing various marketing activities, and having a good command of the English language is an essential part of this job.

These associates make a steady paycheck as the marketing industry always keeps flourishing. So, if you are majoring in English, you should know that this will be a very rewarding career option as being an English major, you can communicate effectively, write clearly, and work efficiently which is a very essential element of marketing.

15. Publisher

In the above-listed jobs, we discussed writer and editor jobs, so how can we ignore a major role that a publisher plays in order to get these writers and editors successful. A publisher is a professional who prepares or issues books, journals, newspapers, etc. Publishers are the decision-makers, as they are responsible for getting the work of writers and editors published and ready to be read by the readers and the audiences.

It is a very lucrative career option in the English majors. Publishers make their money through the sales that are generated through the sale of the piece of writings and the author gets a percentage of this sales generates. So, you can clearly see how rewarding this career is.

These were the top 15 jobs in English majors that you can choose from. Make sure that the job description matches your skills and interests as that will make the job more fun and rewarding for you.


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